Best 10 iPhone X Cases in 2018

iPhone X is among the latest and most innovative phones in the market. It comes with many advanced features that appeal to many people. However, just like any other phones, it’s always at risk of getting damaged. You may accidental bang or scrape it against objects or walls. Items inside your purse or pockets like keys, coins, and nail clippers may scratch it, or water may splash on it.

To protect your phone, using a case is a need. This phone case will take the impact and a beating on behalf of the phone ensuring it lasts for a longer time.

Bellow featuring the best iPhone X cases in 2018.

10. MRSMR, Heavy Duty 360 Protective Case

You shouldn’t expose your iPhone X to bangs, bumps, scratches, and unnecessary contact. With this MRSMR heavy duty case, your phone will be better protected without affecting functionality.

The case is made from a high-quality material to resist cracks, breaks, scratches, and wear. It also features multi-layers protection ensuring for a good protection. It fits perfectly on the iPhone X which also protect your phone from water. The precise design of each corner of the case highly protect your phone and is also suitable for daily use. The case is relatively lightweight and comfortable.

9. Trianium, iPhone X Clear Case

This Trianium phone case is designed for people who wish to display the full beauty of the 2018 iPhone X. It features a clear case and has been reinforced with TPU for extra protection. The fairly thin case fits very well without needing too much effort.

It provides a nice cushioning to the phone and also absorbs maximum shocks and vibration. The accessory features a specialized coating for preventing scratches and a raised bezel for the camera. The precise port cutouts ensure your phone’s functionality isn’t affected.

8. TORRAS, Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber Shockproof Case

Coming in Mint color, the TORRAS case will fit any iPhone X (2018). It’s made of tough and flexible silicone that maintains a firm grip on the phone. It’s very easy to fit and remove and comes with well-cut holes for all the ports.

The interior features a fine microfiber that protects the phone from scratches and also works together with the silicone to absorb shock and impact. The two-layer construction enhances the cases strength whereas the sleek design improves your iPhone X’s looks. Key reasons people buy this product include easy fitting, very protective, smooth surface, and comfortable.

7. Apriletter, iPhone X Case

This is amongst the best iPhone X cases in 2018. The Apriletter iPhone X case comes in a stylish and sleek black color that goes well with its slim profile. The item easily fits on genuine iPhone X (2018) and remains put until you decide to remove it. It doesn’t leave any spaces around or squeeze the phone too much.

The device comes with multiple layers for improved protection whereas the TPU bumper protects the phone from bumps or falls. The precise cutouts provide easy and quick access while the raised lip prevents the phone from coming into contact with objects and surfaces. Consumers love it simple but sleek design, good quality, smooth feel and maximum comfort.

6. Maxboost, iPhone X Case

This Maxboost clear case is designed for iPhone X released in 2018. The phone will easily fit in this case without feeling too loose or too tight. The hard case is made of a high-quality double-injected GXD material that is revered for its strength, flexibility, and durability.

It can easily tolerate scratches, impact, shock, moisture and will ensure your phone is fully protected. The smooth interior keeps your phone free of scratches or dust whereas the sleek TPU frame gives you a nice grip. It’s worth acquiring because it is very easy to install, doesn’t interfere with the functionality, and provides all-around protection.

5. Incool, iPhone X Case

The Incool case will make your iPhone X look even cooler thanks to its stylish and trendy nature. It features hardback PC cover material for stopping damage from scratches, stains, knocks, scraping, and bangs, and falls.

It also has TPU material for absorbing impact, vibration and shocks. The fairly flexible unit fits easily and supports wireless charging. For added protection, it also boasts air cushioning and can hold bank cards. Consumers love its thinness, slim-profile, portability, strength, and precise port cutouts.

4. TORRAS, iPhone X Case

Another TORRAS phone case comes up to the list again. It comes in a sturdy construction courtesy of the sturdy plastic PC that is resistant to scratches.

It fit easily without using too much effort and will stay intact. The slim-fitting accessory occupies minimal space and comes with a stylish matte finish. For easy operation of the phone, the case includes precise cut-outs while the silky feel improves its comfort. Consumers love its easy-to-fit nature, silky smooth surface, durability, and good protection.

3. Spigen, Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case

You should consider protecting your iPhone X with this matte black case from Spigen. It’s among the most stylish pieces and comes in a slim profile for space-saving.

It comprises of a hard PC case for preventing dents, scratches, bumps, and knocks and TPU bumper for absorbing impact and shock. Its clear nature ensures the phone’s beauty is still visible whereas the raised bezels protect the cameras and screen. It supports wireless charging and is a crowd favorite because it’s very sturdy, easy to use, and looks very elegant.

2. Zvedeng, iPhone X Wallet Case

If you value your iPhone X, then you should protect it with this eye-catching phone case from Zvedeng. It fits perfectly on 5.8-inch iPhone X 2018 and comes with a trendy design to improve the phone’s already good looks.

The case comprises of hard-wearing PC that is resistant to scratches and TPU for maximum shock and impact absorption. The steel back gives it the perfect rigidity while the dual layer improves the protection. It also can accommodate bank cards, ID, and cash and features precise cutouts for volume, camera, power button, and speaker.

1. Benuo, Genuine Leather iPhone X Case

1. Benuo, Genuine Leather iPhone X Case

Made from genuine leather, this Benuo phone case will not only protect your phone, but will also make it even more attractive. Thanks to the brown colored leather, the case gives the phone a unique vintage look.

It’s very solid and durable courtesy of the authentic leather and has a super smooth interior made of microfiber to ensure the phone’s surface doesn’t get any scratches or dings. It’s very slim for easy fitting and also quite light to prevent adding any extra weight. Also included are holders for cards, IDs, and cash. This case is high quality, well-crafted, very attractive, and durable.

You probably spent a fortune to buy your iPhone X and you would want it to serve you for as long as possible. However, we know that it is always at risk of getting scratched, being knocked, or banged against objects, or even falling down.

It also will be exposed to dirt, dust, water, sweat, vibration, impact and much more. The best way to protect it is through using a case. This review has listed the best iPhone X cases in 2018. They come in the right size for easy fitting, feature a smooth interior to prevent scratching the phone, and also protect the entire phone. The cases are easy to fit and won’t interfere with the phone’s functionality. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.