Best 10 Fog Machines in 2018

Fog machine will help create the high atmosphere needed for the party. There is a reason why fog machines are a big hit for parties. Everyone loves the mood they create, especially when the night is at its peak.

Fog machines have made a big difference in the entertainment industry. They are machines which produce artificial smoke. The dramatic mood they help create is amazing! Fog machines have several other applications, and can also be used all year round. If you always look forward to Halloween, then you definitely need one. Owning one of the best fog machines makes it twice as fun. The variety of sizes could work to your advantage. If storage space is an issue for you, you can get a compact one for your home.

Military officers also use them for training too and they can even be used in industrial operations. However, you are most likely to find a fog machine at parties. They are a great option, especially if you want your event to be unforgettable. Dry ice and Fluid fog machines are the two types of fog machines in existence. We are going to share a few tips, to help you choose a suitable variation of the two.

How to choose the best fog machine:

  • Size of the fog machine: Fog machines are available in different types of sizes. Analyze what you need the machine for, then choose a size that will meet those needs. If you are going to be sneaky about it, you definitely need a smaller size. It will be easier to hide from everyone.
  • Fog output and range: Some fog machines produce much more fog than others. Others can only cover a 2meter distance while some cover 8 meters. You need to be keen on these features, for the fog machine to be efficient for you.
  • Portability: If you plan to move around with the machine, it should be of reasonable weight. This is important because you don’t want to end up inconvenienced. If it’s too heavy, you will always need help carrying it. A constant means of transport may also be necessary.
  • Noise levels: Fog machines make noise while operating. The difference is that some are too noisy and produce irritating sound. You should make sure to get one which you find manageable.
  • Durability: your purchase needs to be one which will last for the long run. A durable fog machine will be determined by how it’s built and the materials used to make it. You want one which will give you great service, so make sure to look at heat dissipation too.

10. 1byone, Tank Mini Fog Machine

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By: 1byone

1byone has one of the quickest to start fog machines. It will only take about 3-5 minutes before you can start using it. Only fog liquid can be used to operate it and it has a 550ml capacity. Condensation on the nozzle of the machine is considered to be normal. So you shouldn’t worry if you see that. This machine is one of the safest in the market. It has been approved and certified by CE, ETL & RoHS. It has even been created using, ABS environmental protection materials.

You will have options when it comes to the density of the fog outputs. What’s impressive about this machine is how efficient its dispersal is. The fog produced is thick, yet no fans will be needed to spread it.

9. Yugee, Professional Haze Fog Machine

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By: Yugee

What makes Yugee’s fog machine unique is its visible fluid level feature. Being visible enables you to always be prepared. This way, the fun won’t have to end early due to lack of fluids. This fog machine was designed, with an advanced electronic thermostat control system. Special pipeline technology was also incorporated into its construction.
As a result of the combination, the machine heats up very fast. Compared to the traditional smoke machine, it will save up to 20% on energy. It’s one of the most innovative fog machines available.

8. Rockville, R720L Fog/Smoke Machine

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By: Rockville

You can easily get fluid refills from Rockville, if you buy this fog machine. It’s another great option for people who want an LED combination. Unlike its competitors, Rockville uses quality Tianxin brand LED’s. That is why their performance is amazing. The LEDs are much more reliable and brighter, than what other fog machines are built with.

You will get both a wireless and wired remote controls. 30 seconds of fog will come out whenever you press the button. You will love how easy it is to operate and its 3,000cfm output. The machine basically uses about 10 Fluid Ounces per hour. This is a water-based fogger, which will surpass your expectations. It can be used both indoors and outdoors too.

7. MARQ, Fog 400 LED Water-Based Special Effects Fog Machine

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MARQ offers fog machines in black, blue, red and white. They have a unique look to them, because their housing is powder coated. This machine is water based. It works with fog fluids such as; FogFluidGal, FogFluidQt, and FogFluid12oz from MARQ. It is steps ahead of the competition, thanks to its smart features. The machine has a fluid level meter and a special Pyro effect. The effect is from a combination of its 3LED lights in the fog.
The fog machine has an easy setup process and is very user-friendly as well. It has a 1500 cfm output, and a 3-minute heat up time.

