Best 10 Floor Jacks in 2018

You’ll require a floor jack for propping up your vehicle. It’s important that you select the right floor jack, depending on the type of your vehicle. Floor jacks are important for automotive. It enables you to lift the car up safely when working on it. Besides lifting the car, it can also use to lift motor to deeply clean the engine bay.

A good floor jack would compromise your safety as they’re not designed to hold large weights for prolonged time periods. Besides that, they would compromise your safety as they’re not designed to hold large weights for prolonged time periods. Remember to raise or lower your car slowly to enhance the safety.

Best Floor Jacks in 2018

You can purchase an excellent, top-quality floor jack at an economical price. Below, we feature the top 10 best floor jacks in 2018.

10. Black Bull, FJ2 Trolley Floor Jack, 2 Ton


Black Bull FJ2 trolley floor jack incorporates a 15-wheel base which features a 360-degree swivel saddle. It will enable you to get safe and stable contact with any load that you’re lifting.

You’ll find it amazingly simple to move from a wheel to another, thanks to the two rear ball-bearing casters and the two front wheels. The Black Bull FJ2, with a 5-12 inch lifting height range, will lift and stabilize most cars, SUVs, trucks, RVs, and trailers.

9. Torin, T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack, 3-Ton


Torin T83002 Floor Jack is a fantastic option for a heavy-duty jack. It’s incredibly durable and reliable. You can obtain it at an unbelievably affordable price. The included chassis features durable steel casters that swivel 360 degrees to reach the right position. The chassis’ wide body provides extra support when lifting.

It incorporates a safety overload system which will prevent you from using the jack to lift weights of above three tons. The handle has been constructed in two pieces. That guarantees you ease of use, quick assembly, and enhanced transportation.

8. Blackhawk, B6350 Fast Lift Service Jack, 3.5-Ton


Blackhawk B6350 Service Jack is a 3.5-Ton jack which comes included with a bypass device to prevent you from over-pumping past its weight capacity. It boasts an inbuilt internal safety valve which provides for added safety.

The rear caster and the swivel saddle make it easy to position correctly. Blackhawk includes a rolled side frame in this model. In turn, that provides the rigidness required to alleviate twisting.

7. Alltrade, Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty Triple-Lift Jack, 2-Ton


Powerbuilt 620422E is ideal for lifting cars, ATVs, trucks, and motorcycles. It boasts an excellent lift range of 5.5-17.25 inches. This model comes included with tie-down anchor points which will help secure bikes.

It’s a suitable unit for heavy-duty tasks. You’re assured of maximum safety with the 620422E as it meets and exceeds the ANSI standards.

6. Milestone Tools, Powerzone 380033 Steel Floor Jack, 2-Ton


Powerzone 380033 steel floor jack boasts a decently rated weight capacity of 2 tons, providing a lift range of approximately 0.75 inches to 13 inches. The rear wheels will enable you to position the jack quickly and conveniently.

Besides, the integrated functional safety valve will ensure that you don’t overload the device. The Powerzone 38033 is a portable, intuitive floor jack which commendably gets the task done in a safe, yet efficient manner.

5. Arcan, ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack


Despite being a considerably lightweight unit, Arcan ALJ3T is designed to lift up to an impressive 3 tons. It features a dual pump which allows for fast lifting action. The hydraulic system comes sealed with dust shields which ensure that nothing contaminates the hydraulic fluid.

Arcan also includes 2 safety valves: the overload and bypass valves. Such are able to prevent over-extending the hydraulic lift arm or use with overweight loads. That lift-arm is reinforced to help withstand chassis torsion, in addition to extending its durability.

4. Pro-Lift, F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack, 2-Ton


This low-profile, 2-ton unit is a little, but an excellent Pro-Lift unit which will make working on vehicles just more pleasant. Its chassis is constructed out of heavy-duty steel. The extremely affordable price makes the Pro-Lift F-767 a winner for your money’s best value.

You wouldn’t go wrong with this model, especially if you’re on a tight budget. The inbuilt safety and bypass valves ensure that you won’t overload the unit with heavy weight.

3. Arcan, XL2T Low Profile Steel Service Jack, 2-Ton


Low-profile XL2T service jack by Arcan is able to lift up to 2 tons. The jack’s height range is more than adequate to slip a stand underneath and begin your work. The dual-action hydraulic pump allows for faster lift while the universal joint enables one to retain control as they release the lift.

The extra-long chassis will make reaching the best lift points underneath the vehicle an easy task, even if it’s a low-rider. The Arcan XL2T guarantees that it meets high quality and safety requirements.

2. Torin, T83006 SUV Service Jack, 3-Ton


Here’s yet another budget-friendly service jack. It’s an impressive unit which functions quite efficiently, credit to the extra-long neck design. It offers a relatively large 6-21 inches lifting range. The 3-ton weight capacity will prove significantly convenient, especially for most standard-type tasks.

This package comes included with an extension adapter. The rear swivel wheels contribute significantly towards making this floor jack quite stable and convenient to use. It’s excellently efficient for SUVs, among other vehicle types.

1. Milestone Tools, Powerzone 380044 Aluminum and Steel Jack, 3 Ton


Powerzone 380044 Garage Jack is constructed out of sturdy steel and lightweight aluminum. In turn, it’s able to deliver a smooth, hydraulic lifting motion. The hydraulic lift features a safety valve which prevents any sudden weight overloading.

The frame is constructed out of aluminum to help reduce the unit’s weight, thus making it a greatly transportable model. A swivel action on the rear wheels allows for perfect positioning while the rubber-padded saddle keeps any paint job intact, regardless of where you opt to lift the vehicle.

Some jacks are more powerful and efficient than others, it often comes with some price adjustment. The models featured above would be a fantastic place to begin from. They offer excellent weight capacities, decent lifting ranges, convenient lifting speeds, as well as quality construction. They’re undoubtedly great options if you’re seeking a reliable, quality floor jack.



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