Best 10 Indoor TV Antennas in 2018

With many free channels readily available and the cost of cable, satellite or pay TV channels rising, people are switching back to the ever-dependable TV antennas. TV antennas allow you to receive the free channels and saving you money. If you live in the big city, you have access to more channels than people living on the outskirts. The best TV antennas have a wider coverage, provide clearer and sharper images, and don’t require frequent adjustments.

Best Indoor TV Antennas in 2018

10. IOVECT, 2018 VERSION HD Digital TV Antenna

10. IOVECT, 2018 VERSION HD Digital TV Antenna

This HDTV antenna upgraded version from IOVECT will give you free access the free channels and has a 50-mile range. The indoor antennae are easy to install and are less prone to interference and will improve the signal reception allowing your TV to access channels for a far distance as well as improving the picture quality.

It operates on UHF 470-862MHz and VHF 47-230MHz and relays crystal clear images courtesy of the 1080p, 4K resolution. And thanks to the paper-thin nature and lightweight, this antenna can be placed in small spaces and is also very easy to carry around.

9. ZetHot, Indoor HDTV Antenna

With a range of between 50 to 70 miles, the ZetHot indoor TV antenna will enhance your TV viewing experience. The digital piece is famed for its good reception that delivers amazing picture and sound thanks to the 1080p HD.

It’s meant for indoor use and comes in a slim design for fitting is limited or small spaces and is amongst the simplest and easiest to install. The amplified unit comes with a high performance 16ft coaxial cable that is tolerant to interference and signal losses.

8. U Must Have, NEW 2018 VERSION HD Digital TV Antenna

You don’t have to struggle with unclear picture or sound. The new 2018 version HD digital TV antenna from U Must Have, you’ll enjoy excellent picture quality as well as crystal clear sound.

The indoor antennae have a high performance 18ft coaxial cable that can endure other frequencies and distortions and also features a strong booster for amplifying the signal reception. The 1080p 4K ready supports various resolutions allowing you to stay abreast with local news, view sitcoms, sports channels, Kids programs and much more. Installing and adjusting the indoor TV antennae is very simple and takes quite a short time.

7. EASESEC, HDTV Antenna

You can take advantage of the so many free-to-air TV channels by installing this digital TV antenna. Designed for indoor installation, this unit has a signal reception range of 50-80 miles and is very easy to fit. It’s made from a unique plastic shell that is tolerant to signal losses, reliable and also lasts for a long time.

The built-in booster helps to amplify the signal strength giving you access to more channels. It’s also slim and lightweight for easy portability and fitting in small spaces. The image quality is pretty impressive thanks to the 1080p resolution and high-performance 10ft coaxial cable.

6. Vintv, Upgrade Indoor Amplifier HDTV Antenna

Why pay more for TV when you can access TV channels free of charge? With the Vintv upgrade indoor TV antenna, you get to watch your favorite sitcom, sports channels, kids programming, local news, educational programs and much more.

The lightweight and slim unit feature a high-grade 12ft coaxial cable that is resistant to interference and provides a good reach. The accessory works with UHF 470-862MHz and VHF 47-230MHz, has a 60-mile range and delivers very clear images thanks to the 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolution.

5. HotCat, Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna


If you are hunting for the best indoor TV antennas then this piece from HotCat indoor HDTV antenna is your perfect choice. It’s one of the popular products on the market and is found in residential and commercial settings.

Though it looks soft and thin, the antenna has a 60-80 mile range and is revered for its crystal clear images courtesy of the Full HDTV Support up to 1080p. It comes with 16.5ft coaxial cable and 5ft USB power cable allow for easy access.

4. ANTOP, TV Indoor Antenna

Forget antennas that require regular adjustment or delivery unclear images and sound. With this additional antenna, you enjoy HD pictures similar to those from cable or satellite TV.

The ANTOP indoor antenna is suited for any kind of TV and comes with 4G LTE filter for working with 4K UHD TVs. It has a high performance 10 ft coaxial cable for a good reach and is made of high-grade materials. The Omni-directional antenna rotates 360 degrees for improved functionality and is powered via an AC/DC Power Adapter.

3. Wsky, TV Antenna

The Wsky indoor TV antenna has a range of 50 miles and ensures the picture and sound quality of your television are topnotch. It’s designed for free-to-air channels and works anywhere in the works.

Like other top products, it comes with a built-in booster for amplifying the signal reception and strength and you will enjoy digital quality. It supports a resolution of 1080p and has a working frequency of UHF 470-862MHz and VHF 174-240MHz. The USB powered unit is very simple in design, very easy to install and features Plug N Play for scanning the channels.

2. TIRIO, HDTV Antenna

The TIRIO antenna is designed for both indoor and outdoor installation and has a good range of up to 160 miles. The Omni-directional unit has a 360-degree rotation for easy scanning of the channels and comes with an extra long 32.8ft coaxial cable for easy reach even on long distances.

The antenna supports UHF, VHF, FM and has a newly-improved design that is tolerant to wind, rain, and will ensure the images are sharp and clear even on rainy or windy days. The Black antenna is also UV resistant, storm proof, and waterproof.

1. 1byone, TV Antenna

Watching sports programs, local news, kids program, sitcoms and other program is more affordable with the 1byone antenna. It’s designed for indoor installation and features a 10-foot long high-quality coaxial cable.

The black unit is famed for its good reception thanks to the powerful built-in booster that assures you of crystal clear images and quality audio. The antenna has a 50-mile range, includes a USB power supply and is very lightweight for easy carrying. Its slim design makes fitting it in a tight location very convenient.

Despite having been around for decades, TV antennas are still very popular. People turn to them because they give access to free Over-the-Air channels. Modern types are more improved and deliver excellent picture quality, have better coverage, are less affected by distortion or electromagnetic frequencies, and are easy to install. The above review has listed the top 10 best TV antennas for 2018. Investing in any of the items assures you of the best and cost-friendly TV viewing experience. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.