Best 10 Snow Blowers in 2018

Forget the time when we used to slave on our rusty shovels as we combat the never-ending hills of snow. Today, the availability of the snow throwers makes it easy to move tons of snow in a breeze.

When seeking for a snow thrower, you’ll have to choose between gas and electric powered ones. While the gas throwers are known to be super powers, they emit a lot of harmful carbon dioxide and are noisier. Electric throwers come in 2 models; the corded and the cordless. The corded snow throwers offer unlimited usage and unlike their cordless counterparts, you need not stop for recharges; however, you’re limited by the cords. On the other hand, the cordless engines are powered by rechargeable batteries, and you’re not tied to the length of a cord.

Best Snow Blowers in 2018

Either corded or cordless snow thrower, they all provide a great performance in throwing the snow away from your way.

10. WEN, 5662 Electric Snow Thrower


With WEN 5662, snow throwing becomes not only an easy affair but an interesting one. This machine uses a 13.5 Amp motor that sends tons of snow over 29ft away.

Its design puts into consideration all that you’d need for an ideal snow thrower. It’s lightweight, and all its controls are within your reach. For instance, you don’t need to stop to change the direction of the chute. WEN 5662 has an 18’’ wide by 7.8’’ deep operation range and has a 2-year warranty.

9. GreenWorks, 2600502 Corded Snow Thrower


Green Works is a leading brand in a variety of electric and gas commercial and domestic machines. This 2600502 model is amongst the most reviewed snow throwers this year.

It operates on a 13 amp motor, that doesn’t jam easily or overheat even with continuous usage. Its chute can be rotated 1800 to throw the snow to any direction you feel like. Green Works 2600502 is also less noisy and has less vibration. Its handle folds for compact storage and the grab handle makes it extremely easy to carry.

8. Power Smart, DB7651 LCT Two-Stage Snow Thrower


Power Smart DB7651 has a heavy duty design that will help you plow through the winter like crazy. One thing, you’re not breaking your back trying to pull the cord with this model.

It’s fitted with an electric start that only requires a push. Its 6.5-HP LCT Engine with 4-forward and 2 reverse speeds makes it easy for its 12-inch augers to eat away 20’’ deep of snow with much ease. Power Smart DB7651 also has steel augers that are rust proof, serrated and requires little to zero maintenance.

7. Green Works, 2600202 Corded Snow Thrower With Light Kit


Green Works 2600202 is a superior alternative to the gas models minus all the vibration, noise, and gas emissions. This is a corded snow blower with blinding dual LED lights to keep you throwing the snow even at night.

This electric snow blower is powered by a 13 amp motor. It has a heavy-duty rotor that blows 20-feet away. Again, it’s fitted with a rotatable chute with its adjusting lever within your hands reach.

6. WORX, WG650 Electric Snow Thrower


WORX electric snow thrower will clear a path 18’’ wide and 9’’ deep on your driveway or sidewalks within minutes. Its handle has 3 adjustable heights that make it compatible with various users. This handle also collapses easily to give it a compact size for easy storage.

Worx WG650 uses 13amp motor and steel augers that throw snow up to a distance of 30ft. Moreover, this model is also lightweight, thereby, making it easy for carrying or hanging on your garage’s wall.

5. Snow Joe, Ultra SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower with Light


Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E boasts a 20W halogen headlight so you can kick some snow anytime day or night. It utilizes a 12-amp motor that will do away with 720 pounds of snow in a single minute.

This ETL proved snow thrower is fitted with a 4-blade rotor, all steel, that will clear 18’’ x 10’’ snow one way. This snow thrower also comes with a snow scraper that scrapes all snow towards the rotor and a chute clean-out tool that comes in handy when snow jams in the 1800 adjustable chute.

4. Snow Joe, iON18SB Ion Cordless Brushless Snow Blower


Weighing only 32lbs, this model is extremely light to grab by the handle and take it where the snow seems notorious. It’s not a gas engine; therefore, you won’t be choking in smoke.

Snow Joe ion18SB is fitted with a rechargeable 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery that will give you a whole 50 minutes of flawless snow blowing. Just like the previous model, this iON18SB is fitted with a LED headlight for increased visibility.

3. Toro, 38381 Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower


Toro 38381 claims to be the most favored by the Americans. Its 700-pounds snow throwing capability, 15-amp motor and 18-inch width clearance are what got our attention.

To prevent frequent snow jams in the chute, this blower uses power curve technology that clears snow right from the ground without damaging your deck. Its handle is padded to give you a quiet and comfortable snow throwing escapade without hurting your hands. The blower’s handle can be folded easily for compact storage.

2. Toro, 38361 Power Shovel Electric Snow Thrower


If you’re in need of a snow clearer for your small driveway, balconies, or deck, this Toro 38361 will do you a lot of good. Weighing 13 pounds only, this tool allows you to maneuver and throw the snow effortlessly.

This is an electric corded shovel with a 7.5amp motor that’s done with 300 pounds of snow each minute. It features a rust-resistant telescoping handle with an ergonomic design for increased comfort. It’s a corded tool. This means that you won’t have to stop for recharges. However, note that you’ll have to purchase the cord separately.

1. GreenWorks, 26032 Corded Snow Thrower


This GreenWorks 26032 is the winner for this category. Its 4-year warranty makes it a risk-free investment. This is a compact sized yet heavy duty blower that’ll do away with 850 pounds every minute.

It has unique rubber molded blades for increased efficiency and reliability. Its handle has 3 adjustable heights for hassle-free usage and less fatigue. Green Works 26032 uses a powerful 12-amp motor and has 1800 rotating chute with a discharge distance of up to 20 feet.

Having a snow thrower in your winter arsenal is a great relieve from the shovel. The best thing about the above-reviewed blowers is that they require little to no maintenance and will be serving you from one winter season to the other.





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