Best 10 Mirror Medicine Cabinets in 2018

There are various types of cabinets. The best mirror medicine cabinets are for storing medication in their optimum condition. They can also be used as mirrors for personal grooming. Some medication cabinet has very specific storage conditions like temperature in which to be stored. Some medication for example tetanus medication requires to be stored in subzero temperatures to keep their potency. Thus a medicine cabinet with such temperature conditions is required.

We have selected the 10 best mirror medicine cabinets for you. This will help make your decision process a whole lot easier and ensure that you don’t settle for less.

What to look for?

There are a couple things you should be mindful of before you make a purchase:

  • Size: consider the volume of products to be kept in the cabinets. The packaging of medication can be a factor. Considering height and/or width in relation to cabinet spacing. Ensure it can fit adequately in the spaces available. Some cabinets have adjustable shelves to add more space for large containers.
  • Features: Some of the medicine cabinets have features which can come in handy or are absolutely necessary for your storage needs. The cabinets can have alerts, timers, or even pre-programmed settings. Others come with own lighting to assist in vision. Check and see what kind of useful features, the one you wish to purchase has. In this list, we have elaborated some of the special features in the cabinets.
  • Décor and aesthetics: The medicine cabinet should complement your décor. Some of the cabinets can be ordered with varying colors and/or materials. Other than serving as storage spaces, medicine cabinets add functionality to the rooms they are in and should do so while looking great. This is achieved in most cases and there is a wide variation to look out for. Consider sizes, color, material type and places the cabinet will be placed in.
  • Location: consider the area where the cabinet will be placed. In most cases, bathrooms are humid thus get a cabinet that can withstand such conditions for the longevity of the cabinet. Ensure the area in which the cabinet is installed blends in seamlessly. A cabinet can eat up quite some space and inconvenience free movement.

10. HOMFA, Bathroom Wall Cabinet Multipurpose Kitchen Medicine Storage Organizer

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By: Homfa

Starting off our review at the number 10 spot is Homfa’s multipurpose wall cabinet. It is made of high-quality MDF material that is durable. It contains two nice looking silver door knobs that make it easy to open up its double doors. It blends into different environments and can be used in a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The cabinet also has an open shelf, which can be used as extra usage space or for decorative items.

It is also easy and fast to mount the product using the two screws provided. After reading the well-detailed manual, it took me less than an hour to assemble the cabinet. I only needed a screwdriver to get the job done. The installation process was effortless. This product is a steal considering the price and what you get.

9. Elegant Home Fashions, Neal Collection Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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By: Elegant Home Fashions

The highlight of the product is the lavish crown molding that accentuates its other physically appealing features. These are; its crystal door knobs, modern lines, and pure white finish. The medicine cabinet contains one adjustable shelf ensuring an adequate fit. It is made of high-quality strong wood. The bottom shelf has three cubby holes to put other products like face towels.

It would look a daunting task to assemble the cabinet once done, but it is actually really easy. After getting all the parts out of the packaging protected in Styrofoam and reading the well-detailed manual on assembly, you’re good to go. The cabinet offers great value for money and gives a classy look wherever it is placed. Assembly time with some help will take you not more than thirty minutes.

8. American Pride, 9622WBAR12 Recessed Frameless Beveled Polished Edge Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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By: American Pride

Looking for elegance on a budget? Then this American Pride Mirror Medicine Cabinet is exactly what you need. It comes with adjustable white polystyrene shelves and 1 fixed polystyrene shelve. The adjustable shelve gives you the freedom to play around with space. You will be able to fit your products in with ease.

All material is zinc plated giving it a shiny and elegant premium finish. It looks sturdy and is really durable too. If you are going for a flashy look, consider buying this. The medicine cabinet’s slightly rounded internal corners will work to your advantage. Clean up will be easy since the tight seams won’t have any dirt build-up.

7. Eclife, Large Storage Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Organizer

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By: Eclife

The eclife mirror cabinet is made of strong MDF material. Shelves inside are adjustable and provide big storage for many of your personal items. This is the perfect addition to your home, for bringing out that modern look. To ensure the storage space is flexible enough for you, you can carry out 3 height adjustments. The overall measurements of the cabinet are; 22″W X 28″H X 6″Deep.

The cabinet comes in an espresso color, which can be used to bring contrast. It is easy to assemble with clear instructions on the manual. It is a multipurpose medicine cabinet, which you will always find a use for regardless of the environment. The company will also provide you with an after sales service guarantee.

