Best 10 iPhone 6S Charging Cables – 2018 Edition

You’ve come home from a long day and your iPhone is on 2% battery. You’ve gotten that “Low Battery” message dozens of times already and you know you only have seconds to plug it in before it dies. You hear the snap of the cord and plug it in, but wait – there is no vibration telling you its started charging. Your cord has developed the dreaded scrunchy neck and won’t charge your iPhone 6s anymore. Fear not, Amazon has the best charging cables you can replace your old one with, and at only a fraction of the price.


10. KINGWorld Lightning to USB Cable

This charging cable comes in the classic Apple white color, waiting and ready to use. Boasting no nasty plastic odors or funky scents coming from its cord, you won’t have to worry about cheap materials. It also has special plating near where it plugs into the phone for prolonged service life, hopefully avoiding the broken cable for the foreseeable future. You can check Amazon for prices.


9. IMKEY Apple Certified Braided Lightning Cord

The IMKEY features either a black or red striped cord for those who want to deviate from the standard white. The USB and the lightning port are made with somewhat thicker materials so you can rest assured that it won’t kink up anytime soon. It also comes in a three-foot length so you don’t have to awkwardly sit next to the wall while you’re charging it. If the IMKEY sounds like your kind of cable, you can buy it on Amazon.


8. Apple Certified iOrange-E

Next up is the iOrange. Being Apple certified means that it will work with your phone no matter what. If you’re looking for a cable to use in your car, or if you plan on charging it off of a laptop or portable charger, the iOrange is 6 inches long so you won’t have to worry about the excessive slack a regular cord would have. While the cord itself is black, the USB and the lightning ends are available in either silver or gold.

7. Multi USB Charger

If you’re constantly traveling and tend to own a personal cell phone and a work phone, this is a great gadget to invest in. The Multi USB charger connects the iPhone 6s charger, android charger, and the iPhone 4 charger all on the same USB so instead of carrying around 3 different cables, you only have to carry one. With a 6-inch length, it is also ideal for using with a laptop.


6. IMKEY Apple MFi

Prefer a more colorful cord? Don’t worry, we got you. Another IMKEY variety, this 6.5-foot cable is available in dark red or black and is shaped a little differently. We all know the struggle of trying to unplug either end and the slippery plastic is impossible to grab a hold of. with this one, there is a small circular tab making removal and insertion quite a bit easier. It also comes with an 18-month worry-free guarantee where you can return it for any reason, and if you’re not entirely sure how to use the cable, it also comes with 24/7 technical assistance.


5. AKEDRE Lightning to USB

We have to bring our cables everywhere to charge our smartphones. School, work, home and even the car. Don’t worry about that anymore. This features four cables in one pack so you can leave one wherever you might need it and never worry about low battery when you forget the cable again. Also, these boast a super fast charge and rapid sync when you just don’t have time to wait around for your phone to charge. Completely authentic, you will never get that annoying error message telling you it only works with the Apple Certified cords.


4. IMKEY Apple Certified Braided Lightning to USB Cable

Yep, another IMKEY. Sensing a pattern? This funky cable is available in black and red braids with either black or red USB ports. The braiding on this cable adds extra reliability and life to the cords so they won’t get the scrunchy neck like your last one. It’s okay to start trusting again. This cord is also a lengthy 3 feet long and will charge your iPhone 6s ultra fast with its high-quality material. Again, this product comes with 18 months of worry free returns and all day tech support if you need it.


3. Sunnest Lightning Charging Cable

Sometimes you need to charge in your car while your first born is using the phone in the back seat. Sometimes you need to charge and your ex-boyfriend is standing right next to the outlet. With the Sunnest, variety is the name of the game. This three pack has a 3-foot, 6-foot and 10-foot cable for you to use. Don’t worry, you still don’t have to talk to Steven after what he did. It also comes with a 12-month worry-free product guarantee on the off chance that you don’t like it.


2. Rose Gold iPhone 6S Cable

You have the rose gold iPhone, with the rose gold case, and the rose gold fingernail polish. What do you need to top it off? A rose gold charging cable. In this two-pack, there are beautifully colored braided cords that are sure to last you a lifetime, and even better, are guaranteed to be tangle free. No more untangling knots when you’re seconds away from your phone dying. It also has a 6-foot long cord so you don’t have to limit where you want to charge if you see a comfier chair across the room.


1. Heavy Duty Sync & Charge

Last but definitely not least, this heavy duty charger also comes with the wall adapter. No more stealing them from your friends, or having to stick with the original one that you colored in one night when you were really really bored. With two 10 feet cables, this has everything. Compatibility, reliability, and lightning speed. Nuff’ said.


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