Best 10 Cabinet Table Saw Reviews For 2018

To do fine woodworking requires a greater level of precision in cutting. That precision comes through the use of a high quality, best cabinet table saw. Cabinet table saws provide greater stability with less noise and vibration than other types of table saws. However, they tend to take up more space and are pretty well fixed in place once you set them up.

To meet a broader demand, cabinet table saws have seen some adjustments in design. This is to meet the varying needs of users and their budgets. These adjustments give rise to some confusion when it comes to selecting the right cabinet table saw to fit your needs. Our review of the top ten best cabinet table saws can help you make comparisons and choose the right saw for you.

In addition to our best cabinet table saw reviews, we have added a buying guide to help you to more closely examine the various features. Also, the importance of these features when it comes to the different uses and needs that are typical among woodworkers who use cabinet table saws. Let’s start off by taking a look at those reviews.


Best Cabinet Table Saw Reviews

SawStop PCS175-TGP236 1.75-HP Professional Cabinet Saw Assembly

If you are intent on buying a SawStop, you’ll be thrilled with this space and money saver option. The table of the SawStop PCS175 starts with a smaller cabinet base as well as a shorter fencing assembly to fit in a smaller space. This saw is easy to relocate because it only requires 120V power source as well. All of the features on this saw are made with highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Though some might think that a 1.75 HP motor is a bit light for ripping and cutting harder woods, it actually does a clean and accurate job without getting bogged down. Its lock down and safety features make it a safe saw for beginners as well as pros.


Dust collection comes straight off of the blade, so dust tends to collect around the base of the cabinet. Be sure to slow down if you’re cutting something hard and thick as it can overload the motor.

Choose This Saw If…

You are limited on space and want the option of being able to relocate it in your shop. The safety features on this saw and getting a SawStop at a budget price are additional pluses. You might not be happy with this saw if you work with larger boards and need more space. Also, if you do a lot of heavy work which might overload the motor.



Grizzly G1023RL 3 HP Cabinet Left Tilting Table Saw

Another space saving cabinet table saw which is pretty hard to pass up is the Grizzly G1023RL Left-Tilting table saw. The smaller cabinet and fence on this saw make it easier to fit anywhere in your shop. Don’t let its smaller footprint fool you; this saw includes some features that will thrill most woodworkers, such as: a built-in router table, a T-track clamping system to hold boards in place, and two crank hand wheels to adjust the blades.

The solid construction of this saw and its powerful 3 HP motor are impressive. The gas shocks for raising and lowering the blade are a nice added feature for smooth operation.


Cut off pieces sometimes fall into the 2” dust collection tube clogging it up. You have to use a dado insert for the 45 degree cut because the throat plate for a single blade does not work with this option.

Choose This Saw If…

You need a high quality saw with plenty of features but your shop doesn’t have a lot of space to give away. You might not be happy with this saw if you work with larger items.



Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw 50-Inch Fence

Saving you money on your electric bill while still providing a top notch saw is a major reason to take a closer look at the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K. This saw only requires a 115V power source for its 1.75 HP motor. This saw features a 50 inch fence and a tool-less guard assembly with independent side leaves for maximum safety and easy use. Dust collection is more efficient with a clean line between the collection hose and the blade.

The emergency stop feature on this saw brings it to an instant stop when you need it most and can be easily pressed even if your hands are full. This saw also features a 60 degree miter pivot making for easy adjustment for a wide range of cuts.


The lower horse power motor on this saw can limit cutting harder and heavier wood and might slow you down if you do a lot of heavy woodworking on a daily basis.

Choose This Saw If…

You want the features and benefits of a larger, heavy duty cabinet table saw, but prefer to keep your power bill down and don’t mind the smaller motor. You probably won’t be happy with this saw if you need to cut heavy or wet hard wood or work continuously on a daily basis.



Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid Table Saw with Extension Table

The Shop Fox W1824 Hybrid comes loaded with features that are sure to turn heads. This saw has a precision-ground cast-iron enclosed cabinet with cast-iron trunnions which help to make it run quieter. It has a fiction reducing table top and comes with a T-slot miter gauge. The T-shaped fencing allows you to use boards at two different angles and ensure that they do not slip out of place while you cut.

Additional features are its two crank hand wheels for blade adjustment, a wider mouthed dust collection port and an emergency stop button for added safety.


All tuning and adjustments are mounted on the table rather than the cabinet making it very difficult to adjust once all of the wings and fence rails are installed. You will be well served to make those adjustments during setup.

