Best 10 Electric Dog Fences in 2018

For easy dog training and control, you have to embrace electric dog fences. With this fence installed in your preferred area, you will control even the most energetic and stubborn canines. The receiver collar has several tones of corrections and intense tone as it approaches the boundary. This will take at least 2 weeks for the pets to train in the zones they are supposed to stay. Locating a good wireless fence for your use is not an easy task in the flooded market.

Follow the review below as we unravel the top best 10 dog fenes on the market.

How to choose a electric dog fence

  • The material used: the receiver collar needs to be made of a waterproof material for them to sustain all weathers. Dogs are also very rough animals so look for a one that is made of the best material or else you will keep buying on and again.
  • Size: some receiver collars can only sustain medium and large dogs. You have to check the size of your dog before deciding on the type of receiver collar you want. The receiver collar that fits all sizes can be ideal for your dog.
  • Distance covered: the power of the transmitter is very significant. Whereas some cover only ½ an acre others cover even as large as 25 acres. You should check the area that you want to keep your pets and look for the transmitter that can deliver effectively.
  • Battery: The receiver collars are normally powered by batteries. You should look for the receiver collars that have not only the rechargeable battery but a long-lasting battery. Long lasting batteries will save you the number of times you need to replace the batteries.

Why you need a electric dog fence

  • For easy control: the dogs as long as they are fitted with receiver collars you will find it easy to contain them. The correction levels and warning tones serve to keep the dogs in the required zones.
  • For dog training: with the wireless fence on sharp dogs will take 2 weeks to be fully required of them. The different correction levels and tones train the dog the zones they are not supposed to visit.
  • Dog safety: dogs when left astray can be harmed by dangerous individuals. When contained safely under your watch they will be very safe in fact, no stranger will tamper with them. Those fierce dogs will also be contained and thereby they will not harm strangers.

10. GoodBoy, Invisible In-Ground Electric Fence for Dogs

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By: GoodBoy

Get this easy to install the fence for your pet dog. This model performs better compared to the other models and to install is easy as it includes everything you need to start. The warning tone has been activated from 1 feet to 20 feet and works effectively even in the most stubborn dogs. When your pet gets closer to the boundary the tone increases to make the dog turn back on the playing field. In fact, the warning tone is very intense when it reaches the boundary.

Moreover, this tone is a safer option compared to the shock method used in other systems. This system works best in dogs over 6 months and can accommodate an unlimited number of them. For safe installation of the collar, you have to read the manual first.

Extra features:

  • You can easily increase the sensitivity by just the push of a button.
  • The warning tone is progressive as the pet approaches the 20 feet boundary.

9. PetSafe, Wireless Dog Fence Collar

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By: PetSafe

Unlike the other fences, this one neither needs to dig nor to bury anything in the ground. This fence covers ½ an acre just enough room for your pet to wander freely. If you want an extra room you can adjust your pet up to 90 feet in all directions. Moreover, the receiver collar has 5 levels of static correction with one tone mode for training. With this, you will take 2 weeks to train your pet. To make it all whether the receiver collar is waterproof.

Additionally, the receiver collar is easily adjustable and fits neck sizes between 6 and 28 inches. You can maintain the number of pets you want in this system so long as it has a receiver collar. Finally, this fence is easy to setup and is perfect for camping and homes. Choose this product and you will never have problems with your dog.

Extra features:

  • It has 5 levels of correction plus tone mode for the warning.

8. PetSafe, Wireless Fence (PIF-300) with 2 Extra Battery Packs

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By: PetSafe

Equipped with the latest and most advanced safety features, this is one of the best electric dog fences on the market. It boasts a complete pif-300 system which ensures that your big guy is kept within your environment at all times. And yes, this is a completely wireless gadget hence it’s added portability for adequate convenience. The adjustable levels of correction ensure that one can customize its entire operations for convenience and comfort.

Extra features:

  • It has a wireless coverage of up to 108 feet circular area.
  • The package includes a training guide to help you understand the system well.

7. YOUTHINK, Wireless Dog Fence

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Train your dog how to stay within the boundaries with this training collar. This pet is effective in preventing your pet from accessing prohibited areas such as the bedrooms and trashcans. It is designed with an adjustable range of up to 500 feet in all directions from the transmitter unit.

The wireless pet fence with non-slip handle offers you a comfortable hand feeling experience. With an adjustable TPU fence collar (7 to 22 inches), the collar works well for dogs 10-90lbs. Furthermore, the lightweight and IP 67 waterproof nature of the receiver collar will make it comfortable for your pet dog. For the best training of your pet in limited space choose this pet dog trainer.

Extra features:

  • The receiver is not only lightweight but also waterproof to make your pet comfortable throughout.

6. Sit Boo-Boo, Hidden Dog Fence

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By: Sit Boo-Boo

Worried on how to control your favorite pet? Relax as the hidden dog fence is here for your works best with very stubborn and difficult to train dogs. Boasting of the latest electric fence technology used you will easily set up a fence for your pets. The transmitter is effectively designed and has 5 correction levels to train your dog. Furthermore, the 955 feet of solid copper wire can be customized easily to cover the exact area that you prefer. In the event, you require additional space the powerful transmitter can effectively serve up to 5 acres. You should have no doubts purchasing this product as it is further backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Extra features:

  • The transmitter is effectively designed with the latest technology and has 5 levels of correction.
  • It unit includes 955 feet of solid copper wire that can be easily customized to your preferred area.

