Best 10 Baby Activity Center Reviews For 2018

A high-quality baby activity center is an incredible way of keeping your child entertained at home. They can also be a powerful way to engage their mind, improve their fine-motor skills, and create a happier and healthier child. However, there are dozens of possible models available on the market today.

As a result, it is essential to weed out ones that might not be quite right for your child. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best baby activity centers on the market. Real buyers have highly rated each of these products to give you a feel for what they have to offer. Each comes with a wide range of features that make them well worth your money.


What to Look for in a Baby Activity Center

There are several aspects that parents need to consider when choosing a baby activity center. You can’t just walk into a store and pick one out without doing a little research. While there are many aspects worth considering, the following are the most commonly researched and the most important in a high-quality baby activity center:

  • A diverse range of play items
  • Safe toys that your child cannot swallow
  • Colorful design that catches the eye
  • Compact structure that fits in your home
  • Simple-to-move build
  • Diverse entertainment methods
  • Sturdy and reliable material
  • Kid-friendly visuals and audio (if available)

Typically, you want a baby activity center that won’t bore your child after a few minutes. You also want one that is safe and comfortable for them. As many of these centers require the child to sit in or near them, they often limit the child’s movement to that area. Therefore, it is important to find one that won’t cause your child to act out in boredom or discomfort.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options from which you can choose. Though it took us quite a bit of research to find them, we have compiled a list of the 10 best. They are not numbered according to quality but merely to make them easier to find when scanning this list.


10 Of The Best Baby Activity Center Reviews

While there are other choices available if these baby centers don’t suit your needs, we are confident that most readers will be happy with them. Make sure that you take the time to read through each mini-review to know what they have to offer you.


Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This play center is designed for children who cannot walk but who can hold their head up straight. It gives them the ability to jump up and down in place without difficulty. That kind of exercise is crucial for a young child because it helps to build their muscles and improve their bone strength. For entertainment, it includes a variety of lights and sounds that will delight your baby as they leap in the air. There are also many types of music that will play to entertain them as they play.

Protective items include soft-sided toy bars and stability straps that keep your child from getting out of control while they play. The seat is also soft and smooth for them to sit on for extended periods. Play items include a roller ball shaped like a squirrel and two spinners that look like woodland creatures. The light-up piano also lets them make a little noise on their own. Even better, their little fingers are protected by soft spring covers that avoid pinches, cuts, bruises, and other types of injuries.





Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center

Babies from about four months of age will enjoy this simple, but engaging, activity center. It utilizes a whole-body approach that engages every aspect of your child’s mind. The seat gives them a 360-degree range of rotation that lets them see their whole environment. Playing peekaboo is fun and easy when your child is in this comfortable seat. They are also protected by multiple soft guards and straps that hold them firmly in their seat while they play.

The small table lets them color, play with small toys, or just practice their early drumming skills. The Grow-With-Me feature is particularly helpful because it converts it into a table that children can use once they have outgrown the play center. That option is particularly lovely for parents or grandparents who are worried about their child quickly getting too big for the play center. This option makes it easy to adapt the play center for them and then hand it down to a new child when they are born.





Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

Designed for children of up to 25 pounds and 30 inches, it starts out as a simple walker that they can move with around the home. As your child grows, it can then convert into an activity table for coloring and other arts and crafts. That kind of adaptability makes it a good choice for fast-growing children who are likely to want more engaging activities. However, it has over 15 different activities that help engage a child’s mind and keep them having fun.

For example, it has a piano station, a flip book, a variety of fun sounds, spinners, honkers, popping animals, a teething tree, and much more. Each item is designed to be BPA and lead-free, making this a safe and non-toxic play center. Children who love animals will be particularly engaged by this play center, as its design focuses so heavily on a variety of zoo animals and other wildlife. It fits in well with a playroom that is decorated with fun animal designs.





Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea

The nicest thing about this play center is that it is quite easy to adjust for multiple children. The three different available height levels can also expand as your child ages. However, it also comes with a removable seating pad that is perfect for a baby who is just learning how to use a toilet. The pad is easy to clean and helps provide a comfortable place to sit while they play.

