Best 10 Portable Generators in 2018

A generator (electrical) is a device that converts mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy. It can generate electricity for both long-term and short-term applications. While you can easily find a generator, not every type will serve you right. Some may be too noisy, others too bulky to carry around, while some may be a little hard to start especially in the cold.

In this review, we will briefly go through the top 10 best portable generators in 2018.

What We Looked At

  • Portability: Carrying the generator had to be easy and convenient. It came with a carry-friendly design, lightweight, and compact. Key considerations were the handle size, design, and wheels;
  • Power: A good choice delivers adequate power-to-power most basic items. It should run the toaster, small TV set, blenders, small refrigerator and computer;
  • Noise: The best accessory allows you to carry on with your activities without being disrupted by too much noise;
  • Fuel Efficiency: A good generator would deliver maximum power yet consume minimal fuel. Other than gasoline, some types can run of alternative fuels like natural gas or propane; and
  • Outlets: More outlets mean you can run several things concurrently. It also allows you to spread the load hence maximize on the wattage.

Other vital features were automatic start, electric start, fuel gauge, low-oil shutoff, inverter technology, removable console, and price.

Best Portable Generators in 2018

10. Briggs & Stratton, 30663 Gas Power Portable Generator

The Briggs & Stratton portable generator stands out as one of the lightest and most reliable generator. It generates up to 8750 peak power and 7000-watt running power which is adequate for most appliances and devices including television, DVD player, small blender, lighting, and charging devices.

It includes an air-cooled OHV 420cc gasoline engine that starts easily while the 7.5-gallon tank when full will allow the generator to run for as many as 9 hours. It’s worth buying because it’s energy efficient starts easily, has a large capacity tank, and requires minimal maintenance. The only setback is it doesn’t come with an extension cord.

9. Goal Zero, Yeti 150 Portable Power Station

Specifically designed for charging small devices like phones and tablets, the Goal Yeti 150 portable power station will come handy during power outages. It generates up to 150 watts per hour and features a 168Wh lead acid battery that can power up to 5 devices at a go as long as the wattage doesn’t exceed 14Ah.

The generator provides continuous 80W, 160W surge modified-sine wave power that protects sensitive equipment such a phones, notebooks, and cameras. Other positives include travel-friendly, compact, lightweight, and easy to use. The main downside is that it is only suited for small gadgets and appliances.

8. DuroMax, XP4400E Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP4400E generator is among the best portable generators in the market. It’s famed for its good power delivery and offers 3,500 watts of continuous power while the peak power is 4,400 watts. The 7 horsepower unit starts easily thanks to the electric start although it also features a standard recoil start.

The 4-gallon gas tank offers as many as 8 hours Running Time and features Automatic  Low Oil Shut Off. Advantages of the EPA-Approved generator are easy starting, good quality, relatively silent, and portable. The disadvantage is that the packaging isn’t very nice.

7. A-ipower, Gasoline Powered Electric Start Generator

This 12,000-watt generator from AiPower will make life convenient during a power blackout or a remote location. It has a peak rating of 12, 000 watts while the continuous power is 9,000 watts. The unit features a rigid tubular construction for support and mobility and a 7-gallon gasoline tank that can last for as many as 9 hours.

It features GFCI protected outlets for better safety and comes with a built-in DC adapter plug for charging a battery. It is one of the best portable generators in 2018 because of its good design, easy to carry, great price, and clean power.

6. Briggs & Stratton, P3000 Power Smart Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton is a force to reckon with when it comes to generators. This specific version is one of the best portable generators on offer. It delivers a peak power of 3000 watts and can run most of the day-to-day accessories and devices. The unit comes with four 120V AC outlets and one 12V DC outlet.

Compared to most gasoline-powered generators, it’s relatively silent and more portable. The included tank can accommodate 1.5 gallons of fuel and will deliver about 10 hours of power. Its advantages are the quiet operation, easy starting, and good quality.

5. ACOPOWER, 150Wh/40,800mAh Portable Generator

This power generator from ACOPOWER is suitable for laptops, television, smartphones, lamps, tablet, mini-refrigerator and more. It generates up to 150Wh/ 40, 800mAh and features 2 AC outlets, 3 DC ports, 2 USB ports, and 1 cigarette lighter socket. The unit is charged via solar panels and will be fully charged after 8hours of full sunshine.

It’s one of the lightest on the market and features an ultra-bright LED panel for displaying the vital information. Consumers praise its nice design, good portability, lightweight, quietness, and safety. The only concern is the DC out that lacks an off switch.

4. Honda, EU2000I Super Quiet Portable Generator with Inverter

The super quiet portable generator from Honda is suited for many applications including the home, office, emergencies, tailgating and more. It delivers up to 2000 watts, 120volts and will safely run the coffee pot, TV, DVD player, fridge, satellite among other items.

The super silent unit is rated 59 dB(A) and features inverter technology that makes it safe for sensitive devices like laptops, phones, cameras, and tablets. With a weight of about 6 pounds, carrying it is easy and convenient. Its main strengths are super silent, very portable, clean power, and easy to operate.

3. Yamaha, Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Coming with a maximum power of 2000 watts, this Yamaha generator ranks among the best portable generators. It has an AC output of 120V, 13.3/16.7 amps and can safely run TVs, DVD player, lights, small fridges, and many other appliances.

Thanks to the inverter technology, it can be used with sensitive devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets, cameras, and phones. The super-silent unit has a decibel rating of 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load and won’t inconvenience or disrupt you or other people around you. Consumers love its fuel efficiency, low noise level, compact design, and portability.

2. WEN, Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Capable of generating 2000 watts of peak power and 1600 watts of continuous power, the WEN 56200i generator is ideal for  home or small office. The CARB-Compliant set comes with an air-cooled 79.7CC, four-stroke OHV motor and runs on gasoline.

It generates clean power thanks to the inverter technology and can run sensitive devices including television, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and phones. The EPA III portable inverter generator supports 120 VAC, 12V DC, and has two 3-prong 120V receptacles. The Generator’s positives are fuel efficiency, lightweight, silent operation, and clean energy.

1. Goplus, Gasoline Portable Generator

The Goplus 2400-watt generator is suited for many applications including home, tailgating, camping, and emergencies. It features a fairly silent 113cc, 4-stroke gasoline engine. The air-cooled unit is EPA approved and produces low noise level of around 93 db. It’s known for its decent power and low fuel consumption.

For protection against circuit overload, it features a circuit breaker. On a full tank, the generator will run for as many as 4 hours under load. The key advantages include good power, easy starting, silent operation, and smooth running.

Power interruptions or blackouts shouldn’t confine you in the dark. What you deserve is the best portable generator that money can buy. After comparing different products, we were able to pick out the 10 best. We focused on reliability, portability, fuel-efficiency, power, noise level, safety features, easy starting, power outlets and affordability. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.