Best 10 Foam Tiles in 2018

Foam flooring is ones one of the best ways to ensure your floor looks attractive and is safe. Besides beauty and safety, these tiles are easy to install and maintain. The majority are designed with interlocking edges thus self-gluing, unlike other types which require commercial glue. This ensures that the tiles are ideal for installation in different areas. Some are suitable for gym, children playing areas and others are heavy-duty can be fitted on the garages.

Some of the aspects to consider for the foam tile include durability, ease of installation, thickness, and area if installation among others.

Best Foam Tiles in 2018

Through our research, we have listed the 10 best foam tiles to assist the buyers in getting the best foam tiles on the market.

10. ProSource, Kid’s Puzzle Solid Play Mat


This foam tiles for kids playing area from Prosource are the ultimate tiles you need in your home. They are crafted to ensure the safety of your children as well promoting the development. The pack comes with 36 pieces each measuring 1×1 feet giving a total area of 36 sq ft.

The tiles have different colors and removable letters to stimulate your kid learning capability. Safety of your child is a guarantee as tiles are soft, BPA-free and easy to clean. Upon setting up, border lines give them a complete look.

9. We Sell Mats, Anti-Fatigue EVA Foam Floor Mat


Give your floor a beautiful look with these EVA foam from We Sell Mats. The tiles are heavy-duty and are available in a range of colors. The 10 mm thick to give a comfortable feeling when you are walking or exercising.

Interlocking design eases installation process while the straight border lines provide them with a unique finish. Each tile is large measuring 2×2 feet hence when installed, and you get 24 sq ft. You can install the in a range of places like playing room, gym among others.

8. We Sell Mats, Charcoal Gray Foam Mat


If you are looking for high-quality foam tiles, get these from We Sell Mats. They are extra-large to give you a wider coverage as each measures 2’×2’. Additionally, each pack comes with 12 tiles; thereby giving you an area of 48 sq ft.

you get enough padding from these tiles as they are 3/8 inches thick hence ideal for gyms and other places with highs traffic. The material used in their construction is EVA foam. Thus, they are safe and free from harmful chemicals. The only drawback with these tiles is that it may get slippery when subjected to extreme exercises.

7. We Sell Mats, Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Tiles


The wood grain foam tiles from We sell mats are designed to impact a natural wood finish to your floor. They are ideal for installation on all hard surfaces, providing a soft cushioning. The EVA foam constructed tiles are lightweight, durable and water resistant.

Therefore they are ideal choice to protect your floor. Interlocking edges are ideal when installing these tiles, and the border lines give them a sleek finish. You can trust their safety as they are free from BPA and other harmful plastics.

6. Cap Barbell, 12-Piece Puzzle Mat


Don’t let your exercise room stay bare, furnish it with these barbell foam tiles and enjoys a soft padding. They are manufactured from a durable material to guarantees durability. The surface is textured to prevent slipping when walking. Each pack is available with 12 mats covering an area of 12 sq ft.

unlike other types of tiles, these one are resistant to molds and mildew extending their durability and safety. They are suitable for installation in the gym, kitchen and other busy places. However, the tiles don’t come with border lines.

5. ProSource, Kids Puzzle Alphabet Tiles


The ProSource kids foam play mat is the perfect gift you can award to your little children. They are very engaging besides providing safety. They come in a combination of colors coupled with removable numbers and alphabets. Additionally, the tiles are colored differently to stimulate development and eye coordination. Assembling these tiles is a minute job due to their puzzled edges that interlocks.

Further, the border lines give the assembled mat a smooth finish. They are toxic substances free durable and easy to clean.

4.We Sell Mat, Foam Interlocking Tiles


Most of the foam tiles available on the market today aren’t robust enough to withstand heavy weight. This makes the unsuitable for a busy room like gym and exercise rooms. However, with these anti-fatigues foam tiles from We Sell Mat are strong and shock absorbing capability.

With the interlocking edges, you won’t experience problems when installing. Each tile measures 2×2 feet with a thickness of 10 mm. The tiles are ideal for hard surfaces, thus, ideal for trade fairs daycare and schools among others.

3. Edushape, Solid Play Mat


The Edushape foam play mat is a soft and durable made from the highest quality foam. They are friendly to kids as they are brightly colored with primary colors this enhances the development of reasoning motor and logic.

They safeguard your floor as they are water resistant and dump proof. Also, cleaning is easy with a use of soap and wet cloth. The interlocking design ensures assembly is easy, while borderlines attain a smooth finish.

2. ProSource, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles


Protect your floor from damage by heavy gym equipment by installing this foam from PoSource. They are uniquely constructed to withstand heavy weight without tearing. The textured surface is ideal when you are exercising as it prevents skidding. Moreover, the tiles are thick to offer cushion, comfort and protect the floor.

They are versatile and easy to assemble and disassemble with noise reducing capacity. Also, cleaning is simple and water resistant to increasing durability. Your safety is guaranteed since these tiles are free from toxic substances. ProSource EVA foam tiles are ideal for installing in your gym, garage and children playing areas.

1. POCO DIVO, Mat 9-tile Multi-Color Exercise Mat Solid Foam


When flooring your house, it is a prudent idea to consider your kids too. These foam tiles from PICO DIVO are among the best choice you can choose. Featuring a combination of primary colors, they are ideal for promoting development and coordination.

Cleaning the mat is simple with a damp cloth and soap. On safety, the tiles are constructed as per US standard. This means they are free from phthalate, lead, and BPA.

Foam tiles are safe and ideal to install in your house. Besides adding beauty, they are durable and increases comfort when you are walking over them or exercising. Don’t let hard surfaces ruin your comfort, install these foam based tiles and experience the real comfort and inspiration in your exercises.


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