Best 10 Toilet Brushes in 2018

We can’t deny the fact that we spend quite some time behind the closed doors of these cubicles_the toilet. As such, it’s critically important to keep it clean. A clean toilet is one sure way of ensuring your family’s all-around hygiene.

Best Toilet Brushes in 2018

Toilet brush is quite an essential tool to make the rest room cleaned. From the numerous toilet brushes on the market, this review has selected the best toilet brushes with both quality and design that you can’t go wrong with.

10. Rubbermaid, Toilet Bowl Cleaning Brush and Caddy Set


The best thing about this toilet bowl cleaning brush is that it’s fully bristled to allow an all-round cleaning. It’s made of high-density plastic, and its bristles have been firmly attached to give it a longer life. This makes it ideal for commercial or personal use.

The soft bristles quickly clean without scratching the bowl. The bristles also rinse in a breeze. Moreover, this cleaning brush comes with a holder that’s sturdy and is relatively heavy, so it doesn’t come with the brush as you pull it up.

9. Estilo, Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Holder


Estilo Toilet brush and Holder feature an innovative design that makes this not-so-welcome task easy and enjoyable. It comes with a bronze finish and has a lavish design meant to blend in perfectly well with any décor. Its lid is placed on the brush for increased convenience.

Additionally, the brush features a special feature that inhibits bacteria and mold growth. Moreover, Estilo comes at an incredibly favorable price.

8. Libman Co, Designer Bowl Brush & Caddy


Libman is another heavy duty brush that you can’t go wrong with. Among other features, its thoughtfully-designed caddy make it become quite popular. This caddy is vented to aid in drying the brush after use. The caddy also opens and closes automatically and also prevents slippage.

Furthermore, the brush has a rubberized handle with an ergonomic design for a firm and comfortable grip. The stiff bristles of this brush can completely clean all stubborn stains.

7. Polder, Stainless-Steel Dual Bath Caddy with Toilet Brush and Plunger


This set of toilet essentials comes at a relatively higher price; however, its quality and performance is worth your every buck. What’s in the package? You get a dual bath caddy, a toilet brush, and a plunger.

The caddy is made of stainless steel and some plastic accents. The caddy’s double bath suspends the brush and the plunger for airing and drying. Uniquely, both the brush and the plunger have removable heads.

6. InterDesign, Formbu Square Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder


Toilet brushes rarely feature in any conversation, not with the work they are meant for. Different from other brands, InterDesign Formbu Square toilet brush is not made of plastic like most brushes.

It features solid bamboo construction making it unique and outstanding. The brush holder is also made of bamboo and has a hard plastic inner lining. The brush head is replaceable and has stiff bristles that won’t scratch your toilet’s bowl while dealing with the stubborn stains. The holder’s lid fits firmly and has been attached to the brush’s handle.

5. Casabella, Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder Set


Casabella toilet bowl brush has ultra strong bristles that are extremely rough on the stains and also gentle on the bowl’s finish. The handle has steel reinforcement and offers a comfortable grip.

Most importantly, the brush holder contains the brush well and only requires a small space.

4. Mr. Clean, Turbo Plunger and Bowl Brush


Mr. Clean bowl brush is a premium-grade toilet accessory set that’s both versatile and a good performer. This model has been creatively designed for a modern home setting. The brush is round and has 3600 bristle placement for an efficient cleaning escapade. The handle is made of rubber, and the bristles do their work without splashing the water on your face.

You’ll also love the caddy’s one-side open design that makes it easy to place the wider plunger for holding. This plunger has a wider rubber that makes it an ideal choice for the low-flush toilets.

3. Quickie, Lysol Bowl Brush


Lysol Toilet Bowl Brush by Quickie is a top-quality product with a stunning design and superior construction. It’s meant to last for long without causing any hygiene risks.

Pay a closer look at the noteworthy fibers on top of this brush’s head meant for that purpose. The fibers won’t damage your bowl. Besides, they have an inbuilt agent that inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew. In addition, its handle offers a comfortable grip when using it.

2. OXO, Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush


OXO toilet brush comes in an elegant design for maintaining the toilet’s hygiene. It is an outstanding toilet cleaner you won’t pass without it grabbing your attention.

With this set, the brush is hidden in a cylinder with a canister opening. This door opens automatically once you lift the brush. Unlike other brushes, OXO Good Grips comes with a tapered head that makes cleaning the rim and other hidden areas super easy.

1. InterDesign, Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder


With the chic design, toilet brush from InterDesign comes with durable brush with super strong bristles that work well on all toilets. The brush also comes with a rugged handle that offers you an anti-slip grip for a deep cleaning.

The set also includes a unique brush holder with an outstanding design to improve your bathroom’s aesthetics. The holder features stainless steel and has an impressive bronze finishing.

Cleaning the toilet is not an annoying task anymore if you get to use the right brush. They should make the work less strenuous. The main point is it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing microorganisms..Save

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