Best 10 Folding Tables in 2018

Folding tables are loved for their convenience and portability. With the unfolded form, these tables will serve similar purposes to the traditional table. However, once done with serving food, placing items, or needing to move, they can be folded down into smaller and compact sizes.

Through the years, the demand and desire for these items have increased leading various folding tables. Some may serve you well while others may frustrate you. We took a peek at the items on offer and were able to distinguish the 10 best folding tables in 2018. In order to arrive at this decision, we placed emphasis on certain issues.

Selecting a Folding Table

Our review was based on the following key issues:

  • Stability: Although it comes in folding design, the table needs to be sturdy and steady just like the non-folding table;
  • Quality: A good table will not only fold but also is made from quality materials. Genuine wood, composite material, aluminum are some of the popular materials;
  • Folding Ease: As the name suggests, this table should not just fold but fold easily and with minimal effort. This makes using and storing easy;
  • Portability: The right item will be made from light but strong material and will fold in compact and small size for easy carrying and storage;
  • Durability: Top products are crafted from strong materials such as hardwood, resin, professional-grade aluminum, heavy-duty plastic, and also come with proven technology that guarantees reliability and longevity; and
  • Elegance: Top tables such as those featured below are stylish and feature classic, contemporary, rustic and many other designs. Other than being functional they also enhance the beauty of the surrounding.

Best Folding Tables in 2018

10. Lifetime, Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Known for its strength, easy folding and durability, the Lifetime folding table is fit for domestic and commercial use. It’s crafted out of strong material and steel frame that will support even heavy objects and still remain steady.

The table can be adjusted to three levels to suit different needs. For child use, the height is set at 22 inches, 29 inches for a standard table and 36 inches when you desire countertop height.

Item Weigh: 25.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 24 inches

9. Flash Furniture, Plastic Folding Training Table

People with limited spaces or after convenience will love the Flash Furniture plastic folding table. With its durable design, this table can support up to 220 pounds. Once folded, the table will lay flat and will fit inside or between tight spaces.

Its durability and functionality aren’t in doubt courtesy of the strong 1 3/4-inch thick granite top. The stylish and trendy top is smooth, easy to clean and resistant to stains and impact.

Item Weigh: 24 pounds

Product Dimensions: 18 x 72 x 29 inches

8. Folding Chairs and Tables, XL Series Square Folding Table

Ideal for home, office, restaurant and other places, the XL Series folding table will make life easier. The square table offers a large holding space (38″ square top) for placing different items.

It comes with a fixed height of 29.5 inches that is adequate for most uses. To offer you reliability and durability this table features a sturdy vinyl upholstery top and commercial grade steel frames. And for safe carrying and storage, the legs lock in place when folded. The folding table is available in grey and black colors.

Item Weigh: 19 pounds

Product Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 29.5 inches

7. Ares, Alextend Folding Table

The table by Ares folds in two-half for added convenience and portability. It comes with a strong, stain-resistant and UV protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) top and sturdy metal frame.

The light table is suitable for parties, office, home, and other places. Its height can be adjusted in three different levels; 22.25, 25.5, and 29.33 inches.

Item Weigh: 18.8 pounds

Product Dimensions: 25.6 x 25.1 x 3.7 inches

6. Office Star, Resin Multipurpose Folding Table

Measuring 72 inches long, 30 inches wide and 29-1/4 inches high, this multipurpose folding table can hold up to 300 pounds. The top surface is made from strong waterproof and stain proof resin that also resists impact and scratches.

The frame is constructed from heavy-duty powder coated rustproof steel. It comes in easy-fold unfold design and will fold completely flat. Weighing about 34 pounds, the 6-foot centerfold table is easy to carry.

Item Weigh: 34.5 pounds

Product Dimensions: 30 x 72 x 29.2 inches

5. Store Indya, Vintage Style Folding Table

Hand-carved from authentic mango wood, this circular folding coffee table is light and very portable. The hardwearing and long-lasting wood will tolerate day-to-day use and makes this table perfect both indoor and outdoor use.

It comes with a diameter of 20 inches and height of 19 inches. The Saharanpur’s geometric patterns and designs give the temple the classic and timeless appeal and will blend well with modern and vintage furniture in the living room, balcony, and garden.

Item Weigh: 12.6 pounds

Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 21.2 x 6 inches

4. Pongbuddy, Portable Folding Aluminum Table


Combining functionality and portability, the New Beer Pongbuddy table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The 8-feet long table is made from premium aluminum and is light but still very strong.

It can easily fold into 4 sections (2ft x 2ft briefcase) while its height can be adjusted in two levels. To give it its chic appeal, the folding table features stylish graphics whereas the built-in handles make carrying easy.

Item Weigh: 20 pounds

Product Dimensions: N/A

3. NPS, Steel Frame Rectangular Folding Table

This heavy-duty table by NPS will easily and conveniently fold flat when not in use. It is made from heavy-duty molded plastic; the frame is made from 17-gauge steel while the legs feature 18-gauge steel.

With the durable design, this rectangular table can support up to 1000 pounds. The 1 -3 /4inch thick plastic is not only tough and UV protected but also can withstand temperatures as high as 212 degrees F.

Item Weigh: 41 pounds

Product Dimensions: 30 x 60 x 29 Inches

2. Cosco, Folding Espresso Wood Table

moving around with a bulky table or damaging the surface while moving it will not happen when you acquire the Cosco Espresso folding table.

Made from strong wood, this square table will last for many years. It comes with slender but firm legs that can put up with lots of weight. The vinyl inset blends well with the wooden edges whereas the folding legs make storage easy. Its portability is further boosted by its light and compact design.

Item Weigh: 19.3 pounds

Product Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 29 inches

1. Winsome, Oversize Snack Table Set

Winsome folding table will look good at home, in the garden, or at the balcony. Crafted from authentic walnut, this table offers your solidity, stability and longevity.

And being oversize, you can accommodate lots of stuff without worrying about it crumbling down under the weight. The antique walnut finish gives it the vintage appeal while its folding nature makes it easy to store or carry.

Item Weigh: 48 pounds

Product Dimensions:  15.8 x 23.6 x 25.5 inches

The right folding table goes a long way in offering you optimal satisfaction. It will offer same or better support and stability than the normal table and is easily folded down to the smaller size for better storage or portability.

After comparing several items, we concluded the above items to be the 10 best folding tables in 2018. Not only are they easy-to-fold, stable and durable, but also guarantee you of elegance look. Do you own a folding table or have you ever used one? Why don’t you let us know or share your experience?













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