Best 10 Ski Masks in 2018

Have you invested in the best ski masks? You’ll be surprised by the number of people who skiing without a mask. Some do but using low-quality products, which aren’t very effective. Ski masks are readily available in the market and come in different shapes, designs, sizes, materials, colors, brands and more.

You will find Balaclava, Full Face, Half Mask, and Beard Ski Mask. They will also be made from different materials including cotton, nylon, neoprene, acrylic, and wool. Cotton and neoprene are known for their good warmth whereas acrylic and nylon are famed for their lightweight and affordability. Although warm, wool tends to be a little scratchy.

Why you need a Ski Mask This Winter Season

If you are planning to ski this winter, then a ski mask should be on your shopping list. The following points are the reasons you need to put on a ski mask this winter:

  • Keep Warmth: A good ski mask blocks most of the incoming cold air/wind. The insulation keeps you warm and improves your performance;
  • Sweat Absorption: Even in the coldest weather, you will still sweat. If allowed to drip down your face, the sweat may freeze leading to frostbite. A ski mask helps in quickly absorbing the sweat and keeping your face dry; and
  • Flying Debris: The best ski masks stops dust, ice particles, bugs, insects and other flying debris from reaching your face.

What Would Happen When Not Using a Ski Mask While You Are Skiing

  • Frostbite: When the temperatures dramatically drop to minus zero, naturally, the skin will take quite a beating. Wearing a mask helps protect it from frostbite;
  • Sun Glare: Without the mask, you are more exposed to sun glare, which is harmful to your eyes and sight. A good mask leaves a small opening for the eyes, mouth, and nose. It helps to filer off some light;
  • Facial Injury: Ice particles, pebbles, bugs, and insects may injure your face when skiing at high speeds. They may also bounce off the skin and enter your nose, eye, or mouth; and
  • Poor Concentration: due to the discomfort, frozen face, or slow reflex, your reaction will be slower and this puts you at a higher risk of bumping into objects or falling.

Best Ski Masks in 2018

10. Tough Headwear, Fleece Neck Warmer

Tough Headwear fleece neck warmer wouldn’t ruin your skiing experience this coming winter. With this gray camo neck warmer, you’ll keep warm and protected from the cold, wind, sun, and other elements.

The accessory is made of high-quality ToughTech polar fleece for the best thermal retention. It is very comfortable and easily wicks away the moisture thanks to the highly effective microfiber layer. The versatile neck warmer is suitable for men women, adults and kids. It’s very stylish, warm, comfortable, and the quality is good.

9. OMECHY, Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask

This black balaclava OMECHY offers full protection to your face. It comes in a universal unisex size to suit both men and women and is made from fleece to keep you warm and also feels soft on the skin. It’s very elastic and very convenient.

It’s resistant to wind and this protects your face from cold air and keeps you well-insulated. Consumers love its simple design, full coverage, soft material, and good comfort.

8. KINGBIKE, Winterproof Ski Mask

Beat the cold this winter by wearing this ski mask from Kingbike. Made from 100% polyester, it provides good protection against the wind, cold, and flying debris. The full-face mask features a simple design for easy wearing and removal.

The multifunctional piece is also suitable for snowboarding, hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and cycling. And thanks to its breathable nature, your face will not become too sweaty. Its positives are good resistance to abrasion, durable, no-pilling, anti-static, and high performance.

7. Self Pro, Balaclava Windproof Ski Mask

The Self pro ski mask will keep you warm even in the coldest temperatures. Thanks to the 100% polyester fabric construction, the accessory stops the cold, wind and provides good insulation. It also protects you from dust, bug, flying debris and sun UV rays.

Together with the tactical balaclava hood, the mask also extends the protection and warmth to the neck region. Advantages of this product include good breathability, abrasion resistance, very soft, lightweight, comfortable, and wrinkle-free.

6. ApudArmis, Windproof Ski Mask

By wearing this black ski mask from ApudArmis, your face will stay warm despite the low temperatures. It comes in a universal unisex design to suit men and woman, is very easy to put-on, and removes thanks to its elastic nature. It features double layers for extra warmth and protection whereas the longer neck extends the thermal insulation to the necks section.

Other than adults, it can also be worn by kids and is suitable for snowmobiling, snowboarding, cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor sports. The main pros of the mask are very smooth interior, warm & soft, abrasion resistant, and good breathability.

5. Nike, Pro Combat Hyperwarm Hydropull Hood

Why suffer from extreme cold, harsh winds, or frostbite while skiing this winter? With this black Nike ski mask, you will enjoy the best protection from the cold, wind, dust, sunrays, and other elements. It is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex fabric that provide great warmth and comfort.

The flat seam construction improves wearability and making it feel smooth on the skin. It provides good protection to the face as well as the neck and can easily be converted to a neck gaiter. Good quality, nice fit, smooth interior, and nice design are its key merit.

4. ZPbliss, Winter Knit Face Hat Cover

You’ll feel better protected when skiing in winter while wearing this face hat cover from ZPbliss. It’s made from 100% polyester and comes in a practical pull-down design for the best protection. The hat is made using 90% acrylic and 10% polar fleece for the best warmth and comfort.

The fabric has good wicking properties for keeping your face dry and preventing ice forming. It features a soft surface for minimal chafing and can also be worn when Jogging, Running, Camping, Cycling, Snowboarding, and Motorcycling. The main positives are good comfort, very breathable, non-piling, nice warmth, and practical design.

3. Nanji, Balaclava Fleece Hood Ski Mask

Nanji Balaclava ski mask is among the best ski masks in 2018. You will find men, women, and children wearing the black and grey accessory while skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, tactical training, and in other outdoor events.

It’s made from high-grade polar fleece for the best thermal insulation and protection against cold air, snow, dust, and the sun as well. The heavy-duty mask has a smooth surface and helps in absorbing the sweat to prevent frostbite. It has good breathability, no-pilling, resists abrasion, and lasts for a long time.

2. OMECHY, Unisex Winter Trooper Trapper Hat

Skiing, snowboarding, hunting, or hiking during winter will no longer be a problem when wearing this trooper trapper hat from OMECHY. Made from 100% polyester, the item provides good thermal insulation to keep you warm and cozy.

It’s designed for men and women and features an easy-to-wear design. The built-in chinstrap keeps it firmly on the head whereas the earflap improves the protection and comfort. The trapper hat and mask are wind-resistant, comfortable, adjustable, and provide full coverage.

1. Mysuntown, Unisex Winter Trapper Hat

Made from 100% polyester and faux fur, this Mysuntown trooper trapper hat is what you need when skiing in winter. The black accessory is known for its good insulation that ensures your face and neck stays warm and cozy when outdoors.

It comes in a full design for complete coverage of the face, nose, ears, mouth, and eyebrows. The faux fur inner lining improves the insulation while giving it a luxurious look. When not skiing, you can adorn it while hiking, hunting, snowboarding, and trapping. Its strong points include good comfort, very warm, full protection, flexible, and easy to adjust.

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