Best 10 Protein Bars in 2018

Protein is an important component of the body cell. Why do we need protein bars? Unlike other nutrients, protein is the most used in the body. As such, we need to boost our its levels daily. Usually, women should averagely consume 45g while men should take 55g of this essential nutrient on a daily basis.

According to SFGATE, the protein bar itself contain both advantages and disadvantages. Protein bars has a high level of protein that helps builds your muscles mass, synthesis immune, repair wounds and produce hormones and enzymes. However, we shouldn’t completely rely on the protein bars since they cannot provide and replace all the nutrients found in the food. Moreover, it may add unwanted calories to your body if you already absorb sufficient proteins from your daily diet.

Benefits of protein bars:

Weight management: having the protein bars during meal time can control the appetite. However, do not consume too many calories as it can cause to weight gain;

Energy: protein bars contain high proteins to boost the energy, especially for those who engage in intense physical activities.

Best Protein Bars in 2018

Today, with the ever-changing world, it’s becoming hard to follow up with our nutrients intake, especially protein. As always, go through the below list of best protein bars before making a purchase.

10. Promax, Protein Bar


Promax Protein Bar comes with a box of 12 packs with 75g of energy each. Each of these holds 20g of protein that will give you that leave-me-up feeling while at the gym or after a workout.

They have a delightfully soft texture, and they will not break your diet. Besides offering you with enough protein each day, they are also loaded with 18 vitamins and several other minerals. Promax is a safe protein bar as it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

9. Power Bar, Protein Plus Bars


With the 30g protein in each bar, there’s no reason you should walk away from Power Bar. This energy booster derives its proteins from 3 well-known sources; whey, casein, and soy.

This protein bar also has peanuts, milk, and tree nuts and is soft and chewy. This makes it an ideal choice when you need something for your stomach but not a heavy meal.

8. Muscle Pharm, Combat Crunch Supplement



With Muscle Pharm’s Crunch Supplement, you’ll continue feeling full for hours and as your muscle receive instant energy. Muscle Pharm Protein obtains the proteins from 2 major sources: whey protein and milk protein.

While whey protein is absorbed almost instantly by your muscles, the latter takes time to be absorbed thereby making you feel full. Each of these bars also contains just 5g of sugar. MP protein bars is gluten-free are loaded with 210g calories.

7. Oh Yeah! One Bar


Oh Yeah! This is what you need. Who can say no to a protein bar with the lowest amount of sugar, zero GMO, and 22g of protein?

Oh Yeah! protein bars come in 10 different tastes but incredibly tasty flavors so everyone can get his/her preference. Most importantly, they contain high fiber and don’t contain any GMOs. It is chewy and has a piece of cake with some ice toppings.

6. RXBAR, Whole Food Protein Bar


RXBAR comes in 6 different flavors. Each flavor has 12g of protein, 4g fiber, and 200 calories.

They all contain no gluten, dairy, GMOs, and B.S. and don’t contain any added sugars. Your muscles will appreciate these bars the most especially after a workout, in the morning, or in between meals.

5. Optimum Nutrition, Opti-Bar


Optimum Nutrition Opti-Bars are fairly tasty and revitalizing. They come in a pack of 12. The bars are loaded with approximately 20 grams each and 8-10 grams of dietary fiber.

They also have decent amounts of fats with each bar carrying 7g only. The bars have 1-4 grams of sugar depending on the flavor that you choose. This is a very good level compared to others which pack a whole 26g in a single bar. Moreover, Optimum Nutrition Bar has between 20-24g carbs.

4. Clip Bar, Builder’s Protein Bar


Clif Builder’s is the result of dedication and hard work of Gary Erickson whose aim is to change the world by improving the community through food. This protein bar has soy and peanuts.

Other products in this family are Clif Bar, Clif Crunch, Kid Zbar, Clif Shot, Luna Bar and Clif Mojo. Clif Builders uses whole grains in its composition and as a result, boasts 20g of complete protein and 23 other vitamins and minerals. Notably, this protein bar has no hydrogenated oils, Trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup.

3. Clif Bar, Chocolate Chip Energy Bar


Clif Energy Bar is for those who would like something more organic. The protein in this bar is derived from the whole oat that will keep you energized. Though you only get 10g from each pack, you’re also guaranteed of 4g of fiber and several other vitamins including Vitamin A. It’s also a good source of Calcium and Iron.

The good amount of fiber in this protein bar will go a long way in ensuring that you have a healthy digestion system and circulatory system. Fiber is also good in protecting you from heart-related diseases. Clif enegy bar guarantees that it doesn’t contain any trans fats or GMOs.

2. KIND, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Protein Bar


These best-selling KIND Bars are offering us an opportunity to enjoy from both worlds without compromising on our diet.

Their Peanut butter in dark chocolate protein bars is a superior way to kick-start our day. You could also grab one and have it on-the-go or snack during the break. These bars are low on calcium and glycemic, they don’t contain any trans fats or gluten and are rich in fiber.

1. Quest Nutrition, Protein Bar


With over 11,000 reviews and most of which were positive, it’s no doubt that Quest is the king of the protein bar. When Quest made their first appearance on the market, their protein bars was the talk of the day.

They later changed their recipe last year and turned to corn syrup which doubtlessly had a magnificent effect on the taste of their product. However, after a massive outrage, the original taste is back, and now it’s even better. They contain 21g protein and 4g carbs. For the sake of users’ healthy, no sugar has been added. It contains only little amounts of erythritol, sucralose, and stevia. These bars have real chocolate, whey and milk protein.

With all its goodness and real chocolate, as such, we can’t hesitate to recommend Quest. Protein bars act as instant sources of protein when our muscles need energy. They are also sources of other nutrients like vitamins, fiber, and carbs. However, protein bars are not the natural foods substitution. An adequate intake of the protein bars is recommended as it would boost your body immune and energy.








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