Choose This Saw If…

You are looking for a cabinet saw with the features of a hybrid and know how to set up your saw from scratch. Those who are a little less savvy about the initial fine tuning will be frustrated about having to disassemble parts of the saw to make adjustments.



Grizzly G0690 Cabinet Table Saw with Riving Knife

Whether you are a professional woodworker or do smaller projects at home, the Grizzly G0690 with Riving Knife is apt to be your next cabinet table saw. This saw is set up for a serious woodworker with plenty of capacity for working with dado blades and riving knives. It is set on a solid, wide footprint cabinet base and includes an extension bench for longer boards and larger projects.

Its wider dust collection port pulls dust and debris away from your work as well as your face and hands to keep you safe. It also includes two blade adjustment hand wheels on the front and side of the unit.


This cabinet does not include leveling adjustments to compensate for an unlevel floor and must be leveled using wedges. In addition, the included measuring tape and included blades tend to be a little inaccurate.

Choose This Saw If…

You are searching for a professional quality saw at a budget price. You might not be happy with this saw if you desire a little bit more professional precision and higher quality craftsmanship in the finish and design.



LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion 36in. Rip

Those on a budget who want to get into a cabinet saw, but cannot quite afford all of the features of a full cabinet saw will be pleased with the Laguna Tools Fusion Hybrid Table Saw. Unlike most hybrids, the trunnion on this saw is not attached to the table top. This saw features some pretty impressive precision and a futuristic design and includes a lower cost 1.75 HP motor.

Some of the features to consider are the locking castor system for easier mobility, but it still maintains the weight necessary for stability. This saw has four blade adjustment knobs, an anti-kickback system, and a 4” dust collection port.


The 110V power source is a little bit too weak for this saw and it tends to bog down to easily under heavy conditions. The plastic insert surrounding the blade is something of a concern as well.

Choose This Saw If…

You want a little bit more mobility, but are looking for a cabinet table saw on a budget. You might not be happy with this saw if you are looking for a true professional grade cabinet table saw.



JET 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe 3-Horsepower

A true, professional quality cabinet table saw which won’t break your budget can be found in the Jet 708675PK XACTASAW Deluxe. This saw comes with a 3 HP motor and a 50” rip fence for making rip cuts without worrying that the boards will slip out of place. The lock down feature keeps boards at the right angles and right measurements as well.

This saw features a poly-v drive belt system and comes with an arbor lock for changing the blade. The cabinet is made of fully enclosed cast-iron, has a dust collection port, allows for smoothly changing blade position and even has a drawer for additional storage within the cabinet.


There seems to be some issues with stripped screws in the wiring block during setup of the saw. This saw lacks a paddle type off switch which you can bump with a knee or thigh when it is necessary to shut the saw off for safety reasons.

Choose This Saw If…

You require a heavy-duty professional cabinet table saw, but your budget won’t allow you to purchase a higher end model. You might not be happy with this model if you prefer more safety features on your saw.



SawStop ICS31230-52 3HP 230V 60Hz Cabinet Saw

When you consider the SawStop ICS31230-52, you are looking at an industrial level saw which you can put inside any shop. The 52” industrial grade T-Glide fense system includes sure lockdown and precision measurement and cutting. It is easy to adjust with dual wheel blade adjustment. Its materials, design and craftsmanship are on the level of industrial machines, which ensures greater longevity.

When it comes to safety, this saw not only has a broad dust collection port to get debris away from the saw, but it has a quick shut off paddle and a skin detecting brake which automatically stops the saw blade if your skin touches the blade. This model has a taller table height to help relieve back pain from stooping.


The safety stop brake will shut off the saw if you are cutting moist lumber, but it can be turned off for that purpose. If you are going to use a dado set, you will have to purchase a separate brake cartridge.

Choose This Saw If…

You are looking for an industrial grade cabinet table saw at a budget price. You might not be happy with the price tag on this saw if you are a hobbiest and not a professional woodworker who does a large volume of heavy-duty work.



Powermatic 1792010K PM2000, 5HP 1PH Table Saw

You won’t have any problem cutting through the heaviest wood you can get your hands on with the Powermatic 1792010K PM2000. This saw comes with a 5 HP motor to handle the heaviest workload you send its way. It includes a 50” Accu-Fence System for greater accuracy and sure lock down. With a taller table height, you won’t break your back from stooping and you won’t break your back moving it around due to its locking castors feature.

