Best 10 Stun Guns in 2018

When out walking, jogging, running alone, there is always the risk of being attacked. Due to the abruptness of the action, you may not be prepared to combat the assailant meaning he/she has an edge over you.

Well, this won’t be the case if you walk around with a stun gun. This legal handheld device delivers thousands of volts that will shock the attackers leaving them not only stunned but also giving you the chance to run for dear life or fight back.

Choosing the Ideal Stun Gun

A stun gun comes in handy in many situations and is among the best protective measures especially when you are alone. Nonetheless, these devices are not built in the same manner and it helps to know what to look for in a stun gun:

  • Voltage: The best gun will deliver high voltage so as to immobilize the aggressor instantly. High voltage penetrates deep clothing better than low voltage;
  • Design: it should come in a design that is not only light and portable but also discreet. Common types appear as a small flashlight, lipstick, key holder and other objects;
  • User-friendliness: A good stun gun is ergonomically-designed and also very portable. You can easily and discreetly fit it inside your palms and also use it with minimal effort;
  • Features: Besides producing high voltages, the best stun guns also come with an alarm that produces high annoying noise, a flashlight for illuminating the surrounding and a key holder among other features.

Best Stun Guns in 2018

If you want to protect yourself, you should pay close attention to the following 10 best stun guns review.

10. Stuns R Us, Tactical Police Stun Gun

Though looking like a basic flashlight/torch, this Stuns R Us police stun gun delivers up to 75 million volts when activated which is more than adequate to immobilize any attacker.

The heavy-duty gun features a metal case for durability and strength and is also light, portable and can tolerate the rough outdoors or daily carry. This stun gun features a bright of 250 lumens LED light with 3 modes (Strobe, High and Low). The battery usage is a very eco-friendly design that is rechargeable. A nylon carrying case is included in the package.

9. Terminator, Stun Gun

As the name points out, this Terminator stun gun will terminate any attacks before it even starts. The attacker will be frozen right on the spot by 230 million volts of electricity. The metal prongs are flat and wide to make the delivery better even when not firmly in contact with the attacker.

It features powerful built-in LEDs flashlight that can be used to light up the surrounding or to protect you by temporarily blind or making the attacker in a daze.

8. UltaFire, POLICE Grab Guard Heavy Duty Stun Gun

This easy-to-hold gun from UltaFire delivers 230 million volts of charge to immobilize the attacker. It features two fine spikes at its front that pierce through the fabric to make it effective even on people wearing thick clothes.

The contoured handle features a non-slip surface that provides a firm grip and minimizes chances of the gun falling away. It comes with an internal rechargeable li-ion battery and a safety switch to prevent accidentally discharging the unit.

7. VIPERTEK, VTS-T03 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

People who looking for a heavy-duty stun gun will appreciate the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 stun gun that produces 230 million volts via its extra sharp spikes and internal rechargeable battery.

Built from type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, this stun gun can tolerate frequent use and well as elements and guarantees you of longevity. It also comes with a 350 lumens LED flashlight that offers as many as 100,000 hours of lighting. Moreover, the anti-roll design of the stun gun’s body makes you easy to carry and avoid from slip off.

6. MASON, Security Electirc Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun

The Mason lipstick stun gun produces the high shock of up to 3.8 million volts instantly plus a loud and dreadful lightning sound to scare the attacker and ask for help from the surrounding.

This compact stun gun is very light, elegant and easily slips in the pocket, purse, handbag or pouch. It runs on internal rechargeable Li-ion batteries that charge via a 100-250V source and also includes built-in LED chip producing 180 light lumens.

5. VIPERTEK, VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

The Vipertek VTS-989 aims at stopping any assailant with minimal ease and effort. The heavy-duty stun gun delivers 230,000,000 volts through its extra sharp spikes/probes that will puncture the sturdiest clothing.

It is quite a small size gun (6.5 x 2 x 1 inches) which makes carrying convenient and also unnoticeable. The side plates also deliver shock to prevent an attacker from trying to grab the device and comes with an internal rechargeable battery, LED flashlight and a slip-free rubber coating on its outer.

4. Streetwise, Sting Ring Stun Gun

Remain safe by combating attackers using this Sting Ring stun gun by Streetwise. Despite looking small and harmless, this ring produces 18 million volts and will keep going until you stop.

The ring design and smooth surface make it easy and convenient to fit on the finger while keeping it discreet. It relies on the Squeeze-N-Stun technology that works instantly and requires minimal effort by simply squeezing the ring. A safety switch is also included to prevent accidental discharge.

3. O-Mega, Star Warrior Non-Projectile Stun Gun

Star Warrior non-projectile stun gun by O-Mega discharges up to 150,000 volts of electrical shock in addition to a loud scary noise.

Unlike other types that feature metal spikes/prongs at the front, this one comes with a shaft that is electrified all-around making it more effective from different points. This Star Warrior stun gun is quite suitable for domestic use as it is fairly long with approximately of 19 inches. The stun gun is powered by 2 ordinary 9 volts batteries (Duracell batteries).

2. Vipertek, VTS-880Pu V Mini Stun Gun

This mini stun gun by Vipertek VTS-880Pu comes in the form of a small purple flashlight. It features the internal rechargeable battery discharge a high voltage and 2 spikes for double shocking to ensure to safety.

Besides being light and compact, the mini stun gun is easily concealed due to its compact and portable size that is easily fit in the purse, pocket, and hands and comes with non-slip rubber coating.

1. LetsFunny, Mini Lipstick Stun Gun

Producing up to 3,800,000 volts, this mini lipstick stun gun from LetsFunny will stop any assailant right on the spot even when wearing heavy clothing.

The stun gun resembles mini lipstick making it easy to carry and also very discreet. It features non-visible probes that penetrate clothing and skin and is powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. Also included is a LED flashlight producing 180 lumens and portable power bank.

Having a stun gun with you, you can still enjoy your outdoor activities without fearing of being attacked by an unscrupulous individual.

The above products are well-built to withstand constant use, produce powerful shocks, ergonomic and easy to handle. Furthermore, their popularity and high rating clearly indicate they are effective and reliable.












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