Best 10 ATV Mud Tires in 2018

Riding the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) is a good way to pass time and enjoy the rugged outdoors. These tires come in varied brands, sizes and designs. Unless you know which is the right tire you may end up not having a good time. To make life easier for you and your vehicle, we compiled a list of the 10 best ATV mud tires in the market. But before we go through the list, how about we look at the essential features?

Finding the Right ATV Mud Tire

  • Size: A bigger tire doesn’t guarantee you of getting past a muddy section faster than a smaller one. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. Before fitting the tire, you need to follow the manufacturers or expert recommendations. A heavy tire may overwhelm a weak /small engine and this affects its power and torque.
  • Ply Rating: A higher rating means the tire has more layers that make it more durable. However, it may make the tire less bouncy, less comfortable and also heavier than low ply rating. A low ply rated tire though more comfortable is prone to get damaged or punctured by objects and the rough terrain.
  • Construction Types: Mud tires can be less-aggressive to tackle little or fine mind or very aggressive for the really muddy terrain. A docile tire is less likely to get you out of very muddy situations compared to an overly-aggressive one.
  • Tread Design: The tread design and depth determines how fast you cut through the mud. Deep treads are more effective but may also sacrifice comfort and are noisier even at low speeds or smoother surface.
  • Durability: ATV tires don’t come cheap and you need to invest in a long-lasting brand. You should go for the right size, right brand and also read consumer and expert reviews.

Best ATV Mud Tires in 2018

10. Wanda, P341 ATV/UTV Tires, Set of 4

Spruce up your ATV/UTV with this tire set by Wanda. The P341 comes in a set of four with the front tires measuring 25 x 8-12 while the rear ones are 25 x 10-12.

Its tread depth of 20 mm is much deeper than its closest rivals and so is its rim width of 6.5 inches. The directional “V” tread design plus wider gap offer better traction and minimal resistance while the 6 ply and shoulder lugs resist abrasions and punctures.

9. ITP, Full set of ITP Mud Lite (6ply) ATV Tires

This full set of ATV tires from ITP consists of two 25×8-12 tires for the front and two 25×10-12 tires for the rear. The 6-ply tires are well-built to withstand the sharp stones, jagged edges and the rough terrains.

Categorized as class B, the 150-pound tires come with a rim diameter of 12 inches and tread depth of 0.75 inches that is ideal for both shallow and deep mud.

8. Kenda, Scorpion 2 Ply ATV Tire

Chances of getting stuck or losing control in mud and less-likely with the Kenda Scorpion ATV tires. The 2-ply K290 ATV tire is available in a various sizes.

It comes with 12 section width, a rim diameter of 11 inches and fairly-deep and spaced treads that minimize mud getting stuck in-between.

7. WANDA, Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires

With tread depth of 20mm, this WANDA tires are among the most aggressive and make passing through the mud a breeze. The set comes with the 2 different sizes 25×8.00-12 for the front and 25×10.00-12 for the rear.

The 6-ply tires have a rim width of 6.5 inches (front), 8-inch (rear) and feature deep treads that are perfect for mud, dirt and, rocks. They come with heavy-duty nylon construction and shoulder lugs for protecting the sidewall, rim and minimizing abrasions and punctures.

6. Powersports Bundle, Full Set of Sedona Mud Rebel ATV Mud Tires

Getting through the mud will be a breeze with this full tire set by Powersports Bundle. The Mud Rebel tires consist of two tires measuring 25×8-12 and another two measuring 25×11-10.

The uniquely designed tires have the deep trend that is designed to dig deeper into the mud for a firmer grip while still minimizing resistance. The class B (construction) tire comes with tread depth of 0.67 inches and rim diameter of 12 inches.

5. Kenda, Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

Going through mud and smashing the competition is best done with the Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV tire. This ATV tire is made from high-quality rubber that is more bouncy, yet still strong to tackle even the roughest terrains.

The tires come with a wide range of size so that you can make sure it will perfectly suit your vehicle. Its angled knobs dig deeper into the mud for optimum traction while the center lugs offer better control and extra traction. To protect the wheels from dents and dings, the tire comes with built-in rim guard.

4. Carlisle, Super Lug Lawn & Garden Tire

Mud is no longer an issue with the Carlisle Super Tire. This 2-ply tire is suitable for different ATVs.

The Bias tire comes with 8-inch rim diameter and has a speed rating of B which is perfect for the muddy outdoors, specifically for the garden and lawn use.

3. ITP, Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

Ride through mud will be much faster with the ITP Mud Lite tire. The ATV tire is perfect for most brands and comes with standard 3/4 inch lugs.

It is a high-performance sports tire that features revolutionary 6-ply that is longer lasting and unique center tread for better traction. The deep treads easily cut through mud and water allowing the wheel to slip less and thereby move much faster.

2. Carlisle AT489 ATV Bias Tire

With the B class construction, this rear position Carlisle AT489 ATV tire is a bias tire that is available in many different measurements. It ranks among the best OEM tires and can fit on most ATVs and UTVs.

The 4-ply tire is ideal for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles and provides good traction and shock absorption. The directional tread offers good grip even in deep mud and also better control.

1. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle always provides good quality products. Whether passing through mud or even garden, the Carlisle All Trail Tire is your perfect mate.

Different sizes are available with this tire. This Bias tire will go through deep mud courtesy of its 0.56-inch tread depth and come with wide spaces that easily slice through mud and water.

Choosing the right ATV mud tires allow you to become one with nature and experience the adrenaline rush. Nonetheless, this experience can come to an abrupt stop if you get stuck in the muddy section. You also risk damaging the tire or engine due to slipping the clutch too much.

Simply go through the above ATV mud tires review that you can get the ultimate tires and guarantee of getting you out of the sticky situation sooner-rather-than-later.









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