Best 10 Air Fresheners in 2018

Air fresheners have been used from immemorial time to replace bad odors with pleasant smells. Though the primary need for an air freshener is to remove bad odors, most people love them for their fragrances. Air fresheners mainly are mainly made of petrochemicals, aerosol propellants, formaldehyde, and Dichlorobenzene. The increasing demand for these odor eliminating products has led to an upsurge in their production.

Air fresheners or odor removers come in different types like candles, sprays, beads, oils, and plug ins amongst others. They are used in homes, offices, and cars etc. However, in as much as these air fresheners create good smelling odorless environments, some of them are loaded with several harmful chemicals which you cannot see on their labels. These unlabelled chemicals pose a significant threat to the lives of the consumers. A recent study on fragrances revealed that most of them contain chemicals like benzene and propane. Others had phthalates, formaldehyde and styrene amongst hundreds of other harmful chemicals found to be leading factors to various diseases like asthma, cancer and others.

No worry as we still have some safe ones on the market. Considering how much tiresome it would be for you to find them, we have sought the top 10 best air fresheners listed in the following for you.

10. Blue Magic Pure Citrus Vanilla Air Freshener


Blue Magic air freshener gives natural odor and its odor removal abilities is dedicated to bringing you a clean, fresh and fragrant environment. This fragrance features 100% pure vanilla and does not contain any harmful artificial chemicals. Many reviewers praised this air freshener as it can eliminate the odor very fast and lasts for hours.

9. Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray, Air Freshener


In most cases, bad smells are associated with a multitude of bacteria. Cleaning with water isn’t enough. You need an air freshener that will not only eliminate the odor, but also wreck the causing agents. Lysol Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray is one of the best. Unlike other air fresheners that act as a cover up for the bad odor, this freshener sucks the smell completely. It kills 99.9% of the bacteria which cause the bad smell. Furthermore, Lysol has a light fragrance and will leave your room with clean fresh smell in just few minutes.

8. Glade Room Spray Air Freshener


Glade Room Spray Air Freshener has a light sweet scent and quickly fights unpleasant odors. There are a variety of fabulous fragrances to choose from. It is an ideal air freshener for use both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, Glades endeavors to bring you the best result and won’t affect your health; hence, this air freshener is 100% natural and do not contain adverse chemicals.

7. Renuzit Adjustables Air Freshener


In a world where air pollution is coming from all corners including our furniture, we need quality air fresheners that won’t add to the pollution but eliminate the air pollutants. Renuzit air freshener is a reasonably-priced, high performing product that uses natural ingredients to clean the surrounding environment. This air freshener is scentless. Contrary to other highly prized air fresheners, Renuzit air freshener does not work by merely masking the bad odor but getting rid of it entirely.

6. Air Wick Stick Ups Air Freshener


Air Wick has been used for quite some years now, and its great performance has seen it featuring in top air fresheners’ lists. It’s ideal for use in small places e.g. bathroom, car, and dens etc. Air wick stick up fights the odor by replacing with sweet grapefruit, lime, and lemon smell. Additionally, this air freshener comes in 2 packs each lasting for 30 days.

5. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners

From Munchin, this is a must have air freshener and odor eliminator for you. It’s safe for your health since it’s 100% natural. This multipurpose air freshener uses baking soda to eliminate any odors. It replaces the bad smell with light weight pleasant lavender or citrus smell. It is highly favored since it’s fragrance isn’t overpowering and hence it is safe for kids. This air freshener come with compact size, so you can put in your soiled diaper bag, or garbage bins, and it’s long lasting (a package consists of 5 discs. Each disc lasts for 90 days).

4. WEB Filter Fresh Air Freshener


How would you filling your house or office with Hawaiian beach fresh air all day long? Seems impossible? Web Filter Fresh Home air freshener will make it possible. This air freshener features an amazing ocean mist formula that will not only fight the bad odors, but also occupy your home and office for days. It uses natural ingredients that are safe for you and can effectively eliminate unpleasant odors.

3. Citrus Magic Air Freshener, Pink Grapefruit


When your cats’ litter box, kitchen, damp bathroom, and basement start competing on producing the worst odor, I’m sure you won’t like it. But one freshener will work out wonders; Citrus Magic 3. This non-aerosol air freshener is 100% pure and natural and is obtained from citrus oil. It’s not hazardous for your health since it contains water, safe gas, and light fragrance. It has a great smell and puts off bad odor within no time.

2. Chemical Guys Leather Scent Premium Air Freshener


These Chemical guys are a must have for homes, hotels, auto dealers, and any other persons looking for an air freshener that will fill the air around them with an actual leather fragrance. Why do many professionals trust this brand? This air freshener is all natural and will give your leather seats, auto interiors and other areas superior, long-lasting leather scent. It relies on a unique enzymatic reaction to combat unpleasant odors and kills new ones as well.

1. North American Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener


This has been the most highly rated fragrance so far. It’s a high performer in eliminating and replacing bad odors with a pleasant lemon smell. North American Pure Citrus Orange Air Freshener’s smell won’t choke you and works in a matter of seconds. Again, it’s all natural and does not contain any artificial chemicals or ingredients. Moreover, this freshener’s citrus scent will relax and refresh your mind.

Don’t let any unpleasant odors run over your premises again. On the other hand, note that most of these air fresheners are flammable and should not be sprayed on fire flames. They may cause irritation and should not be directed use on the skin and eyes.



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