Best 10 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kits 2018

A fuel injector cleaning kit may become a necessary tool for completing maintenance tune-ups, particularly if a vehicle is showing signs of engine stuttering, inefficient fuel use, or bad fuel mileage. If a car, truck or motorcycle is going to run properly, and clogged fuel injectors are the issue, simple liquid fuel additives may not be the answer. It could involve a costly trip to your mechanic or an investment in a fuel injector cleaning kit to do the job.

Though it can take time for fuel injectors to get clogged and dirty, they should be cleaned at least twice a year, due to the carbon build-up that can occur with the use of cheaper fuels. If the fuel injectors are unable to distribute just the right amount of fuel into a vehicle’s engine, performance problems, fuel economy, and rough idle are going to happen. To help alleviate dirty fuel injectors, the following fuel injector cleaner kits are the ten best currently available to solve fuel injector cleaning issues.


Top Ten Best Fuel Injector Cleaning Kits Comparison Table


OTC 7448A Fuel Injector Cleaning KitDesigned for direct fuel rail and injection cleaning

22 ounce capacity, and is able to handle pressures up to 30,000 PSI
OTC 7649A Fuel Injector Cleaning KitSafely holds up to 22 ounces

3-1/2 inch gauge for setting accurate delivery pressure

Includes "blow-out" fitting for use with shop air supply to remove residual chemical from hose
OTC 6550 Master Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit0-100 pounds per square inch fuel pressure Gauge

47 OTC fuel injection system adapters each with a quick connect Schrader Valve

Replacement seal kit
Mityvac MV5565 Fuel Injector Cleaning KitKit includes: fuel injection cleaner assembly; manifold; 32 oz. canister; connection hose, wall mount bracket and user's manual $$
Mityvac MV5570 Fuel Injector Cleaning KitDesigned for use in professional service shops

Fuel pressure line is not included
FIT TOOLS Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector or Injection Cleaner and Tester KitUsed for gasoline engine injection.

Pneumatic vacuum system.

Universal for all models.
S.U.R.& R.FIC203 Fuel Injection Cleaner KitHolds up to 18 ounces of any canister cleaning solution

Universal adapter set will cover over 80% of foreign and domestic vehicles
Motion Pro Mp Fuel Injector Cleaner Kits 08-0594Suited for motorbike injectors, but can work for longer car injectors with modification$$
3M 08836 Universal Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit3M fuel injector cleaner can hanger, long hose and 3M gauge/regulator for fuel injector cleaner systems

The Air Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector Injection Cleaner & Tester Kit14-Days Money Back Guarantee

Applicable car models and engines are published on the ewk tool website


OTC 7448A Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

OTC has the necessary features and benefits for direct injector cleaning and carbon removal. The kit contains an OTC7448A cleaner canister that is made of heavy duty, long-lasting stainless steel that provides years of serviceability. Other features include a 3-1/2″ mechanical pressures gauge, a sturdy crack and swelling-resistant removable hose, an open/close ball valve for system control, a blowout fitting attachment for tool cleanup, and an OTC adapter Application Manual, which provides information on nearly every vehicle manufactured in the U.S. between 1997-2013.

In addition, the kit includes a spring lock coupling adapter, quick connect and banjo fittings, along with a carbon removing adapter for throttle plate and manifold cleaning. All of the adapters included with this kit allow for adaption of the canister cleaner to both domestic and import vehicles.

OTC 7649A Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

This OTC Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit is effective in removing dirty deposits from injectors in a wide range of domestic and import engines. Used in conjunction with the Pro Inject-R Kleen fluid, injectors can be efficiently cleaned, spray patterns restored to normal and further deposits prevented. The kit will work with a pressurized air supply for enhanced cleaning without costly propellant use, and it provides for low-and high-pressure fuel system tests. Carbon deposits are removed from both intake and combustion systems when used with fittings 7666 and 7904A and D-Karbonizer4 fluid. The kit also includes canister gauge, hose fittings, and operating instructions.

OTC 6550 Master Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit

The OTC Master Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit not only aids in fuel injector cleaning with the addition of a cleaning canister, but it also tests fuel injection systems on GM and GM TBI, Ford, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles as well as imports, along with CIS and CISE fuel systems. Everything is provided in this kit to diagnose fuel-related issues with weak fuel pumps, fuel filters, and leak-down tests.

The kit includes a professional 0-100 PSI analog fuel pressure gauge and 35 OTC fuel injection adapters that are supplied with a quick-connect Schrader valve for safety. The kit has more adapters than most any other kit on the market for domestic, Asian and European models. Seals and o-rings are made from tough Viton material that restricts swelling and cracking from exposure to gas, alcohol blends, and injector cleaning chemicals. There is the added benefit of an extensive technical manual that covers engines for vehicles manufactured between 1997-2008.

Mityvac MV5565 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

This Mityvac steel and diecast aluminum kit removes and averts fuel injector deposits in a quick and clean manner, as it helps to release and liquefy carbon deposits on both the intake manifolds and valves. The kit can be utilized on most American made and import cars with high or low pressure fuel systems. Air induction system cleaning can be accomplished with a decarb nozzle that can be ordered separately.