Its quick release riving knife helps to reduce vibration and provide added safety. It also comes with a magnetic switch to shut down the motor and prevents it from accidently turning on. The large shut off switch allows you to stop the machine when your hands are full as well.


The dust collection feature on this saw is easily clogged and does not do a sufficient job of carrying debris away from the blade area. This product is no longer made entirely in America, its motor and many of its parts are made in Taiwan.

Choose This Saw If…

You need that extra bit of horse power to cut through tougher hard woods and wet wood. If you’re an American made only type, then you’re not going to be entirely pleased with this saw.



Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

You can get a high quality saw on a budget with the Shop Fox W1820. The precision-ground cast iron cabinet and massive trunnions on this model lend a great deal to the overall stability of this saw. This saw features 49” ripping capacity, a quick release fiving knife mechanism, and a T-slot miter gauge which is fully adjustable. It also includes an easy glide system on the fence with a positive camlock.

The magnetic switch on this unit adds to its safety and protects against thermal overload. It has very low noise and vibration and the dust collection port is very effective at getting debris away from the blade. Changing blades and dado sets is pretty straight forward and simple.


The table height is a bit short and tends to make the user stoop to use it. Adding a base to raise its height is a must. The five foot long power cord is a little too short for most shops as well.

Choose This Saw If…

You are looking to get a lot of saw for not a lot of money. You won’t be as happy with this saw when it comes to heavy-duty use and if you are used to taller table heights.



What To Look For In The Best Cabinet Table Saw

When it comes to the right features to look for in a cabinet table saw, how it will be used will play a major role in your final decision. Those who do woodworking in a commercial capacity will prefer certain features over someone who does a little less woodworking, but prefers greater precision when they do. Below is a list of features to consider when purchasing the best cabinet table saw for your needs.

Motor Horsepower

Motor horsepower tends to range between 1HP and 5HP on table saws. The best horsepower motor depends upon how heavily you use your saw and what types of wood you are cutting. You want a saw with enough power to take on the toughest wood and working conditions you dish out without bogging down. Keep in mind that the higher horsepower will come at a price.


Portability is not a main consideration for a cabinet table saw among most commercial woodworkers. This is because once they setup the saw, it usually doesn’t move. Smaller shops sometimes need to move their equipment around, making lighter cabinets attractive. Keep in mind that heavier cabinets are part of the reason woodworkers use them. It is the weight which provides the stability and precision, so a heavier saw is really not a bad thing.

Cabinet Material

When you’re talking about weight, most of it is in the cabinet. The best saws will feature a cast-iron cabinet that is fully enclosed in order to maintain greater stability. As an alternative to cast-iron, double walled stainless steel is sometimes utilized for the cabinet. Keep in mind that the majority of manufacturers tend to opt for the more durable cast-iron design for a reason.

Blade Assembly

Changing the blade on the saw can be either tool-less or require tools. The simplicity of changing your blades and making blade adjustments is a key feature to keep in mind when selecting the right saw for your needs.


A cabinet table saw without a T-fence is practically useless. So be certain that your saw includes a T-fence when you make your purchase. The best types are reliable and solid with no flex and are nice and straight. You should be able to rip and make other types of cuts with precision. This requires a solid lock down feature to keep boards from moving. Keep in mind that better fences tend to cost more.

Accident Prevention

Safety is always a number one priority when working with a cabinet saw. A paddle type emergency stop button, which you can bump with any part of your body to turn it off, is something to keep in mind. Kickback prevention is a must for protecting your hands from sudden jerks and a riving knife are features to look for where safety is concerned.

Dust Port

Another part of safety is included in the dust port. Debris needs to come from the blade in a clean manner in order to avoid any small chunks that might fly at your face or get tossed back into the saw blade. A broader dust port isn’t as easily clogged and tends to avoid debris problems.

Miter Slot

The miter slot is another consideration to keep in mind. There are plenty of aftermarket accessories that can be added to your saw, but only if the miter slot is a standard size and not some odd-ball dimensions.

The Arbor Shaft Size

The arbor shaft needs to be long enough to have room for a dado stack of blades or a dado set whenever the need arises for them. Having to change out an arbor shaft is not an adjustment you want to make to your saw.



Selecting the best cabinet table saw for your needs depends upon how you use the saw and what you can justify in your budget. There are plenty of lower budget saws that have the quality and value to perform well in commercial settings. There are also plenty high end saws that are probably a little bit more than is necessary for a hobbyist. Armed with the information in our buyers guide and the comparisons made in our review, you should be able to select a cabinet saw that best fits your needs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.