Best 10 Baby Carriers for 2018

Baby carriers are becoming essential for a mom’s life lately. They have continued to evolve to provide both comfort for mom/dad and baby. All carriers featured are great for either mom, dad or even grandparents. There are so many different kinds out there that it makes it difficult to choose one. Some carriers make it easy to switch back and forth between your baby and your toddler, while others are perfect for newborns. Here is a list of the top 10 baby carriers on Amazon lately:


1. Infantino Advanced Convertible Carrier

This carrier is a fantastic option for children between 8-32 pounds. The design of the straps don’t pull on your back or shoulders or make it unbearable to carry your child around for hours on end. It is comfortable no matter what stage of development your child is currently in. The benefit of this carrier is that it can face outwards in the front. This is perfect as your child hits the stage where they enjoy watching things and interacting with their surroundings.


2. Boba Baby Wrap

Wrap type carriers are very different than carriers that include buckles or belts. You are responsible for securing the baby and wrapping the carrier in a way that makes it comfortable for you. The Boba Wrap is excellent for newborns all the way to around 18 months of age. The benefit of this carrier is that it can be thrown in the wash to get rid of spots or stains. You can only wear the baby in the front and they need to be close enough so you can kiss their heads without leaning all the way over. It is natural for the baby and can even be utilized for nursing mothers and babies, which is extremely beneficial sometimes.


3. Infantino Sash Carrier

Infantino has come out with an excellent combination carrier. It combines both a carrier and a wrap style. The baby is secured in a way that looks like a typical carrier style but includes the benefit of a wrap tie sash. This creates flexibility with how you wear the sash for both style and comfort. It can be worn in the front, back and on the hip. Most carriers can’t be worn on the side hip, so this is an awesome feature of the Infantino Sash Carrier. The weight limit is about 36 pounds.


4. Ergo Baby Carrier

The Ergo Baby Carrier continues to be a favorite among mothers everywhere. There are different versions of the Ergo and they are both excellent carriers. This is the original, but you can also find the Ergo 4-position 360 here. The four position allows the baby to face outwards, whereas the original doesn’t offer this feature. However, the ergo is excellent no matter which version you choose. It is similar to the Infantino carrier, but has a pocket to store your personal belongings. Ergo also sets itself apart because they sell an infant insert to keep a newborn safe and secure inside of the carrier. It supports their head and is great for little babies. There is a slip in pocket on top as well as a zipper pocket on the side of the pocket. It easily fits keys and a cell phone without taking up your child’s space. It is easy to put on and comfortable enough to wear a small child.


5. LILLEbaby 5-1

The Lillebaby tops out the weight limit of any other carrier on the market. It is built for a child over 1 year old and can go all the way up to 60 pounds. The material goes up much higher than the other carriers, but it is also carrying a child 2-3 times bigger than the other carriers are able to carry. It has two pockets to hold your things. There are three positions for this carrier to be worn. It can be worn on the front, on the back to keep your hands free or on the hip. The material is a mesh material to be breathable for yourself and for your baby. This is by far a superior carrier to other options simply due to the higher weight limit. It isn’t a good option for a newborn, but if you have already passed that stage this is the one to go with!


6. Mei Tei Style Wrap

This carrier is similar to the other sash carriers. However, the straps are very wide and is a good option for plus size moms or dads. It is also one of the cheapest carriers available, which makes it perfect for families on a budget. It looks like the Infantino sash carrier. It has a design on the carrier rather than being a solid color, but other than that the two carriers are very alike.


7. Moby Wrap

The Moby Wrap is a wrap carrier that can be secured however is most comfortable for you. There are many videos available to demonstrate how to secure your baby in the wrap. The feature that makes this wrap carrier different than other wraps is that the material is SPF 50. It is advertised as one size fits most. It would work for both petite, plus size and average body types.


8. Baby Bjorn Carrier One

The Baby Bjorn has evolved greatly over the last several years. It is a popular option and almost everyone has heard of the Baby Bjorn. It started to be overtaken by the Ergo and Infantino type carriers because of the added back support the other carriers offered. However, Baby Bjorn has gotten on board with the support and developed an entirely new carrier. It also is adjustable for four different positions and can hold a child up to 32 pounds. It is on the more expensive side of the carriers available but could potentially last over the course of 2 or more children. You would definitely use it enough to make the financial investment worth it.


9. Tula Ergonomic Carrier

This carrier is also similar to the Ergo or Infantino carrier, but the weight limit is significantly higher. It is perfect for children anywhere from 15-45 pounds. The carrier also will accommodate an infant insert for smaller children. It seems as if you need to purchase extenders if you want to use the carrier with larger toddlers. The other carriers are adjustable on their own and don’t require extra accessories. The Tula carrier includes many different designs that set it apart from solid color carriers.


10. Beauty-flower Baby Carrier

The Beauty Flower Baby Carrier is very different in appearance than the previous carriers. It has a stool as an accessory, which seems to sit the baby in a different position than any other carrier. It offers four different positions to carry the baby. It is an innovative carrier that is much different than the other options usually available. There are mixed reviews, but it is still one of the top rated baby carriers on Amazon right now.
Having a baby carrier is awesome. It eliminates the need to lug the stroller out of the trunk when you are going to the store. It also keeps your baby close and gives them the extra cuddles they may need on certain days or certain times of the day. It helps them feel close to you and keeps your hands free to get things done when necessary. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.