Best 10 Stylish Floor Lamps in 2018

Floor lamps not only improve the lighting but also enhance the elegance in a room. They come in different styles, colors, sizes and designs to suit varied requirements and individual preferences.

While one type of floor lamp will improve the overall lighting, it may not really complement the surrounding or furniture. Some floor lamps may conveniently be placed in a big or small room, but it may be too short for its elegance to be seen or too tall such that it overpowers the beauty of other items.

Choosing the Right Floor Lamp

The following things play a key role in selecting the right floor lamp:

  • Convenience: The lamp should be convenient and improves the lighting, functionality and elegance;
  • Height: You need to go for a lamp that isn’t too tall or too short;
  • Design: The floor lamp should be trendy and complements the surrounding;
  • Material: Wood, metal, rattan are some of the common materials. Metal is known for its durability; rattan for its contemporary appeal and wood is rustic;
  • Size: Big space can accommodate even the largest floor lamp, unlike a small space that is suited with small and medium-sized lamps.

Best Stylish Floor Lamps in 2018

10. Brightech, Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp


Reading, writing, doing intricate craftwork or general lighting can be improved with the Litespan LED floor lamp from Brightech. The full-spectrum 12-watt light comes with an adjustable neck and 6,000-Kelvin color temperature.

It produces the quality white light with no flickering or traces of yellow or blue and can be varied using the adjustable gooseneck that moves side-to-side or up and down. The base measures 10-1/2 (W) x 9 (D) inches, the head measures 9-1/2(H) by 5-3/4(W) by 1-3/4 (D) and it weighs 10.4 pounds.

9. 360 Lighting, High Pharmacy Floor Lamp


Pharmacy floor lamp by 360 lighting is made from quality metal and features a classic brass finish.

The floor lamp features an adjustable stand that has the maximum height of 55 1 /2 inches, the width of 10 inches and the base height of 1 inch. It features adjustable boom arm, On-off rotary switch, a 5-foot power cord and takes a bulb rated not more than 60 watts.

8. Brightech, Eclipse LED Floor Lamp


The silver finished Eclipse floor lamp by Brightech runs on powerful 28-watt LED with lumen rating of 2000 and 3,000 Kelvin color temperature.

It comes in a futuristic design courtesy of the light rings (outer 18 inches, inner 14 inches), which illuminate in sci-fi style. The slender lamp comes with a dimmer button for adjusting the light from ambient mood, soft to full brightness. It gives good light and produces minimal heat.

7. Adesso, Stix Floor Lamp


The Stix floor lamp by Adesso comes in the contemporary design that is achieved by twisting metal.

The black tower frame is 68 inches high and comes with a fabric-like beige shade lining that is 24 inches high and the base measures 7.5 square- inches. To provide bright light, the lamp also works with 100-watt bulbs.

6. Brightech, Emma Tripod Floor Lamp


The Emma Tripod lamp by Brightech is suitable for placing on the floor of the home, guest house, cottage, beach house and many other places.

It comes with a 7.6-pound stand made from authentic birch wood that brings out a contemporary classic appeal. To provide the soft ambient lighting, it depends on E26 light bulb, a 10-foot electrical cable, 3-way lighting and produces up to 150 watts.

5. Brightech, Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp


The 63-inch tall Maxwell floor lamp by Brightech is symbolic with Asian design and comes in a genuine natural wood frame. It features 3 flat-surface 10- 1/4 inch wide shelves for placing family photos, magazines, small treasures, pottery and around 15-inch long.

It is designed for 60-watt CFL or LED lamps and will give off diffused light that not only creates a peaceful and inviting environment but is also soft on the eyes. Assembling can easily be done with in 30 minutes.

4. Amora Lighting, Tiffany Style Tulips Floor Lamp


The Amora Lighting AM002FL18 floor lamp comes with a stand made from zinc and stands at a height of 62 inches. It is suitable for the living room, bedroom and other places and is lit using two E26 Type 60-watts bulbs.

The Tiffany- Styled lamp features an 18-Inch shade that consists of 77 pearls, 352 glass pieces and is operated using two pull chains.

3. 360 Lighting, Aaron Aged Brass 3-Light Floor Lamp


Give your living, bedroom or any other room the modern appeal by installing the Aaron aged floor lamp by 360 lighting. Its comes in an aged brass finish for the contemporary appeal and features 3 lamps that produce up to 40 watts of light. An on/off rotary switch on each socket that allows for control of each light.

This dimmable floor lamp measures 64 inches high, 10 inches wide and has a 1/4-inch while the shade is 6 inches high and 5 3/4 inches wide. The floor lamp also features 5-inch black cord, which is quite convenient.

2. Brightech, SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


The SKY LED Torchiere lamp by Brightech comes with sleek design and features dimmable super bright 30-watt LED lamp that gives off the warm white light and can cover the area up to 20×15 feet. The Sky LED floor lamp also features 4 levels dimmable light mood from ultra-bright to ambient soft.

Relying on superior 3,000K LED technology, the floor lamp gives warm white color light without overheat and will last for many years. The floor lamp comes in 3 different color finish, Jet Black, Alpine White and Platinum Silver.

1. Franklin Iron Works, White Glass Tulip 4 Light Floor Lamp


The Franklin Iron Works floor lamp gives the beautiful design floor lamp with 4 white glass tulip shaped globes. It has a height of 73 inches, width of 15 inches and a footprint diameter of 12 inches along with the 13-feet long cord.

The glass globes have a 4-inch opening, a width of 6 inches and a height of 8 1 /2 inches. The highest placed tulip globe is 73 inches while the lowest is 49 1 /2 inches. This floor lamp will give an elegant decoration to the house.

A good lamp will come with a fairly hidden bulb so as not to shift focus from the lampshade. When choosing the best stylish floor lamps, it’s vital to place emphasis on the convenience, design, light intensity, ease-of-moving, quality materials and cost. The aim of the light is to improve lighting and give elegance. It will have the right height, not too short such that is swallowed by other objects or too tall that it becomes the main focal point.

Let’s make your room and home to a more elegant look with all of the above recommended stylish floor lamps.




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