Best 10 Ankle Support Braces in 2018

The increasing cases of sports injuries come in many forms include abrasions, sprains, strain, stiff muscles and more. According to American college of Sports Medicine (ACSM), more than 25,000 people in America alone experience some sort of ankle injury every day and this translates to 9 million cases annually.

Ankle sprains are the leading cause and account for up to 80% of the cases with basketball accounting for about 41% of the reported sports. To counteract the situation and minimize the possibility of getting injured, ankle support brace is a must-have kit for the athlete.

Choosing Ankle Support Braces

Over time, people have discovered the benefits of ankle support braces and have made it a part of their sporting attire. They come in all manner of shapes and each has its unique features, specifications, and benefits.

Some ankle braces feature straps, other fully cover the ankle region, while others are made from breathable material. A good type of the ankle brace should be versatile and can be used in a range of activities including running, football/soccer, basketball, volleyball and other games. it comes with a soft and comfortable material, features adjustable straps and comes with a breathable material to minimize excessive sweating. Another critical feature is going for a type that provides good compression, elastic and support.

Best Ankle Support Braces in 2018

Take a look at the following brands to find out the top 10 best ankle support braces.

10. Copper Wear, Compression Ankle Sleeve


The ankle compression sleeve by Copper Wear is made from nylon that has been embedded with copper fiber. This provides remarkable compression, support and comfort and is suitable for many activities (football/soccer, basketball, running…….). The sleeves though fitting snugly will offer fully support while still maintaining elasticity.

This is boosted by the good design and effective material that allows you to put on the ankle support brace for as many as 24 hours without giving off any odor or too much sweat.

9. Mueller, Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer


Mueller adjustable ankle stabilizer is made from natural rubber latex which is soft and smooth. It feels very comfortable even when strapped tightly and the figure 8 strapping mechanism secures it on your foot giving you optimum compression, control and support.

You can easily adjust this ankle brace to your preference thanks to its adjustable design and good elasticity for healing, promoting circulation and retaining body heat. It comes with ultra-soft and light neoprene blend.

8. Aircast, Ankle Support Brace


The ankle support brace by Aircast is an ideal brace for both men and women who desire to protect and support their ankles during intense workouts/activities. It’s made out of Breath-O-Prene fabric that provides good air and blood circulation.

The Low-profile design allows it to be worn with shoes and won’t cause any bulkiness or inconvenience. In addition to stabilizers on the sides, it also features a single strap that is easy to tie and untie. The plastic support may feel a bit rigid and uncomfortable, especially when you wear for the first time.

7. Zensah, Ankle Support


Zensah Ankle Support is made from 75% nylon and 25% spandex and provides good pinpoint compression. It is lightweight and soft and feels smooth on the skin making it the good choice for basketball, volleyball, running, jogging, or everyday wear as well as relieving Plantar Fasciitis.

The moisture-wicking and ultra-breathable material and design ensure your ankle remain dry even during extreme activity and also offers full motion range. Compared to other top products, it isn’t very elastic.

6. McDavid, 199 Lace-up Ankle Brace


McDavid 199 is the best-of-the-best ankle brace for various reasons. It features a medical-grade spring steel that keeps it firmly in place until you remove it. Additionally, the two-layered breathable vinyl/polyester material allows free air circulation, good blood circulation and is also long-lasting.

It comes with support stays to offer you maximum control and comfort. It is versatile and can fit both right or left leg and is suitable for athletes, coaches, trainers and ordinary person.

5. Kunto Fitness, Ankle Brace Compression Support Sleeve


Kunto Fitness ankle brace comes with phenomenal compression and will ensure your ankles are well protected while working out. It is also designed to relieve pain suffering from joint aches, arthritis, swelling, Plantar Fasciitis, sprains and more.

The good construction minimizes any slipping that may cause chafing and ensures the ankle support brace remains in place even under demanding situations.

4. Bracoo, Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support


Bracoo ankle support is one-size-fits-all and is suitable for both men and women. It is made from breathable Neoprene that boosts air circulation allowing your skin; muscle and tissue work efficiently and stop any skin irritation.

The contoured design makes it easy to adjust for different angles and also ensure it doesn’t slip off during use. In addition to relieving ankle sprain, the open heel designed brace is also effective for speeding up recovery.

3. Copper Joint, Compression Ankle Sleeve


Made from super-soft, elastic and high-quality nylon, this compression ankle sleeve by Copper Joint help support and give you control when running, training, CrossFit and other sports.

The graduated compression together with the toe-less and open heel design helps to enhance blood circulation and relieve muscle fatigue.

2. OrthoSleeve, FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve Pair


Made from 76% Micro-Nylon and 24% Spandex, this pair of OrthoSleeve FS6 compression ankle sleeves is suitable for both sports and therapy. It provides firm support to your ankles while playing and also helps relieve pain during recovery or after experiencing pain.

The medical-grade material has good moisture-wicking characteristics that absorb maximum moisture and soft on the skin. It will feel tight when first worn and you will have to use a few times to break in.

1. ASO Ankle Stabilizer


Forming a full figure-eight, the ASO Ankle Stabilizer will support and protect your ankles during performing sports activities. It is made from top-grade ballistic nylon that can tolerate wear, tear and lasts for a long time.

The ankle stabilizer features a bilateral design that allows it to be worn on either foot while the low profile provides maximum comfort. To keep it secured on your foot, it comes with an elastic cuff closure.

There is our brief review on the best ankle support braces. Although it may seem like a basic accessory, the ankle support braces protect your ankles from injuries. They apply mild compression that keeps your muscles and tissues firm, prevent excessive movement, and give you more control and stability.


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