Best 10 Baby Gates for 2018

Baby gates serve a very important purpose: keeping little ones from dangerous areas of the home. Additionally, plenty of pet owners use the gates to keep their four legged friends in one space. Whether you have a toddler or a puppy, getting the right baby gate is very important. You don’t want to choose anything that could actually pose a threat to your little one, or that would be easy to open or pull down even for prying fingers. To help you find the right option, here are 10 of the best baby gates on the market according to real user reviews.

1. North States Deluxe Decor Gate

Anyone who wants a baby gate that is durable and stylish will be interested in this model. It continues to be a customer favorite, due to its compatibility. It can be used even with angled walls, doorways, and other odd spaces where most gates would not work because the side panels can bend and turn to suit any need. This is a walk through gate with a closing latch, and extension bars are available if needed. The standard gate measures 33 by 22 by 39 in inches.

2. Safety 1st Naturals Bamboo Security Gate

People who prefer eco-friendly options will like this baby gate. It is made from all recycled plastic as well as durable bamboo. This is a pressure mounted gate, and that makes it ideal for homes and apartments alike since nothing has to be drilled into the wall. It measures at 24 inches in height and can be used for openings between 28 and 42 inches. Despite being made from eco-friendly materials, this remains a durable gate that could be used for children and pets alike.

3. Dreambaby Liberty Auto Close Stay Open Security Gate

Moms with their hands full will like the features of this gate since it will close on its own. That means it can maintain security whether someone forgot to close it or when a parent walked through with no free hand available. It also has a smart stay open design so that it won’t swing shut when it shouldn’t, meaning it can be used in high traffic areas too. Finally, the walk through gate has a double locking system for more safety. It can be used in openings between 30 and 35.5 inches if the extension is put in place.

4. Expandable Swing Gate

Offered from North States, this is a classic swing gate that has been used for many, many years by parents and pet owners alike. Made in an accordion style, the gate is very versatile, fitting openings from 24 inches all the way to 60 inches. It folds up to just 24 inches in width so that it can easily be stored. This swing gate opens all the way in either direction, and it is easy to operate even with just one hand. It may not be strong enough for larger dogs, but for small pets, it makes an ideal and easy to use option.

5. PROTECT Extending Metal Gate T&W

If a parent is looking for a gate that will remain useful even as their child grows, then this is a good option for them. This is an extra tall and wide gate designed with a double lock and a steel frame for durability. The latch can easily be operated with one hand, and this is a simple to install gate that does not require drilling into the wall. It’s tall enough even for two-year-olds at 36 inches in height. And it can be used for even wide openings up to 56 inches across making it versatile for many different rooms.

6. KidCo Center Gateway

Another stylish option, this looks less like a baby gate and more like part of the decor. It is a part of the KidCo Architectural Series, which is a line of safety gates designed to look good and function properly. It is made with durable steel and the door swings both ways for easy use. The gate is 30 inches in height and can fit doorways and openings between 29 inches and 37 inches across. The clean lines and arched top will make this gate look good in any room, no matter your decor preference and taste.

7. Evenflo Soft N Wide Gate

This is a different type of safety gate made to avoid hard edges and sharp corners. It is made soft from polyester so that even if baby falls into it, the little one won’t be hurt. It uses steel posts and rubber bumpers to attach to the wall and it folds up for easy storage. The fabric is even machine washable. While this gate is a customer favorite, keep in mind that it is not for use at the top of the stairs and it is not ideal for pets since they may jump up against and tear the softer material.

8. Munchkin Easy Close Metal Extra Tall and Wide Gate

Designed to be versatile, this gate is tall and extra wide, and it comes with a stairway installation kit. This is a walk through gate, and the door swings open in both positions. Additionally, it can be operated with one hand. The stairway mount kit included with this gate makes it usable even with thin and narrow banisters and posts, and it is designed not to damage woodwork. This gate works for openings between 29.5 inches and 51.5 inches. It is also taller than most gates at 36 inches in height.

9. Evenflo Safety Baby Gate

Next, we have a more basic, and affordable gate. This design slides on wooden bars to expand for openings anywhere between 26 and 42 inches in width. The bars are even marked with notches so that you can more easily find the right setting for each doorway. Opening the gate means simply pulling up on the locking wooden bar. Because it doesn’t require permanent mounting to the wall, the gate can easily be moved from one place to another as needed. This gate is ideal for small pets and babies, and it measures 23.5 inches in height.

10. Kidco Auto Close Gateway

Billed as a great option for areas of heavy travel, this safety gate includes pressure plus, a design which allows it to stay in place without the need for drilling into the wall. It is designed to apply extra pressure when the door is locked so that it stays in place even if a pet jumps up against it. Finally, to improve durability, the gate is made from heavy duty steel. It measures at 29.5 inches in height and it can expand from 29 inches to 37 inches in width when one or both of the extension panels are used. This gate is available in both white and black to suit your decor.

People buy baby gates for a number of different reasons: to keep children from climbing stairs, to keep toddlers out of unsafe areas, to keep pets confined in one room, or to even keep dogs from dashing out the door. No matter how you plan on using a safety gate on your own, choosing one of the above ten will ensure you have a quality product. Each of these continues to get high rankings from users who have already purchased the model, so you can certainly count on them to work for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.