However, it can also provide your child with a lot of physical activity, including exercise in the neck, back, and leg muscles. This workout will help your child develop into a stronger and healthier person and one who enjoys physical activities. There are also many types of play activities, including those that exercise their object exploration skills, visual development, and hand-eye coordination.





Baby Diego Cub’Zone Playpen and Activity Center

Designed for children between 6-24 months of age, the Baby Diego playpen can be used in both an indoor and outdoor environment. It is especially adaptable to a workplace environment. For example, it can fit in a corner area and make it easy for you to watch your child as they play.

As a result, it is a good choice for a parent who works in an at-home office or who has to take their child with them to work occasionally. While the center is large enough for your baby to have fun, it is also compact enough to fit in more rooms quite easily. The sturdy design features colorful patterns that catch the eye and keep your child entertained.





Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

Baby Einstein’s jumper seats feature a 360-degree exploration experience that is fun and which taps into multiple senses and sensibilities. This model focuses on fun and funny animals that will make your children laugh. It also has a light-up piano that plays soothing melodies and comforting lights.

This model is excellent for parents of messy children because it is easy to clean and to keep in good shape. Just wipe the surface with a cloth to eliminate spills and other accidents. And for parents in a multi-lingual home, it possesses a language-control button.





Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

The aspect of this play center that makes it stand out the most is its two-sided design. It can fold out into a double-sided fun zone that allows your child to play with friends. As a result, it can increase their socialization skills. However, you can also sit down with them and interact in a way that encourages a closer connection as a family.

The play panel can also be adjusted in a few ways to make it more comfortable for your child. Beyond that, it also contains a few enclosing measures that keep your child from getting out and about. As a result, they will feel safer and be happier in their play center. Game options include mirrors, spinning gears, bugs, songs, and an archway through which they can crawl.





Little Tikes Activity Garden

This interactive play center is designed to encourage positive play patterns and behaviors. The mirrors, gears, and bead tumblers keep your child active and allow them to work their fingers. As a result, their hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills should increase. These simple activities are also balanced by multiple blinking lights and sounds that keep your child focused on having fun.

Beyond that, this model is pretty easy to assemble without any tools. This design makes it an excellent choice for a single parent or those who have little mechanical skills. Even better, it can be adapted into a simple home front that allows your child to play house, school, and other similar games. As a result, they can use this center well past their toddler years and still have fun with it.





Oribel PortaPlay 4-in-1 Foldable Travel Activity Center

Like many of the other play centers on our list, this one can be converted into multiple play types. It is a bit more than others as it uses four different stages that convert into a maximum level of fun. For example, children can use it this play center turn around and walk in fun and exciting ways. However, you can also convert it to the bouncing stage and let them have fun jumping like a kangaroo.

However, you can also the play stage to encourage them in many fine-motor skill activities. For example, they can play with the included gears, popping animals, and sound buttons. And you can then convert it to a small table that allows them to play with crayons, markers, or do other types of art. Even better, you can fold it up to take it with you on the road. Combine these actions with the Growth With Me design, and you have a pretty high-quality center.





Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

Designed for children up to 25 pounds, it focuses on Baby Neptune, a cute little turtle. Therefore, the design features many ocean animals, seaweed, and a water-based look that is a lot of fun. It includes a multitude of flash cards that test your child’s understanding of sea life.

Beyond that, it also has four seating positions that make exploration and play even more comfortable. Other play items include cute popping turtles and other finger exercises that will work your child’s fine-motor skills while immersing them in an ocean environment that they will remember for years.



Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great baby activity center choices for you. These centers provide a simple way for your child to engage with their environment and learn important skills for their hand-eye coordination. Some even integrate places where you can interact with the child while they play.

So don’t hesitate to take your child to a store to check out some of these play centers. Many stores will let you interact with a display model to get a feel for it. Find one that your child enjoys and which meets your quality demands. In this way, your child can get the fun play center that they deserve. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.