Best 10 Car Dash Cams in 2018

What’s the importance element of investing in a car dash cam? For those who like taking videos and photographs as a hobby, then these compact size cams come in handy since they can be used hands-free. With these, you can record a road trip in form of a movie. Additionally, with their high resolution technology, these dash cameras will record anything that goes around your vehicle day or night. Another key reason why you need to use car dash cam is this may need to provide in case of any road accident. This necessitates the need for a reliable camera with superior performance.

Below is a list of top 10 best car dash cams that we pick for the best selling this year.

10. Gaminol, Wild Angle Dash Cam (5.0 inches)

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This wild angle dash cam by Gamino is your most faithful witness while on the road. The Gamino car dash cam features Ultra HD Camera (2304*1296p) with the 170 degree wild angle lens HD dual camera that will capture the high resolution images when driving.

It comes with the large 5.0 inch IPS touch screen and the motion detection function will start to record when the detected object starts to move in the surrounding. The main selling point of the Gamino car dash cam is the built-in G-sensor function. This function allows the car camera to lock the video of the accident and be saved as a special video if having a heave collision. You will also amazed with the incredible night vision of the cam.

9. AUSDOM, Car Dash Cam (2.4 inches)

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You’ve just found your next pair of eyes. This Ausdom Dash Cam has much to offer. Firstly, its G-sensor technology ensures that it records any accident or unusual movements and safely stores for future reference. Again, it captures 1296P videos which are super clear and easy to playback. Furthermore, its 64GB memory card allows continuous and flawless recording. At night, drive or park full confidence, its Ambarella A7L50 lens will keep watch.

8. GJT, GT900 Slim Vehicle Dash Cam (3.0 inches)

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Not only did the price of this amazing dash cam awe us, but its other top-notch features as well. GT900 features a full HD 1080P video recording with its excellent 1700 lens that has a zooming function. Additionally, the recording doesn’t stop with the fall of darkness. Its high end 4 LEDS come in handy to offer an incredible night vision. It also supports a 32GB memory card though it’s not included in the package.

7. WheelWitness, HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS (3 inches)

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You’re going to love this one. Wheelwitness HD Dash Camp doubles as a cam and a GPS at the same time. It’s also one of the easiest to install since it requires no bolts or screws. Rather it features a suction cup which allows transfer from one vehicle to another. In addition, its 1700 lens and 16GB SD card will record crystal clear 1296P videos day or night.

6. Ausdom AD118 Dashboard Camera Recorder (2.0 inches)

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This is another high-end dash camera from Ausdom. Besides having a great construction design and easy control features, you’ll get the finest detail from its high-tech glass lens 1080P videos. In addition, recording starts immediately, and it’ll overwrite the older videos to keep you updated with the most recent. Also, its motion sensors will ensure that no occurrence goes unrecorded.

5. Z-Edge, 2K Ultra Full HD Car Dash Cam (3 inches)

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Other dash cams are finding it hard to beat this one. This Wirecutter certified unit has a 3’’ LCD screen for a wider viewing range over the dashboard. Z-Edge uses the most recent HD resolution technology for seamless 1080P videos and images. The cam is also a reliable energy saver. It has an auto on-off feature that shuts it down when you switch off your car and vice versa.

4. Falcon Zero, HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror (3.5 inches)


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If you’ve not installed this one, then you’ve not met your best dash cam yet. The most striking feature about this one is that it has two cameras that will watch your front and back simultaneously. Additionally, its 3.5’’ LCD screen is one of the best there’re for car cameras today. You’ve not heard this. It’ll not only record those breathtaking actions, but the sounds involved too. Moreover, it’s accompanied by a one year warranty.

3. Toguard, Dash Cam with GPS and Wifi (2.45 inches)

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Forget the expensive for nothing car cameras which won’t live to their word. TOGUARD Car Cam is affordable and boasts some superior qualities. It has a built-in G-sensor (Gravity Sensor) that will detectsignificant or sudden shock and movement then automatically locks current recording from loop recording. Another noticeable function is the Built-in GPS Module that enables the dash cam to capture the speed, location and coordinates of the motor vehicle.

Then it’s super easy to use. It also starts recording automatically when you ignite your car and also goes off with the engine. With the 170 degree wide angle lens, this car dash cam has high resolution and most accurate Full HD 1080P/30fps high quality videos. Now that you can download the videos to your smart phone (support IOS and Android) with camera’s  built-in Wifi.

2. KDLINKS, Wide Angle Car Dashboard (2.7 inches)

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Why should you love this car dash cam? Besides allowing you to record those unexpected moments, it also includes a GPS function. Secondly, you know slim is beautiful. This one doesn’t look exaggerated; it keeps it compact and cool. Additionally, its six glass lenses records at 30 frames per second, apparently the fastest, giving you the most incredibly bright videos and unbeatable night vision recordings.

1. Rexing, Car Dash Cam with G-Sensor (2.4 inches)

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You’ll have to search harder to find a car dash camera to beat this one. Given its superior design and features, Rexing is giving you real value for your money. This system supports more than ten languages and has a backup battery to ensure that you don’t lose your videos in case of a power failure. Additionally, its built-in microphone and speaker offer clear and undistorted audios.

If you love taking videos as a hobby, then having a dash cam in your car will allow you to capture moments you won’t forget soon. Moreover, a dash cam will save you time and lots of explanations to your insurance company since you’ll have a live recording of the incident with the date and time on it.


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