Best 10 Aromatherapy Essential Oils in 2018

Generally, essential oils are used for medicinal, nutritional as well as therapeutic purposes. Some can be applied directed on the skin; others are inhaled, while some require the use of a essential oil diffuser. You can also ingest the oil, apply it on baths or mix with other products. The oil also serves a unique purpose as some improve mood, others heal burns and wounds, while some help a person to relax and stay calm.

After an extensive review, we managed to rank the top 10 best aromatherapy essential oils as in the below list.

10. Radha Beauty, Essential Oil


The Radha Beauty essential oil comes packaged in 6 therapeutic essential oils. The therapeutic-grade oil is used in aromatherapy and helps in relieving stress, relaxation, enhancing the mood in a room and also helps in improving breathing. It is an all-natural product, contains no artificial additives and hasn’t been diluted. Besides aromatherapy, it’s also suitable for body massage, oil burning, cleaning, spa, home care and other uses.

9. Healing Solutions, Best Blends Set of 6 Essential Oil


Another popular therapeutic essential oil is the Best Blend variety. It comes in a pack of 6 quality oils and each product is contained in a 10ml bottle. Some of the key varieties include peppermint, lavender, bergamot, orange, patchouli, ylang-ylang, lemon, and tea tree. The oils only contain natural products and have been thoroughly tested for safety and effectiveness. This is evidenced by the Kosher Certification, FDA approval, and GMP, ISO 9001 certification.

8. Sun Organic, Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil


Sourced from quality and healthy teat tree plants, the pure essential oil by Sun Organic target people who want to relax, experience spiritual healing, or treat wounds. The product can also be used with a diffuser or burned with other oils to emit the soothing and relaxing scents. The product is packaged in a large 118 ml/4oz bottle and comes with a dropper for easy application. Unfortunately, it is only suitable for people who love tea tree oil or scent.

7. NOW Foods, Eucalyptus Essential Oil


The eucalyptus oil is packed in a 4-oz bottle and is suitable for revitalizing, invigorating and relaxing the body. You may also inhale the scent through use of diffuser or oil burning and experience peace and clarity. The eucalyptus globules are 100% natural and a user won’t experience any side effects. What’s more, the product has been tested and certified to be pure, effective and safe. You will have to purchase a dropper as there is none included.

6. Healing Solutions, Frankincense Essential Oil


Achieve peace-of-mind, calmness and positive mood by using Frankincense essential oil by Healing Solutions. Mainly constituted of frankincense, this pure therapeutic-grade oil comes in 10 ml. It comes in a unique scent that helps you find calmness easily and quickly. The GCMS verified product is 100% pure and safe and has long-lasting effects. However, as we all know, frankincense isn’t the strongest of scents and you may need to use higher quantity or more frequently.

5. Essentially KateS, Peppermint Essential Oil


In addition to aromatherapy, the peppermint essential oil by Essentially KateS is also suitable for burning, body massage, scaring away rodents and treating wounds. It is also used in getting rid of fungus, bacteria, and germs and in home care. Your home will smell fresh after using the product thanks to its strong scent and undiluted nature.The product is packed in a 4 oz bottle and also comes with a high-quality glass dropper. Since each bottle contains a specific product, you will be required to buy different products to change the scent or preference.

4. Art Naturals, Lavender Essential Oil


Art Naturals contains natural ingredients that have been harvested in hygienic and natural environment in Bulgaria. The oil comes in a portable 100 ml bottle and can easily fit in a purse, pouch or pocket. The active ingredients help combat skin irritation, dryness, insect bites, cuts and burns. Also, the essential oil can create the right environment in the room as well as reducing stress. Some of the buyers however say that it would have been more effective if the scent was much stronger.

3. Majestic Pure, Peppermint Essential Oil


The Majestic Brand is well-known for producing quality essential oil. A good example is the 118 ml/4 oz variety that serves many purposes. Made from pure and all-natural compounds, it is suitable for aromatherapy, repelling insects, and households use. It works on insects such as spiders, ice, roaches, fleas, ants, rodents and many others. And considering that it hasn’t been diluted and doesn’t contain any fillers or additives, the positive effects will be felt many days after it has been used.

2. Kis Oil’s, 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils



Experiencing peace-of-mind, relaxation and dealing with stress is made easier by the essential oils by Kis Oils. Made from 100% pure and natural compounds, this set of 6 oils is ideal for aromatherapy, massage and medicinal use (burns, wounds, itching, bug bites…). The 6 essential oils are sweet orange, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree, and are contained in a 10 ml bottle. Be careful with the dropper as it may start leaking over time.

1. Radha Beauty, Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils


Radha Beauty is offering essential oils in a six-pack. The essential oils (Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Orange) are contained in a small 10 ml bottle coming with a glass dropper. Similar to other great products, these essential oils come as they have been extracted and haven’t been diluted. In order to offer optimum satisfaction, no artificial compounds, bases or fillers have been included. The set is suitable for massage, therapy, inhaling, oil burning, and bath and diffusing.

Essential oils come with numerous benefit both nutrition-wise and health-wise. They are pure and extracted from healthy roots, leaves, stems, barks and flowers. Fortunately, you don’t need to review each and every item on offer. Simply go through our 10 best aromatherapy essential oils review so that you can make a wise choice.


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