Best 10 Monoculars in 2018

Monoculars are alternatives to binoculars. Just as the name suggests, monoculars offer a single viewing scope. Consequently, a monocular only provides images in 2D while binoculars offer 3D images.

Outstanding features that make monoculars more preferable than binoculars:

  • Compact size: a monocular is usually half the size of a binocular. As a result, they are highly portable and lightweight. Holding it in your hand is easy. It also slips into your pocket, purse or backpack easily.
  • Ease of usage: monoculars usually have one adjustable lens, unlike the spotting scopes which have several different interchangeable lenses. This makes it extremely easy even for a beginner to use a monocular.

2 major features to consider when purchasing a monocular:

  • Magnification power: the number of times that the object will be brought closer to you.
  • Objective lens: the lens furthest from your eye. The larger the lens, the more light it’s able to gather, and as a result, the images are clearer and brighter.

Best Monoculars in 2018

If you’re in need of a superior monocular for any outdoor activity including sightseeing, bird watching or hunting, you won’t be wrong with the list of monoculars review below.

10. Orion, 10×42 Waterproof Monocular


Orion is a renowned name in the world of optics with XT12 Intelliscope Dobsonian being amongst its most sought items. For you who would like a monocular that’s durable, compact, strong, and budget-friendly, this one is a good bet.

Measuring just 6.1’’ long and with 10x magnification power, you’ll find it conveniently compact for viewing birds, races, and scenery. Additionally, its 42mm lens is multi-coated to prevent reflections to ensure that all you get is clear views day or night. In addition, Orion 10×42 features a waterproof rubber coating making it an all-weather tool.

9. Bushnell, Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular


Bushnell Equinox is amongst the most expensive monoculars you’ll find on the market today. This monocular boasts the best night vision and has a built-in illuminator that offers crystal clear images at a distance of 500ft day or night. Its multicolored lens prevents reflections for optimum optical clarity.

Besides, it’s amongst a few monoculars that offer video out features. It has also been designed to fit well on a tripod. This device uses 4 AA batteries. Note that it doesn’t come with a tripod stand and the AA batteries.

8. Carson, Bandit 8×25 Quick-Focus Monocular


Those who’ve used it before say that its great features exceed its price. Carson Bandit 8×25 is known to be the first “lever center” monocular. Its ergonomic one-hand design gives you the stability to remain in focus and not to lose your subject.

It utilizes BK-7 prisms backed by super clear optics to give you incredibly clear images. This device has a 25mm diameter lens with 8x magnification. Weighing 3.2 ounces only, this becomes a perfect addition to your wildlife or sightseeing arsenal.

7. Ohuhu, 12X52 Mini Waterproof Monocular


Ohuhu Mini Waterproof is amongst the most reasonably priced monoculars we have on the market today. It has a 12x magnification capability aided by its 52mm lens diameter.

Ohuhu features a rubber armoring that offers you a gorilla grip. Again, it comes with a pivoted tripod to make your viewing even more fun. It is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry while using it outdoor. You also get a free carry bag and a wiping cloth with the package.

6. Barska, Blackhawk Waterproof Monocular


A highly portable, waterproof, and lightweight monocular is all we seek for those stunning views in the park. That’s exactly what Barska has majored in to bring this versatile optic to you.

Amongst its unique features, the multi-coated lens which ensures that you get crystal clear images without blurs. Moreover, its nitrogen-purged frame has a perfect construction to enable using it in any weather conditions.

The frame also has shock absorbing rubber to give it some resistance in case of drops and also prevents from slipping from your hand.

5. Firefield, 5×50 Nightfall 2 Night Vision Monocular


Firefield 5×50 is one of those devices you don’t want to leave behind if you’re a night hunter simply because it has superior night vision ever. Its ergonomic design and rubber housing offers you an easy but secure grip as you aim and its high resolution and image quality never fails.

Firefield features built-in infrared illumination that offers excellent clarity. Again, this monocular has the largest lens and also features Pulse IR power-saving illuminator. Moreover, it features a rugged rubberized cover that makes it convenient to use even when it’s rainy.

4. ROXANT, High Definition Mini Monocular


This is another highly affordable and powerful monocular you would never go wrong with. This one comes with its carry and storage pouch, a neck strap for convenience and safety, as well as a cleaning cloth.

It has a sturdy construction design with onboard grips to offer a more stable experience. This unit from Roxant has a 7×18 viewing and multi-coated optics for a superior light transmission.

3. Vortex, Optics Solo 10×25 Waterproof Monocular


This is one of the averagely-evaluated and recommended monoculars you’ll find on the market today. It’s a small compact sized unit but a known top performer. You’ll also like its stunning night vision which makes it easy to use even in low lighting conditions.

Vortex Optics Solo’s lens has several coatings that offer you the brightest images possible. Its rubberized housing makes it fog resistant, shockproof, and waterproof.

2. ROXANT, High Definition Wide View Monocular


Authentic Roxant Grip monocular has a clear 6×30 viewing. One of its unique and special features is its extendable eyecup which you can use with your eyeglasses on or without. It has a compact design making it fairly easy to use with one hand.

Its rubber casing has nubs to give you a better grip without it slipping from your hand. This monocular uses hi-definition multi-coated glass lens that offers superior quality crisp images. Its size allows it to slip into your pocket, purse of a backpack with a lot of ease.

1. Polaris Optics, High Powered 12X50 Monocular


Polaris Optics monocular has been the most reviewed and highly rated so far. With this, you’ll be able to see 12X closer view. It also has a 50mm lens, possibly one of the biggest there is today.

Polaris Optics explorer is an all-weather-use monocular thanks to its rugged external housing that makes it waterproof, fog proof, and shock resistant. It comes with a sturdily built tripod stand, a carrying case, a cleaning cloth, and protection covers for the eyepiece and lens.

Monoculars offer an alternative way to have clear and crisp images without the heavy, bulky binoculars. They are generally the best for beginners since they have low magnification. Low magnification means that you get the images with less shaking and blurs.






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