6. Elecwish, Wall-Mount Vanity Cabinet

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By: Elecwish

Elecwish vanity cabinet is made of high grade aluminum . It comes in a stunning 2 mirror design for storage. The surface of mirror cabinet has a Damp-Proof Skin Coverage. It is can be used in the shower and is also adaptable to the kitchen area.

It also comes with the dense eco-board in casual black covering with wood grid pattern to give you a spacious storage. All these features are combined together to provide you a mirror cabinet that won’t let you down.

5. HomCom, Stainless Steel Double Doored Wall Mounted Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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This romcom medicine cabinet is made of high-quality stainless steel. Its look design was then completed with a frameless mirrored glass door front. This is what makes it especially pleasing to the eye. It has three levels of fixed shelves, which will have more than enough room. Its hinges are adjustable European style. Its 90-degree hinges open on the inside, which is quite unique.

The workmanship on the cabinet is really good and practical in its design. Its competitors for the same quality of the product, are three or four times more expensive. The mirror medicine cabinet has a 27lbs weight capacity and a net weight of 40lbs.

4. Tangkula, Wall Mount Mirrored Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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By: Tangkula

The Tangkula wall mirrored medicine cabinet, is perfect if you want a large storage space for your bathroom. I would recommend this for people, who want cabinets specially designed for bathrooms. 
This particular one has an MDF body which is spray painted. This is the reason why it can withstand high humidity environments. The three separate mirrors make your bathroom bright and spacious.

All three doors are divided into three shelves for your storage needs. It is well packaged and easy to assemble all the boards in place. The mirror is heavy glass and it looks way more expensive than it is. It also contains a quiet close feature on all three doors.

3. Pegasus, SP4580 Surface or Recessed Mount Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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By: Pegasus

The Pegasus cabinet is made of Rust-Free Aluminum Case with Beveled Mirror. Its hinges are self-closing giving you a cool feeling after opening the door to 110 degrees. It is a great option since the doors can’t bang as they are soft close doors. Its door can be assembled to either the left or right-hand side, giving you more options. Its partitioning is made of glass and easily adjustable to fit more products. The mirrors on the inside make it more beautiful and look roomier. The cabinet has measurements; 15-Inch Wide by 26-Inch High by 5-Inch Deep.

2. Renovator’s Supply, Three Shelves Removable Middle Shelf Medicine Cabinet

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By: Renovator’s Supply

This Corner Medicine Cabinet by renovators supply lightens up the room with its high quality polished stainless steel. It comes in a variation of right or left opening side. Its door opens easily with a gentle tug and has a nice soft close feature.

It fits well in corners and takes up less space in comparison to others. Let that corner space be of use and use this shelves from renovators supply. You’ll absolutely love it! This is perfect for a small corner sink set up.

1. KOHLER, K-99007-NA Verdera Slow-Close Medicine Cabinet With Magnifying Mirror

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By: Kohler

At number one, we have the Kohler mirror medicine cabinet. It is designed with rust-free aluminum topped off, with full overlay mirrored door. Slow close hinge door prevents slamming that may damage the mirror. It contains three adjustable tempered glass shelves. You will be taken in awe of this beauty as it looks. Kohler went all out on aesthetics with this one and I am sure you would love to have one of this in your home. I especially love the swing out the magnifying mirror.

It has mirrors on the back of the door, on the side and on the inside. They are articulately positioned and useful both practically and aesthetically. It has all the features one would need. Tap to open, quiet close feature and adjustable shelves, just to name a few. The aluminum body is sturdy and built to last for long, in comparison to other medicine cabinets at the same price range. Easy cabinet access is only possible, thanks to the 108-degree hinges. The fact that they are two-way, makes that achievable.

Why you need a medical cabinet:

  • Retain the medicine quality: Medical cabinets are designed to put medicine in optimum storage for later use. Most medication is very specific in the kind of conditions to be stored in. A standard for storage of medicine is placing medicine in a cool and dry place. Medicine cabinets provide these conditions as they are made and designed factoring in those stringent requirements.
  • Safety: It is common knowledge to keep drugs in a safe place especially away from children. Most of the cabinets here provide this kind of assurance.
  • Security: Some medicine can be quite expensive. Mirror medicine cabinets provide a place where you can keep them securely, away from people who are prying.

Wrapping it up!

When it comes to the best mirror medicine cabinet, the options available are too many to count. The competition has also grown to be more intense, over time as well. As you have seen from the review, they have subtle differences that one should look out for. The main restriction that you may have, is when it comes to bathroom mirror medicine cabinets. Not all of them are designed for use near the shower area. Be very keen on this, and ensure they can withstand humid conditions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.