Best 10 Zip Line Kits in 2018

Are your kids tired of playing indoor video games? Are you wondering what outdoor equipment can work best for fun and exercise? Fine, you can drive away the boredom by purchasing a zipline kit. You can be sure they will enjoy and have the most amazing and exciting moments with the kits and yes, you can also join them and have best bonding moments with your kids as you play together.

Zip line kit helps break the indoor boredom allows you to enjoy adventurous outdoor moments. Moreover, it is also the best kits for kids to use for exercise. With such kits, you can have family bonding time as you play together. Some best Zipline kits are portable. You can install at any convenient point. You can easily carry it anywhere and have fun anytime you want.

However, with the rapidly advancing technology, there are several advanced zip line kits. Forget about the old designed Zipline kits which cause accidents and discomfort. There are better zip line kits that can transform your gloomy indoor world into an unforgettable experience. Of course, there are thousands of options on the market.

Key factors to consider before buying zip line kits:

The construction material is what determines the strength of any zipline kit. You should be very keen and check the type of content of the zipline kit. Stainless steel and sturdy aluminum materials are the known lasting materials. Consider going to zip line kits of either of these materials.

Safety in zip line kit is one crucial thing that buyers need to put as a priority. Get a zip line kit that meets all the international safety standards, such as CE, RoHS.

Design and comfort
Best zip line kits should have an ergonomic design. It should include features such as handles or seat for maximum comfort while playing. The robe knot should be stable and tightly fixed.

Weight capacity
Different zip line kits are capable of handling various user weight. Some can only support kids’ weight while others can handle up to adults weight. Check the weight capacity and choose a zip line kit that will support your weight. Remember there are zip line kits that can handle both light and heavy riders. Such zip line kits are the best choice for most customers.

Best zip line kits in 2018

Finding the best zip line from this swamp of zip line kits can be very hectic. In this case, most people end up buying knockoffs. So, here are the best zip line kits that will serve your outdoor needs with satisfaction. Experience the great happiness that comes with best zip line kits by getting one from the list below.

10. Slackers, 100′ Night Riderz Series Zipline Kit

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If you love extending your riding time to dark at night, then Slackers series zip line kit is the most ideal for you. It includes 50 led lights of different colors on the trolley, seat, and rope. The adequate lights of this zip line kit provide enough light at night. The 100 feet cable assures you longer and smooth rides. It also allows a gradual stop at the end. No need for breaks. The Night Riders series zip line kit features in galvanized steel cables.

It is perfect for users from eight years old and above.
The kit supports up to a maximum weight of 200 pounds.
It includes clear instructions to help in quick setting up the zip line kit.

9. CTSC, 95 Foot Zip Line for Kids and Adult

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Zipline kits by CTSC are the top best-selling fun equipment in the market today. Foot Zipline kit is all you need to turn your backyard into a beautiful playground. You will have fun and bonding moments with your young ones with this type of zip line. Its unique design encompasses unique features. The super quality features assure your kids total safety and comfort as they play. The bungee cord acts as a brake system. Hence, the Zipline kit stops at a low speed.

It has non-slippery rubber grips. The grips offer your kids a firm hold on the kit as they ride. It has a seat to relax as you ride for an excellent fun experience. The firm handles enable your kids to hold as they seat for safety and comfort. Its rope knot is adjustable. Thus you can adjust it to suit your kid’s height for comfortable riding experience. What piss off most people when it comes to zip line kits is the much time and energy one needs to install the equipment. This Zipline kit saves your time and energy because it takes few minutes to install.

The kit can hold up to 250lbs.
It has RoHS, and CE certification hence meets all the safety requirements.
It comes with instructions manual for easy setup.

8. Slackers, Eagle Series Zipline

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Slacker is here to bring you ultra-fun to your backyard with its quality eagle series zipline kit. It is one of the best kits that your backyard should not miss. Eagle series zip line kit is the most outstanding products on the market.

The durable steel trolley is durable. You can use it as much as you want and still offer you great riding moments. It has two firm rubber grips thus no worry of your hands sliding while riding. The construction materials of this zip line kit are weather resistant. You can confidently have it on outdoor activities without worrying about weather changes. The trolley comes fully assembled thus the best choice for most customers.

It includes a supportive seat
The adjustable bracket makes it suitable for users with different heights.
The rubber grips offer exceptional support.

7. Slackers, Value Series Zipline Kit

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Save time and have more fun with Slackers value series zip line kit. The trolley is fully set. You only have to assemble a few parts and let your kids enjoy the play. The rubber grips offer superior grip to the users. Comfort is a priority when it comes to Slackers Value Series zipline kit. It is the best play kit for kids of eight years and above.