6. Tengchang, 1500W Smoke Fog Machine

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By: Tengchang

Tengchang offers a fog machine which also has 8 LEDs. You will be getting two benefits out of this one machine. It is definitely the kind of buy that an entertainer needs. Being able to cater to your audience in different ways will always pay off. You will be able to use it with a remote from 30 meters away. It also has a wire control function, with an operational range of 4 meters.
This fog machine will take up to 8 minutes heating up before you can use it. The fog output range is about 18000cu.ft/min, and it has a capacity of about 2 liters. This 1500W fog machine will not let you down.

5. AW, 1500W LED Smoke Effect Machine

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By: AW

Getting a high capacity tank will let you join in on the fun. This is because it will produce fog longer, hence you won’t need to constantly check on the machine. This mostly applies to occasions, where the fog machine is used more than usual. Compared to the others we have come across, it has the highest capacity at 2.5L.

This machine also has LEDs, to help create special effects for the stage. It is very convenient thanks to its Remote and DMX control features. It’s not only ideal for parties, but also for KTV, bars and disco themes. The fog machine has dimensions of about 17-5/16″L x 13-3/8″W x 10-3/16″H (44x34x26cm). It comes with a 3-7/8ft (120cm), power cord and a 3-7/8ft (120cm) DMX wire.

4. ADJ Products, Mister Kool II Grave Yard Low Lying Water Based Fog Machine

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By: ADJ Products

ADJ Products offers a great fit, for people seeking low lying fog options. This kind of machine is able to produce fog which stays low to the ground. This has been said to be the equivalent of a dry ice effect. You can use either ice cubes or standard water-based fog juice, to operate it. An ADJ VFTR13 12-foot wired remote will be included in your purchase. The remote will have continuous and manual buttons, interval and duration output potentiometers, and an On/Off function.
This fog machine will be quite easy. A Water drainage valve system was incorporated for that purpose. There is a plastic bag, where the water will be directly drained into. This completely eliminates the need for bulky air conditioning units, dry ice and expensive fog chillers.

3. Theefun, 400-Watt Portable Christmas and Party Fog Machine

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By: Theefun

Worried about how much it takes to power a fog machine? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Just buy this energy saving option from Theefun. They have designed this fog machine to put the user’s mind at ease. The fog used in the machine is guaranteed to be non-toxic. All one has to do, is add professional fog fluid into the tank. You will then press the red button on the wired console, whenever you want it to produce fog.

It was made to last, by using an aluminum body. The heat dissipation is so efficient, it is impressive. This contributes to extending the lifespan of the machine. The machine is able to produce fog at approximately 2000 CFM. This will occur at a 2-3m distance, in a very uniform manner.

2. Fansteck, Professional Fog Machine

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By: Fansteck

With a 300ml tank, this fog machine will produce fog for quite some time. Enjoy the night knowing, you can control the machine from 15 meters away. The fog production is even, and very effective. it will produce unscented fog at a 2000 CFM output. You will be at ease since you will be using an FCC, CE and RoHS certified machine. Fansteck has one of the safest fog machines available.

Your purchase in total will include: a Christmas Fog machine Gift kit with power cable, a wired connector, a wireless remote handle, a user manual and a 12-month Warranty. In case the machine gives you any issues, the customer support provided is excellent.

1. Chauvet DJ, Hurricane H1301 Pro Smoke Fog Machine

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CHAUVET DJ’s fog machine only takes a couple of minutes to fill a venue with fog. The thick water-based fog is produced at 20,000 cfm. That is just how powerful this machine is. It has a 3.3-liter capacity, which is very large. What makes it a force to be reckoned with is its advanced fluid sensor. Combined with its automatic shut off function, the pump won’t ever end up overheated.
It comes with a manual fog button and a timer remote. Operating it will be effortless, thanks to this. The fog machine’s LED-illuminated tank will help enhance safety and operation as well.

Wrapping it up!

Fog machines can upgrade events in an instant! You won’t regret buying one after you first use it. As we have seen, some options have a larger tank capacity than others. The capacity to choose from will be determined by how you plan to use the machine. If you also don’t use it often, then a small one would be a suitable option. Although getting the best products from the overcrowded market is a back-breaking task, be sure to add one of these products to your cart and be assured of excellent results. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.