Best 10 Label Printers in 2018

To make a label, you need to use a label printer in order to achieve the best result. Generally, they fall under the compact, portable and wireless model. Portable types come with a built-in keyboard that allows you to type and print the labels from anywhere. It’s good to go for the types that come with a user-friendly design that boosts your typing and printing.

Label printers with many options and fonts are more versatile compared to simple types. Keyboard style, built-in memory capacity, printing speed, size of the printer, label types, cost and brand reputation should also be considered.

Best Label Printers in 2018

A good label printer makes life easy and more convenient. With that said, let’s look at the 10 best label printers in 2018.

10. Zebra, Direct Thermal Label Printer


The GC420d label printer by Zebra Technologies is giving the big brands a run for their money. The direct thermal printer comes with a 32-bit processor and 8MB of RAM that allow it to print in 203 Dpi resolution. It is compatible with ZPL I/II and EPL programming languages and in addition to labels it also prints tags, receipts and other media as long as they don’t exceed 4.09 inches in width. The monochrome label printer however doesn’t printing in color and installation isn’t straightforward.

9. Brother, P-touch Home and Office Labeler


Label printer by Brother P-touch comes with one-touch keys which can quickly access font, patterns and symbols. This printer has 8 professional fonts for label, which you can conveniently make your own unique label. The printer also shows your pre-design label to ensure your get the right label. An easy memory is accessed to save your favorite labels up to 30 labels. It is operated using AAA batteries or AC adapter.

8. Seiko Instruments, Smart Label Printers


Smart 620 label printer by Seiko Instruments comes in a sleek, compact and portable shape and can print relatively fast. Its small footprint frees up space and only needs to be linked to a PC or Mac via the USB cable.

Courtesy of the Smart Label Software, it supports spreadsheet, word processing and other database software while the direct thermal print technology eliminates the need for sheet ribbons, ink or toner. However it’s only compatible with Linux and Linux and Mac OS.

7. Brady, Handheld Label Printer


BMP21-PLUS label printer by Brady is proved to be popular label printer among people looking for portability, accuracy and quality printing. Besides the basic design, its key features make it easy to design and print labels within minutes.

The handy keyboard is comfortable while the impressive LCD screen gives you a glimpse of the preview before printing.

6. DYMO, Twin Turbo label printer


DYMO Twin Turbo 450 is the perfect fit for those looking for amazing labels and also proper organization at home or office. It can be easily connected to Mac or PC.

The label writer can print up to 71 address labels, name badges, barcode labels, shipping and more per minute and doesn’t run on toner or ink.

5. DYMO, Hand-Held Label Maker


LabelManager 280 by DYMO is very light and portable and will appeal to people looking to print from anywhere thanks to the rechargeable battery pack. It comes with a built-in user-friendly keyboard that enables you to type and even make editing, or any precise editing you can also connect it to a PC or Mac.

To enhance the user experience, it also works with split-back D1 tape and thermal labels. The printer is up to 50 times faster than other types but is also slightly expensive.

4. Epson, LW-300 Label Maker


Offering 14 sizes, 10 styles, 75 plus frames and more than 300 built-in symbols, the Epson LabelWorks LW-300 is among the most versatile and dependable label makers in the market.

Its newly-improved design and features help reduce wastage by more than 62% while increasing the printing speed. The built-in memory can store over 30 files allowing the user edit earlier designs within minutes.

3. Brother, PT-P700 PC Connectable Label Maker for PC and MAC


PT-P700 label printer by Brother produces topnotch labels within a short time and can be connected to computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and other devices. Considering it comes with no built-in keyboard, it’s more compact and lighter than other rival models, but still produces high resolution labels once connected to a Mac or PC using the USB cable.

You need to download some software to be able to customize the label font, design, graphics or template.

2. DYMO, LabelWriter 4XL Thermal Label Printer


DYMO Thermal label printer prints in wide format and produces quality labels easily and within minutes. The compact and stylish maker is also very light and can be used at home, office, shipping center to produce address and return address label as well as postage stamps.

Being a thermal printer, you don’t have to worry about the ink or toner running out, and also it comes with 5 bonus rolls.

1. DYMO, LabelManager 160 Handheld Label Maker


LabelManager 160 handheld from DYMO is the ultimate label printer in the market. It is simple, fast, and very portable and can produce high-resolution labels, stickers, tags and more.

The built-in QWERTY keyboard is computer-styled making it easy and convenient to use while the fast keys and one-touch design makes formatting pretty simple. It comes with 8 text styles, 6 font sizes and plus 200 symbols and is also ideal for professional application.

Printing your own labels gives you the freedom to choose the design, size, color and much more. Most devices are very portable and can work anywhere. By relying on the above review that outlines the 10 best label printers in 2018, you will find a good type without spending too much time and effort comparing different products.




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