5. SportDOG Brand, In-Ground Fence System

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By: SportDOG Brand

For safe and secure use this wireless system to keep your pets. With just 1000 feet of gauge boundary wire and 100 flags of wire, this can provide one and a third acres for your pet to move freely. In the event, this is not enough you can increase the length by purchasing more wires and flag kits. In addition, it has a receiver collar with 4 correction levels, a tone and a vibration to use when your dog approaches the boundary. Based on your dog’s temperament you have to select the type of correction level to use.

The transmitter is further fitted with a lightning protector to avoid the hazardous lightning strike effect. Besides, in this fence, you can contain as many dogs as you wish all you have to do is make sure the dog is fitted with a receiver collar. With the collar receiver on the neck, you will be able to notice when the battery runs low by blinking. Finally, it comes with a detailed operating guide with training tips.

Extra features:

  • The system has 1000 feet of 20 gauge boundary which can be increased by additional flags and wire purchase.
  • The transmitter has a lightning protector for protection against lightning.

4. Pet Control HQ, Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System

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By: Pet Control HQ

Use this combo electric fence to train your dog. The rechargeable collar beeps once as the dog approaches the boundary the static correction will make the dog adjust the movement. With this fence, you can either install it below or above the ground depending on your preference. Besides you can purchase additional wires to increase the size of the fence. The possibility of your customizing it makes it an ideal pet fence system. With this, you can set it in your entire yard or separate your front and back yards.

Moreover, the receivers collar its dogs weighing 11 to 154 lbs. and a neck size of 8-27 inches. Boasting of 3 levels of static correction and 10 levels of vibration and correction this will work best for your pet. Finally, the system accommodates more than one dog so long as they have a fitted waterproof receiver collar on. All these reasons are sufficient why you need to purchase this quality pet fence.

Extra features:

  • It has 3 static levels of correction and 10 vibration levels for dog training.
  • You can easily customize the area you want to be occupied by pet either in front or back of your house.

3. Extreme Dog Fence, 2018- In-Ground Electric Dog Fence

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By: Extreme Dog Fence

Are experiencing problems in containing your pet? This extreme dog fence is all you need. Boasting of coverage up to 25 acres this will be enough room for your pet to roam freely. The receiver collar is not only waterproof but also water resistant in fact; it can be submerged deep in water with no effect. The presence of contact points further accommodates pets with long and short hairs. Furthermore, 20 gauge copper boundary wire is coated with a jacket to ensure it remains underground for years with no effect.

The transmitter can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs in the system. Its package also includes a 50 training flags and 2 professional splice kits. You should have no doubts purchasing this quality dog fence as it is backed by a 1-year warranty on electronics and a further 2-year warranty on electronics.

Extra features:

  • It covers a large area up to 25 acres thus enough room for your pet to move freely.
  • The bounder copper wire is covered with a jacket to be durable.

2. CarePetMost, Wireless Electric Dog Fence System

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By: CarePetMost

If you want a pet fence that can give utmost care to your pet choose this wireless dog fence. This system is pretty easy to use as you have to turn on the transmitter and the receiver plug and wait for the cording status. The receiver collar is not only waterproof but also has an automatic sleep function. The lithium battery can last the collar 12 hours with 8-9 hours standby time. Additionally, the collar works best in all types of dogs from small to large.

This pet fence covers an adjustable area of 100 to 500 feet thus enough room for your pet to move terms of installation of transmitter please you have to install it 1.6 meters away from the ground. Finally, the collar has the sensitivity of 1 -100 up to 500 meters radius.

Extra features:

  • The receiver collar fits all dog sizes from small to large.
  • The wireless fence has a circular adjustable boundary of 100-500 feet.

1. PetSafe, Stay & Play Wireless Fence

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Want the best training for your pets? This wireless fence is all that you need. You will quickly install it to cover an area of a ¾ acre and a further adjustable distance of 105 feet. With the purchase of more receiver collars, you can easily contain an unlimited number of pets in your system. This fence works bests in pets over 5 pounds and neck sizes of 6-28 feet. Boasting of 5 correction levels and tone only mode for training this system can effectively train your pet within 2 weeks.
In addition, the rechargeable collar quickly charges in 2-3 hours and lasts 3 weeks in use. Whether you are camping or on vacation, you can easily set up this system in 2 hours and contain your pet safely. Buy one of the best customer experience.

Extra features:

  • Covers an area of a ¾ acre with an adjustable distance of 105 feet.
  • The rechargeable collar can last for considerably long 3 weeks.

Final thoughts!

You have to keep your pet safe each day. All the top 10 fences here are of good quality and will safely contain your dog. You can choose any that you like from the top 10 list here. You will definitely have a great experience training your pet dog. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.