Best 10 Resistance Loop Bands in 2018

There are all kinds of tools and equipment that can be used, however unlike machines and weights, resistance loop bands are a top option. It is easy to use and  without facing the risk of injury. While weights and machines require you to know exactly the weight, resistance loop bands can easily be varied and adjusted.

Best Resistance Loop Bands in 2018

To help you understand and choose a good resistance loop band, we have compiled the best resistance loop bands that will accompany you for safety workout.

10. ProSource, Tube Resistance Bands Set


ProSource resistance loop bands come in solid tube form that is known for its good handling and comfort. The 5-set latex band comes in five plans that offer resistances of 16-20 lbs (dark), 12-16 lbs(blue), 8-12 lbs(red), 5-8 lbs(green) and yellow provides 2-5 pounds).

It uses a twofold plunging technique system that will work for any user whether a beginner or professional and is great for Pilates, CrossFit, Yoga and much more.

9. Kinzi, Resistance Band Set


Improve your stretching ability, flexibility and resilience by using the Kinzi resistance loop band. Made from strong latex, the light band set offers 5 coded options which are yellow (2-4 pounds), blue (4-6 pounds), green (10-12 pounds), dark (15-20 pounds), and red (25-30 pounds). The total resistance weight is 75 pounds which is adequate for exercising the butt, legs, hips and other body sections.

It comes with a lower leg strap, conveying case, entryway grapple, and exercise graph. The main issue is its length may not quite suitable for short people.

8. SPRI, Xertube Resistance Band


SPRI Xertube, a premier resistance band that targets both novices and professionals. It comes in tube form and is available in lengths of 53 inches (Ultra Heavy), 50 inches (Medium) and 44 inches (light).The available resistance levels are 5 and comprise of Yellow (Very Light), Green (Light), Red (Medium), Blue (Heavy), and Purple (Ultra Heavy).

The non-defacing and smooth surface aims at minimizing cases of chaffing, blazing, scarring or other injuries during use.

7. Phantom Fit, Resistance Loop Bands


Phantom Fit Resistance bands are made of top-grade latex, the bands are quite strong and flexible at the same time. They will resist breakage while allowing you try different exercises such as thrusts, extending triceps, squats, biceps, side-to-side workouts and triceps among many more.

It is effective for the back, arms, butt, legs and shoulders and can be used by a single person or a group. They however may be a bit limited for pull-ups.

6. Home-Complete, 4 Resistance Exercise Loop Bands


The exercise bands by Home-Complete offer a broad range of resistance for different workouts. Made from a high-quality Theraband material, the set provides four levels of resistance and allows the user to pick the most suitable.

You may go for the low resistance for warming-up, medium resistance for moderate workouts or high resistance for extreme stretching, pulling or lifting.

5. Sport2People, Workout Strength Bands Loop Set


Acclaimed to be one of the top eco-friendly resistance loop bands in the market, the Sport2People band is suitable for both men and women. It comes in a 5-in-1 pack that allows you to vary and choose the resistance according to your needs. The light, compact and portable design makes folding, storing and carrying easy and also takes minimal space.

Designed for beginners and professionals, the strong latex band is adequate for a range of workouts including therapeutic, Pilates, Yoga and has been lab-tested for efficiency and safety.

4. Starwood Sports, Exercise Resistance Loop Bands


Starwood Sports band is ideal for Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit and other workouts and aims at boosting center quality, resilience, balance, portability and more. The resistance loop band measures approximately 12 by 2 inches and features 4 bands categorized as Light (Green) , Medium( Blue), Heavy (Red) and Ultra-Heavy(Black).

The moveable resistance is great for both men and women and targets the abdominal, lower body and other regions. It also includes a carry bag and an instructional leaflet.

3. Bodylastics, Resistance Bands


Meant to provide a combined resistance of up to 175 pounds, the resistance loop bands by Bodylastics are among the most versatile and strongest. The resistance ranges include 23 pounds (purple), 9 pounds (dark), 13 pounds (blue), 8 pounds (red), 5 pounds (green) and yellow provides 3 pounds. They are made of highly-elastic rubber that provides varied resistance for different body regions.

Courtesy of the sturdy entryway grapples, cushioned handles and lower leg straps, using the product is pretty straightforward. The versatile material delivers dynamic resistance while the total body shaping design offers good protection.

2. WODFitters, Pull-Up Assist Band


Exceptionally intended for use while doing pull up activity, this Pull-Up band by WODFitters is quite flexible courtesy of the high-grade latex. It comes in a solid and strong 4.5-mm thickness and has resistance of between 10 and 175 pounds and is effective for bouncing, stretching, extending, twisting and lifting exercises.

The red band is rated at 10 to 35 lbs, dark 30-60, purple 40-80, and green 50-125 and blue is the highest with 65-175 pounds. These bands are best suited for Pull-Up exercises.

1. Black Mountain, Resistance Bands Set


The resistance loop bands by Black Mountain Products come in a stackable design that provides resistance of up to 75 pounds. The set consists of five units – Red delivers 25-30 pounds, Dark has 15-20 pounds, Green provides 10 to 12 lbs, Blue is 4-6 pounds while the least resistant yellow is rated at 2-4 pounds.

They feature sturdy metal connections and grasp handles that makes the loop bands more versatile and adaptable.

Using the right exercise kits such as resistance loop band can help improving your flexibility and strength or boosting your stamina and resilience. They are made from quality and effective materials, come in varied tensile strengths that offers different resistance, can be used for different applications (CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, stretching…..) and are also suitable for men and women, beginners or experienced individuals.

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