Its only weighs 11lb.
Its steel construction is durable.

6. Alien Flier, X2 H200 Zip Line Kit

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Alien Flier uses the modern technology to construct best Zipline kits. Thus, it is the best choice for customers. The kit is entirely portable. You can have your kids play anytime on their place of choice. The sturdy steel wheels ensure the ride is safe and smooth. It has stop block and shock cord to enhance safety during the fun time. The seat of the zip line kit is well designed to keep one in place for the entire play period.

It has a reliable speed control feature.
The cable kit is 200 feet.
It is durable with the rigid aluminum construction.

5. Ripline, Epic Series – 50′ Zipline with Seat

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Are you looking for zip line kits for your kids? Ripline Epic series is the best option for you. It is flexible and easy to assemble. You can fit it in your large backyard, campsite or even on your farm. It is the best kit not only for fun but also for exercise.

They are of different impressive colors. You will apparently get the color of your choice. The seat includes a 10-inch adjustable rope that allows any user to sit and enjoy the ride. It consists of a galvanized steel cable with 5ft wrap around. The wrap keeps you in place and will enable you to swing comfortably.

It has rubber grip handles for holding while riding.
You can attach it to two trees and still enjoy the ride.
It includes clear installing instructions.

4. Zip Line Gear, 150′ Chetco Zip Line Kit with Drifter Seat

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Most Zip line kits are specifically for kids. Even adults are always in need of having fun together with friends and family. Chetco Zipline kit is the equipment the equipment to own. It offers fun moments for all at any season. No limit on age and weather.

The Chetco zip line kit can hold a maximum weight of 350 lbs. Chetco zip line kit has a custom design for durable steel material. The handlebars offer you firm grip as you ride for safety. That’s not all about this unique zipline kit. It also has dual-bearing wheels to ensure stability and smooth riding.

It has a 150 feet industrial galvanized cable.
It is easy to install
The zip line kit has bumper on the stop block to enable the rider stop

3. Alien Flier, X2 R100 Zip Line Kit

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Alien Flier is the top best brand for producing the best products for outdoor activities. It delivers best Zipline kits today. So if you were searching for the best zip line kit, Alien Flier X2 R100 is for you. It offers your ultimate riding experience.

The 100 feet cable gives you enjoyable long ride. Its sturdy steel material is strong enough to support heavy people comfortably. The simple and basic design makes it easy to install. Its seat is well structured for proper support. The solid steel wheels assure you smooth riding. It includes speed control features that allow gradual stopping of the zipline kit.

It is portable, thus convenient to carry around and have fun.
The durable aluminum construction allows it to serve you for long.
It includes; Stop Block, Shock Cord.

2. CTSC, Family Backyard Toys 95 Foot Zip Line Kit

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Comfort and safety are what CTSC zip line kit is all about. Its features are specifically designed to ensure your family has best outdoor fun. The kit guarantee you all the safety your little ones require as they play. In fact, this zip line kit meets all the safety standard requirements. Besides, it is of high quality with the RoHS and CE certification labels. It has a brake system to help stop the kit safely. You can confidently enjoy unforgettable moments with your kids in your backyard. Zipline kit by CTSC comes as a complete accessory.

All its features are well integrated. No extra cost you will incur purchasing any missing part. It is simple and easy to set it up. No need for hiring a handyman to come and install the kit. The step by step instruction manual enables you to assemble it with ease. It takes few minutes to assemble this zipline kit. The rope knot is highly adjustable. You can adjust it to fit your kid’s height. The non-slip rubber grips assure your kids firm hold.

It comes with a 10-year limited warranty.
It supports up to 250 lbs users.
It has exceptional durability, thus, will serve your kids for years.

1. Zip Line Gear, 500′ Rogue Classic Zip Line Kit

1. Zip Line Gear, 500' Rogue Classic Zip Line Kit

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Rogue classic zip line kit gives your kids all the adventure that they will love forever. Its construction encompasses the most recent modern technology. Thus, you can be sure it is the super option for all who love quality and durability. It has mind-blowing features. First, the harness seat feels comfortable to sit on for long hour rides. The flexible brake system allows you to stop gradually. Besides, the dual wheel bearings offer a smooth and fast riding. Zipline kit by Zipline Gear is all that your kids need for countable exciting fun moments.

It can handle up to 350 pounds riders.
The stainless cable trolley lasts longer
It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Bottom line!

Zip line kits keep flooding the market day in day out. You may end up in confusion and grab unsuitable zip line kits that will disappoint you. Keep away from such fake zip line kits by mastering the tips to consider before purchasing one. Get any of the above best zip line kits and be sure of ever exciting moments with your family. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.