Best 10 Dog Subscription Boxes In 2018

There’s a monthly subscription box for makeup, fitness, snacks, razors, clothes, books…basically everything you could ever need or want. You indulge in a subscription box for yourself every month, but have you thought about a box for your four-legged friends? You can reward your favorite dog’s loyalty with a doggie subscription box. Every month you and your pup will be excited to see the plethora of new toys and treats that will show up at your doorstep. There are many pet subscription boxes on the market today, each with differing selections and offers. If you’re trying to find the best box to meet your dog’s needs, below is a list of ten popular subscription services and their unique benefits.


Best Dog Subscription Box Reviews


Get Wagging

If your dog already has a giant collection of toys and plenty of treats, this box offers an alternative. Get Wagging is for the fashionable pup. Rather than a subscription box for toys and treats, this service is solely for collars. At the beginning of each month, your dog will receive a new collar with an exclusive design, often seasonally themed, to wear for the month. When your new collar arrives, you simply send in the gently used one that your dog wore the month before and it goes to a shelter dog, hence the company’s slogan of the “collar with 2 lives.” There are two subscription options and pricing levels; The Collar Club or The Haute Club, which features a collar and a matching leash. The company also provides free two-way shipping on all boxes.



Loot Pets

From the company Loot Crate, Loot Pets is the subscription box that allows your dog to embrace his or her inner geek. Every month, boxes have a specific theme and feature merchandise from popular movie or television franchises. Past boxes have included items from franchises, such as Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, The X-Files, and the Flintstones. Each box contains three items, such as toys, t-shirts, and snacks, with a retail value of over $30. Loot Pet offers a flexible subscription service with the ability to choose plans ranging from 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. For a subscription box, Loot Pets is reasonably priced, with the monthly price reducing if you take a longer subscription. It should be noted that shipping and handling is not included.



Bark Box

Bark Box was created by “dog people” and is designed to take you and your pup on an adventure together. Each box has a fun, generally pun-filled theme that is focused around a specific time period or location, such as Chewrassic Bark or The Good, The Bad, and The Pugly. What makes Bark Box stand out from its competition is that all of its treats, toys, and chews are exclusively designed for its boxes, so you’re not going to find these items anywhere else. All of their snacks are wheat/soy/corn-free and made in the United States or Canada. Bark Box’s main concern is happy puppies, so if your dog doesn’t enjoy a particular item in the box, the company will replace it for free. Each box usually contains 2 treats, 2 toys, and a chew. A 12-month subscription starts at $21 a month with free shipping.



Pet Gift Box

Pet Gift Box is the original dog subscription service and offers a classic array of dog products, such as toys, treats, and accessories. Each box has a monthly theme and every purchase helps to feed an average of 10 rescue pets. Pet Gift Box has few unique offerings, such as its +Reward Points program. In the +Reward Points program, you can build up points by signing up for a membership, completing surveys, referring a friend, or even uploading photos of your pet. These points can then be redeemed for pet goodies or even a free box. Pet Gift Box also offers flexibility in their subscription service with different pricing selecitons available. If you’re a bargain-loving dog owner and don’t mind shopping out of season, Pet Gift Box sells overstock boxes from past months individually for $14.99.




GroomBox offers an easy, new way to have dog-grooming supplies delivered to your doorstep and is ideal if you find yourself constantly buying items to tame your dog’s wild mane. While GroomBox is on the pricier side of the dog subscription boxes, each box contains 3-10 full size items, such as shampoos, shears, blades, combs, bows, neckties, and bandanas. The company also guarantees to provide different items in their box from month-to-month, so no repeats. Each box is customized to the owner’s dexterity, so you’ll receive items that can be used comfortable whether you’re left or right-handed.



Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet is for dog owners looking for a no-frills service to provide your dog with basic toys and treats. They offer boxes for four different dog sizes–tiny, small, medium, and large–while most dog subscription services only offer three. By choosing your dog size, Surprise My Pet ensures that you’ll receive items that are appropriate for your type of dog. A portion of all purchases goes to their partner charities, including the Bow Wow Film Festival, Friends of Animals, and the New Beginning Animal Shelter. An added bonus to this subscription is that every box also has a surprise for the pet owner. Surprise My Pet is priced similarly to other subscription services with pricing for individual monthly boxes or a cheaper price for a 12-month subscription.



The Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box is for the high maintenance, pampered pup that enjoys the finer things in life, like being spoiled. It was the winner of the 2016 Hot Diggity Award for dog subscription boxes, and the company donates a portion of each purchase to animal rescues or shelters. Each box typically contains two full-sized treats, two trendy toys, and a chew or boutique accessory. All snacks are organic and grain-free, and boxes can be customized for your dog’s allergy needs. There’s no need to worry if you have a pup that’s a heavy chewer; you can customize your box for that too. All the individual items featured in the boxes can also be purchased separately on the website’s shop.



Naked Dog Box

Are you sick of struggling with heavy bags of dog food at the supermarket? Do you want to feed your dog healthy, all-natural, high-quality food? Naked Dog Box will solve both of these problems by delivering dog food with optimum nutrition to your door every month. This is a meal delivery service for dogs. All food is grain-free, soy-free, gluten-free, potato-free, low sugar, and made in California. To start your subscription, you first fill out a questionnaire to customize your food to your dog’s needs. You pick the poundage of food you want a month and Naked Dog Box does the heavy lifting. Pricing ranges from $2-$4 a pound depending on how much food you’re purchasing at a time. Food can be purchased in 7 lbs., 10.5 lbs., 14 lbs., 21 lbs., or 28lbs. bags. The best news is that shipping is free, so you don’t need to worry about added costs due to weight.




PupJoy might just be the most flexible, customizable dog subscription box on the market. The box features 28 points of customization, including the type of items, treat preference, toy preference, dog size, and the number of items in the box. You can choose plans with 1, 3, 6, or 12 boxes and schedule deliveries monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. With the Pup Points Loyalty Rewards program, you can rack up points to gain savings by starting a subscription, purchasing items from the PupShop, and referring a friend.




What makes Doggyparcel different is where it’s available. While most of the services listed above are only available in the United States and Canada, Doggyparcel is exclusive to the United Kingdom. This is the go-to monthly box for dog products in the U.K. Each box features a hand picked selection of exciting toys, natural treats, and well-being/hygiene items. Your Doggyparcel box can be customized depending on size, such as small/medium dog toys, medium/large dog toys, or more rugged dog toys for pups that are rough with their toys.

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