Best 10 Bento Lunch Boxes in 2018

When it comes to packaging and carrying food, sometimes we find ourselves thinking hard about how we can carry the food. Many will resolve to plastics, bottles, and other equipment. With these methods, food storage and carrying become tricky. At many times, you will find the food leaking or pouring from those items. Such instances can mess up our daily plans.

To counter this, this review will focus on the top 10 best bento lunch boxes in 2018, which will outline their importance, size among other things.

10. Pakkon, Round Bento Lunch Box Containers With Clear Lid

10. Pakkon Round Bento Lunch Box

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It has transparent lids enabling one to see its content hence easy labeling. Pakkon boasts of supreme quality coming from polypropylene material. This box can withstand temperatures of up to 250f. The pakkon lid closes tightly making it leak proof; this offers airtight food storage. The pakkon bento container is very economical as it can be used again and again. A pack of these boxes is easy to store as one fits into the other saving space. Plastic lunch boxes of this kind are grease and oil resistant and leave no residue. These lunch boxes are ideal for kids and adults as they fit easily in lunch bags.

9. Simplete, Bento Lunch Box
9. Simplete Bento Lunch Box


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It comes in a set of five. The simplete bento is made from high-quality plastic BPA free. This means that it can warm food in a microwave and also store in coolers. Simplete does not accommodate stains. It’s easy to open lids that expose its three compartments where you can keep food in separate areas. The boxes are multifunctional and eco-friendly.

8. Misc Home, Compartment Meal Prep Containers Durable BPA Free Plastic Reusable Food Storage Container

8. Misc Home, Compartment Meal

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These containers allow for reheating of food and freezing since it’s made from the high quality material. This means it’s suitable for storage of foods on long term has two compartments for storage of competing for lunch hence you can take your meal hustle free due to its portability. It’s ideal for picnics and an outing as it can store more in its has a clear quality lead enabling you to see what’s inside. Also, its airtight lid is leak free and can store food for a long time without spoiling. The boxes have multiple uses as after use; one can use it in carrying other types of foods. They save storage space since they are stackable. Under normal conditions, this box can store the food for 21 days.

7. Freshware, 15-Pack, 3 Compartments Bento Lunch Boxes
7. Freshware 15-Pack 3 Compartments

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The box made from quality material leaves the food with its natural has three compartments enabling one to store as much food as possible. The boxes have lids that are airtight meaning the food stored in it us fresh and can stay for a while, usually twenty-one days. The boxes are stackable hence require less space when storing and are easy when transporting. Due to its texture, it’s designed to stand high and low temperatures. You can use it to warm food or store food in a freezer without causing damage to the can store food for 21 days. The containers can be used for other purposes such as extra food storage.

6. LunchBots, Bento Cinco LARGE Stainless Steel Food Container, 5 Section

6. LunchBots Bento Cinco

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This box is made of high-quality stainless steel; this means it’s strong, rust-resistant, easy to clean and cannot break. This aspect gives it a long-lasting has a larger size as compared to the normal containers. It has five compartment’s, two large and three smaller. This gives enough space to carry as much food as possible. The Bento Cinco is economical and environment-friendly, it allows you to re-fill the food and never to throw away that can. This bento Cinco is ideal for storing dry foods as its lid is not watertight.

5. Health & Diet, 3 Compartment Plastic Bento Lunch Box with Matching Combi Spoon – Set of 4

5. Health & diet three compartment plastic bento

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Made from quality polypropylene free from other tough chemicals, they are eco-friendly making it the high rated product for you. This material makes it withstand high and low temperatures making it easy to. The three-compartment box is easy to store for future use due to its stackable nature. The package comes with a combi spoon allowing you to eat and leave. These containers are easy to clean and handle due to its lightweight, meaning kids will find them more useful. The three compartments have a transparent lit tightly closed hence you can see what you want to comes with a one year warrant.

4. Prep Naturals, Glass Storage Containers with Lids

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The glass container have 2 separate compartments meaning you can keep different types of food in one contain and call it a full meal. 9The set bento is made from high-quality material free from other chemical assuring you of a safe meal. This bento withstands both high and temperatures of about 480F thus can be used to warm food in microwaves and storage in coolers. The containers have lock covers with a tight seal meaning the food can stay put without being contaminated and staying as fresh as possible. The box can be used for other purposes, for example, in restaurants.

3. Freshware, 15-Pack, 1 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes
3. Freshware 15-Pack 1 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes

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These boxes have transparent lids possible to know the contents. The storage is easy due to its stackable nature. Due to the material used to make them; they withstand high and low temperatures and ideal for warming food in microwaves and storing in coolers. The boxes are re-usable. The sealed box can store food up to 21 days.

2. Paksh Novelty, Lunch Box Set
2. Paksh Novelty Lunch Box

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The paksh comes in a ten pack. This is a large food container with three compartments. It withstands high and low temperatures thus microwaveable and also can be stored in fridges. Its lid has a tight seal hence leak proof. The containers are reusable meaning environment-friendly.

1. Freshware, 15-Pack, 2 Compartment Bento Lunch Boxes

1. Freshware

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This bento box has two separate compartments giving it the ability to carry full packed lunch just in one container. Your main course can be enjoyed anywhere once you choose this box. Each container can store up to 25oz packed well food that will stay full fit and healthy.As a result of its high-quality material, these bento boxes can withstand high temperatures of about 40- 250f hence ideal for storing in a freezer or warming in a microwave. The boxes are designed to save space as they easily tuck and fit into one another making it easy to store. This box is made from high-quality material and does not leave any smell in your food. With great dimensions, freshware boxes can be re-used for other functions such as restaurant and other take-outs. Its size fits in lunch bags or any bag making it easy to transport.

To conclude, the bento lunch boxes have great features ideal for kids and adults when carrying meal. Its eco-friendly nature is motivating since the containers can be used and re-used. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.