Best 10 Dog Crates in 2018

Dog crates come in 3 types; wire, hard plastic, and the soft fabric crates. Wire crates are more durable and strong since they are made of metal. Secondly, their construction offers more ventilation and are, therefore, suitable for hot climates. The hard plastic crates are an excellent pick for dogs who like chewing. You need one of this if your dog has a way of bending wires and finding some way out. The soft fabric crates are known to be lightweight. They also feature unique eye-catching designs. They are a superb choice for small pets which can be carried around.

Now, before you invest your money on any crate that comes your way, give some attention to these features that you need to consider to avoid frustrations thereafter.

Strength: the strength of each crate is determined by the construction materials used. You should consider this depending on how big or small your dog is and his/her ability to chew or bend his/her way out.

Portability: do you wish to carry your dog along with you or do you want a cage for home use only? Soft-sided fabric crates and the plastic crates are way easier to carry, the wire crates are ideal for home use only.

Size: last but not the least, it’s paramount that you consider the size of the crate. You want a crate that your pet feels extremely comfortable and free to be in.

 Best Dog Crates in 2018

Hence, we have come up with the 10 best dog crates which are the best rated this year.

10. New World Crates, Dog Crate


New World Crates is a strong and sturdy option if you’re hunting for a crate for behavior training or to give your dog some space. It’s designed for dogs weighing 26-40 pounds. It has been constructed from heavy wire and offers maximum ventilation and visibility. The crate’s door features a slide-bolt with which it’s locked.

The door has been positioned slightly lower for easy entrance or exit. This crate comes with a slide-in durable plastic pan. It has been designed to slide out easily and cleans with ease.

9. Carlson Pet Product, Single Door Metal Dog Crate


This is the best gift that you can get your medium sized dogs or puppies. The metal dog crate by Carlson features an all-round stainless steel construction which is very durable. The steel construction is also a tough choice for tough breeds.

This dog crate has a single door and a latch for the secure lock. Carlson Metal Dog Crate also comes with a black, leak-proof plastic pan which is easy to remove, to wash, and to fit back. When not in use, this crate can be folded into a compact size for easy storage.

8. OxGord, Folding Metal Pet Crate with Double-Door and Divider


Regarding durability and versatility, OxGord Metal Pet Crate takes the day. This crate has been crafted from high-quality materials to enhance its durability and safety of your canine friend.

It has an all-steel wire construction with a superior electro-coat finishing that gives it an elegant look. Its multiple doors make it easy to use either indoor or positioning it in the car. The doors also offer quick and easy accessibility for your dog. The crate assembles and disassembles in a flash and has a sturdy handle for easy carrying.

7. Prevue Hendryx, Single Door Dog Crate


The ingenious design from Prevue Dog Crate makes it worth your every buck. To begin with, its design takes into account all the comfort and safety needs of the pet and the owners’ ease of usage and satisfaction.

It has been crafted from indestructible heavy duty wire mesh that gives you its assurance of a long life. It’s collapsible when not in use and requires no tool to bring it up again. It also has a superior finish that’s safe for your canine friend. The finish also prevents rusting and makes it easy to clean the crate.

6. 2PET, Foldable Dog Crate


2Pet dog crate is an excellent choice for those who like to take their dogs with them. It’s strong and durable yet lightweight since it has been thoughtfully constructed using steel tube.

The crate comes with a zippered entrance/exit with flaps that can be rolled down when your pet needs some privacy. The fabric cover is super soft, durable, and cleans in a snap. 2pet also comes with a waterproof mat and a fleece cushion which offers maximum comfort to your dog.

5. Best Pet, 2 Door Pet Wire Cage with ABS Pan


The a 2 door pet wire cage from Best Pet is ideal when you have more than 1 trainee. Please note that the low price doesn’t depict low quality. It’s Best Pet’s nature to deliver pet products at low prices.

This cage is made of low carbon steel with a superior quality electro-coating finish. Each cage has 2 doors with a secure locking system to prevent breakouts. Best Pet Dog Crate also has durable coated pan with raised edges to prevent leakages.

4. Pro Select, Empire Dog Cage


When your dog becomes aggressive and hard to contain, a few hours each day in this cage could do him/her better. This crate stands to be one of the strongest crates we’ll have this year.

This is a large cage (L size) designed for big powerful dogs that have a way of dramatizing prison break with other cheaply made crates. It also has a removable steel tray and is fitted with 4 casters for easy mobility purposes.

3. AmazonBasics, Folding Metal Dog Crate


Amazon Basics folding metal dog crate comes with the high-quality crate that designed to last long. It has a single door with dual door latches to prevent bends.

The crate has been entirely painted to protect it from rust and corrosion. Moreover, it’s fully collapsible and can, therefore, be carried or stored with ease. Notably, this crate has mini dividers on the bottom perimeter. These protect your dog’s paws from getting trapped and injured by the mesh.

2. EliteField, 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate


This soft dog crate from EliteField is what you need when you don’t want to leave your friend behind on that trip. It’s a stylish, irresistible, and lightweight cage.

The 3 doors crate features sturdy steel tube construction and is well ventilated to keep your dog in touch with the outside world. Its cover is made of heavy-duty 600D fabric and is machine wash friendly. It also comes in different colors to suit your choice. EliteField also comes with a padded shoulder strap for convenient and hassle-free portability.

1. MidWest, iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crate


From a renowned supplier of high-quality award-winning pet care products comes the best metallic dog crate for this year. The crate from MidWest measures 42’’L x 30’’W x 28’’H making it ideal for both large dogs and puppies too.

It features a double door design each with a dual slide-bolt latch system. It’s both spacious and incredibly ventilated, so your dog won’t feel isolated. Uniquely, it has rubber to prevent scratching your floors.

If you’re in need of a classic portable soft dog crate, Elite Field and 2Pet are the best choice. For those who need a reasonable price crate yet durable dog crate, Best Pet will hold 2 pets for you at an incredible price.

Lastly, always remember that a crate isn’t meant to punish your pet, it’s only imperative that you don’t imprison them in the cage for more hours than they spend outside.

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