Compressed air is utilized to efficiently remove and hinder deposits on the fuel injectors and stop carbon accumulation in the air induction system, which includes cleaning of the throttle plate, intake manifolds and valves. This particular kit model only includes the cleaner and connection hose. Adapters for connecting to the fuel system and for air induction cleaning have to be purchased independently.

The same is true for the specific cleaning solutions formulated for both the fuel injector and induction system cleaning. The kit includes the fuel injection cleaner assembly with an adjustable pressure regulator, a top-of-the line presser gauge, valves, fittings and a 32 oz canister along with a 5 foot long connection hose, a wall mount bracket, and a user’s manual.

Mityvac MV5570 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit

Mityvac’s MV5570 Fuel Injector Cleaning Kit is a kit similar to other Mityvac models. It is made of durable metal construction and allows for the fast cleaning of fuel injectors through air induction cleaning. Compressed air and special solvents make the cleaning process highly efficient with deposit removal and deposit prevention. As with other Mityvac kits, it is imperative that a replacement nozzle be used to complete air induction system cleaning. This particular model includes only the canister cleaner, and is made to be used with the connection hose and adapters that are part of the MV5545 FST Pro kit. Cleaning solvents are also sold separately. The kit includes a 12 oz. canister, adjustable inlet pressure regulator for use on low and high pressure fuel systems, a wall mount bracket and an instruction manual.

FIT TOOLS Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector or Injection Cleaner and Tester Kit

The Fit Tools Pneumatic Vacuum System is another professional grade cleaning and tester kit that provides quick, convenient, and dependable results. You can clean fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers and vacuum systems as well as test system pressure, pump pressure and seals. It is a universal and comprehensive bit of kit. The Fit Tools Pneumatic Vacuum System aids in engine performance, enhances fuel economy, reduces vehicle maintenance and improves emissions. Compressed air is used to remove and prevent deposits on fuel injectors as well as loosens and disintegrates the accumulation of carbon in the air induction system, the throttle plate, intake manifolds and valves.

S.U.R.& R.FIC203 Fuel Injection Cleaner Kit

The FIC203 Fuel Injection Cleaner Kit has everything and more included in this unit that contains quick-connectors for a fast and easy start with almost any gasoline or diesel engine, as well as a huge universal adapter set that is compatible with almost any engine, and a manual that helps to organize, manage and finish an injector cleaning job quickly.

It features unmatched cleaning capabilities for clogged fuel injectors, intake valves and fuel pathways and has an advanced cleaning punch in comparison with aerosol methods. It holds up to an 18 oz. canister of liquid injector cleaner, easily connects to any air compressor and comes in a sturdy suitcase. This kit simply has it all without the purchase of other pieces of equipment to initiate the fuel injector cleaning process. The FIC203 is an excellent kit for anyone wanting to set up their own auto repair shop.

Motion Pro Mp Fuel Injector Cleaner Kits 08-0594

Motion Pro Mp Fuel Injector Cleaner Kits are designed for injector cleaner use with both cars and motorcycles, and do require the use of the right pig tail kit to accommodate the particular vehicle and model year that require injector cleaning. There are a series of kits in the Motion Pro Mp line that only differ by injector type for a particular kind of vehicle, whether a car or motorcycle.

The 08-0594 cleaner kit sufficiently cleans most fuel injectors and fits EV1 fuel injectors that are found on late model Harley Davidson motorcycle engines. For cleaning purposes, no compressed air is required, just an aerosol can of fuel injection cleaner, which is not included in the kit. Injectors will be flushed and back flushed for the best cleaning outcome. The fuel injector includes a switch for turn on along with an LED battery indicator light. A 9 volt battery is included.

3M 08836 Universal Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit

3M’s Universal Fuel Injector Cleaner Kit is constructed of high-tech, durable materials that provide consumers with lasting value at an affordable cost. This functional and precision made kit features an injector cleaner can hanger, an injector cleaner long hose, and a gauge regulator for fuel injector cleaner systems. Its universal nature allows it to be used with almost any vehicle. It cleans injectors, removes carbon accumulation and reconditions fuel-injected gasoline engines to an optimum performance level. At least one adapter purchase is necessary for use as the hose end requires an adapter to depress the Schrader valve.

The Air Pneumatic Vacuum System Fuel Injector Injection Cleaner & Tester Kit

This high quality and easy to use universal cleaning kit allows for a full sweep of cleaning tasks, and it only takes a few instructions for thorough fuel system cleaning, plus the fuel injectors don’t have to be removed for cleanup. The features and benefits of this kit ensure a boost in acceleration, mileage and miles per gallon. The kit has an air pneumatic system that cleans the fuel injector of carbon deposits, and it cleans parts and valves of the fuel system for a smooth running engine.

The kit also ensures combustion chamber cleaning where burned fuel has left carbon, gum and other deposits, and it provides for current engine pressure testing, and fuel pump pressure testing. In addition, it provides for the testing of the sealing condition of the return line diaphragm. The kit comes with all the necessary kit pieces to thoroughly clean fuel injectors along with a universal threading device of 18 NPT (National Pipe Thread) for universal connection. The kit only includes a single canister and the user manual can be difficult to use in conjunction with the various cleaning processes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.