Best 10 Salad Bowls in 2018

While it may seem like a basic item, salad bowl’s role can’t be underestimated. It is becoming more appreciated as people embrace fine living, comfort and convenience.

A good bowl will not only hold different types of salads but also adds life and flair to the surrounding. After comparing different products on offer, we were able to come up with the top 10 salad bowls.

Choosing the Best Salad Bowls

  • Material: The right salad bowl will be made from quality materials that can withstand regular use, are durable and also attractive. Top choices include wood, ceramic, bamboo, glass, acrylic and porcelain
  • Safety: A good bowl will be made from materials that are safe, hygienic and free of synthetic additives, dyes and other toxins. Good choices include natural wood, ceramic, glass, and porcelain.
  • Capacity: The best bowl will be suited for the need at hand and won’t be too big to occupy lots of space or too small such that it causes spills.
  • Durability: A top product is crafted from the material such as hardwood (maple, cherry, oak, bitch….), bamboo, melamine, ceramic or porcelain. The item will also be hand and dishwasher-friendly and will retain its appeal for the longest time possible.
  • Style: The right salad bowl will come in attractive designs that not only enhance the bowl’s appeal but also the surrounding (countertops, cabinets, cutlery, crockery…etc).

Best Salad Bowls in 2018

10. Prodyne, Prodyne Acrylic Salad Bowl with Servers

Mixing and scooping salad is hassle-free with this large salad bowl by Prodyne. With a capacity of 6 quarts, the Prodyne acrylic salad bowl is fit for home and commercial use and is made from strong and BPA-free acrylic that looks lovely on the countertop or dinner table.

The beautifully-crafted clear bowl comes with legs for added elegance and stability as well as servers. It can easily be washed using mild soap and clean water by hand or dishwasher.

9. Midori Way, Wood Salad Bowl Set

The Midori Way brand is well-known for offering topnotch kitchen accessories. This time round, they want to ensure you mix and serve salad in the most elegant and reliable bowl.

Consisting of four pieces, this salad bowl set will accommodate different capacities and is ideal for salad, soup, pasta, popcorn, fruit and other food items. The set is made from beautiful and natural bamboo and features chic golden grain patterns. Besides being long-lasting, the bowl set is eco-friendly and very hygienic.

8. Mlasso, Large Wave Round Glass Salad Serving Bowl

Mlasso salad bowl will look good in your home and is ideal for both formal and informal gatherings. Made from durable glass, this 10 inches bowl is suitable for home party or as a gift.

The wavy round glass bowl also comes with the acrylic salad hand serving utensils. This durable glass bowl is dishwasher safe which ensures your convenience.

7. Lipper, 7-Piece Salad Set

Lipper International cherry collection is suitable for the family and also hosting guests. The set consists of 7 pieces coming in different sizes.

All pieces are made from sturdy, eco-friendly and hygienic material and look elegant thanks to the rich dark cherry finish. These bowls are approved to be safe by the FDA to ensure your health safety. However, the salad serving set is not for dishwasher or microwave.

6. Carlisle, Balsam Melamine Angled Salad Bowl

Serving salad can be more exciting and inviting with this bowl by Carlisle. Made from durable and stylish melamine material, this bowl is perfect for either family mealtimes or commercial use.

The Bavarian cream color bowl has a 26 fl. oz. capacity and is tolerant to temperatures of up to 212 degrees F. It’s long-lasting and resistant to stains, breaks and cracks courtesy of the dishwasher safe melamine resin.

5. Ironwood Gourmet, Extra Large Bowl

If you desire an extra large salad serving bowl, then this ironwood Gourmet bowl will best suit your need. It measures 12 x 7 inches and is designed for large families.

It comes in classic and natural design courtesy of the acacia wood construction that gives unique contrasting patterns to enhance your kitchen countertop. Its smooth surfaces make maintenance easy and all it takes to clean the piece is simply using warm soapy water and letting it dry.

4. Sweese, Porcelain Salad Bowl with Bamboo Serving Hands

Coming in a diameter of 19.1 inches, this large bowl can accommodate enough salad for parties, large families as well as get-togethers. It is very stylish thanks to combining natural bamboo (serving hands) and porcelain (bowl).

You also are assured of hygiene since the two materials are all natural and contain no synthetic additives, dyes, fillers or toxins. The elegant bowl’s design allows for easy scooping using tongs, mixing and also serving and can be washed by hand or dishwasher.

3. Lipper International, Large Wavy Bowl

Made from natural acacia, this salad bowl stands out as one of the beautiful salad bowls on our list. The Lipper International bowl measures 12 x 12 x 7 inches and is fit for small and medium servings.

The acacia wood is all-natural, safe and eco-friendly and won’t release toxins or cause contamination. Its smooth surface is easy to wash and also dries fast.

2. Midori Way, Wood Salad Bowl Set With Bamboo Servers

Also from Midori Way is this finely-crafted and appealing salad bowl. Crafted from high-quality and eco-friendly bamboo, this serving bowl comes in a decent size for medium and large families.

It is fit for serving salad, fruit, pasta, chips or even popcorn while you are enjoying a movie. The golden grained patterns bring out a rustic appeal that blends well with most dinner tables, countertops and surroundings.

1. Clean Dezign, Large Serving and Salad Bowl

Serving large amounts of salad is convenient with the Clean Dezign salad bowl set. The salad bowl set includes serving spoon, server spork, and lid, this set is fit for serving salad, pasta and fruit.

The bowl lid is made from sanitary and eco-friendly bamboo fiber which has a very smooth finish. Your family and guests are guaranteed of topnotch hygiene and food safety thanks to the eco-friendly and antimicrobial bamboo fiber material.

Mixing and serving salad to your family and friends is more rewarding with the right serving bowl. It will not only accommodate the food but will also look good on your dinner table or countertop.

All of the listed bowls in this article are made from strong materials, is eco-friendly, also long-lasting and easy to wash. Follow this review and make every salad serving experience memorable and pleasurable.













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