Best 10 Wheel Brushes in 2018

It’s true that a good pressure washer used together with the right cleaner and sponge or mitt probably may help your wheels to get rid of the dirt. However, reaching the hidden locations is a bit hard with these accessories and most of the time, the dirt, brake dust or grime will simply shift to these regions.

The best solution to the above issues is using a good wheel brush as it will reach the most hidden zones and doesn’t require using lots of effort. It is made from quality materials that will easily scrape off the dust or grime without damaging the wheel itself and will also fit in both tiny as well as large openings. The car wheel brush doesn’t come with the metal collar that scratches the fine finish/rim lacquer on your car’s wheel.

Best Wheel Brushes in 2018

After conducting the review, we have come up with the 10 best wheel brushes that we identified the following to be the best product.

10. Viking, Red and Black Premium Metal Free Wheel


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Remove brake dust, road grime, dirt and return the shine to the rim /wheel by using Viking wheel brush. It is made from heavy-duty microfiber sponge that compresses and enters the thin slots, the brush will have your wheel cleaned up in no time. It doesn’t contain any metal that would scratch the wheel or the surrounding.

This metal-free brush comes in a sure-grip TPR handle that can be used without feeling tired. It is quite large, so you can easily clean up any dirt that sticks on the entire wheel.

9. Carrand, 92010 Grip Tech Deluxe Wheel Brush


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Carrand 92010 deluxe wheel brush is a premium-grade brush and is suitable for any purpose either home or professional use. It features two detached bristle loops for thorough clean and detailing and patented mount design for a firm and effective grip.

The grip tech handle is comfortable and will not slip when used in the wet or soapy conditions.

8. S.M. Arnold, Wite Wheel Spoke Brush Large


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S.M. Arnold wheel brush comes in a quite large size for easy cleaning even the largest wheels. It’s made from the high-grade material that will effectively eradicate the dirt and still protect the wheel from scratches and chafes.

Users also love its light weight and compactness as this allows them to use the brush continuously without getting exhausted.

7. Detail Buddy, Premium Detail Brush for Wheels


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The wheel brush from Detail Buddy is suitable for both wheels cleaning and detailing. The set consists of 3 different sized brushes ( 1, 1.5 and 2 inches) and is suitable for a range of applications including cleaning the wheel holes, lug nuts, slots, around the brake caliper, rim edges and much more.

The 2-inch long bristles are soft and resistant to wheel cleaners and other damaging compounds.

6. Speed Master, Wheel Brush


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Cleaning your wheels is much easier with the wheel brush from Speed Master. The bristles are fine and soft which perform a good job of tracking and removing any grime or dirt that is clinging to the outer or inner surface of the wheel.

This is enhanced by its flexible design and the long handle can help reach the far spots. The brush is safe to use on chrome, painted or polished wheels thanks to the soft and non-abrasive bristles.

5. EZ Products, Detail Brush


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Besides being suitable for normal detailing, EZ detail brush is also appropriate for cleaning wheels, it boasts of high-grade bristles that remove even the toughest road grime and dust.

Its extra length ensures it will reach the hidden spots such as crannies and nooks while the stiff bristles remain firm even when wet. Cleaning spoke backs, brake calipers and wheel wells is made easier thanks to the flexible handle.

4. Mothers, Wheel Brush


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Mothers wheel brush is ranked among the most popular products and is very effective for getting rid of brake dust, road grime, stains and other unwanted substances. It’s constructed from ultra-soft microfiber towels that won’t harm the coating or surface of the wheels.

The non-slip handle minimizes the possibility of the brush slipping, especially when getting wet and is also ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue. Lightweight, durability and affordability are other reasons that make it become the popular wheel brush in the market.

3. ABN, Wheel Brushes Kit (3 Brushes)


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ABN wheel brush kit consists of 3 brushes to increase your selection as well as use on different types of wheels. The brushes (9, 12 and 18 inches) are made from 100% Polypropylene that is known to eradicate grime and dirt without scratching the surface and ensuring to restore the spark on the wheels.

The soft fibers easily compress into tiny holes and slots and will completely remove any hidden dirt.

2. Mothers, Long Handled Wheel Brush


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The wheel brush by Mothers features a long handle for easy cleaning, especially when cleaning the hard-to-reach regions. It’s made of a soft, yet effective material that will easily lift the grime off within minutes.

The microfiber will retain its shape and reliability even after extensive use. Other worthy features are ergonomic nonslip handle, sturdy construction and lightweight.

1. Brush Hero, Wheel Brush


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Brush Hero wheel brush is a water-powered turbine that is ideal for cleaning wheels, rims, engines, equipment, bikes, furniture and more. The fine brush will reach and clean the tight and hard-to-reach places such as wheel spokes, lug nuts, and grills easily and effortlessly.

By not spinning very fast, your rim is protected against chipping, fading or creating a mess. To spin the brush, you only need to turn on the standard water hose without needing the batteries or electricity. The wheel brush plus auto-detailing tool comes with interchangeable brushes.

The above review guides you to finding the ultimate wheel brushes that are durable, reliable, satisfactory and safe to your wheels. They come in the right size and the material will penetrate bolt holes, slim slots, and rim edge, between the brake caliper and rim. The handy design requires minimal effort yet good enough to lift the grime and dirt off and won’t remove any paint. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.