Best 10 Car Ramps in 2018

Regular maintenance of our cars is inevitable. As such, we need to invest in car ramps that will help us get underneath our vehicles. When buying a car ramp, consider the material used in its construction, Metallic, wooden, or plastic.

It should feel safe to slide beneath your 4,000 pounds vehicle without the risk of crashing on your ribs. Another essential element is to consider its portability depending on where you wish to use it. Most importantly, check the angle of inclination offered by the ramp and its price.

Best Car Ramps in 2018

Check the below best car ramps so that you can start working on your vehicles with ease and safe.

10. Rage Powersports, Plastic Mini Car Ramps

Rage Powersports plastic mini car ramps are one of the most reliable car ramps. This advanced model featuring a heavy-duty plastic that’s both sturdy and durable. Its honeycomb design makes it non-slippery as your car climbs on it.

Rage Powersports Mini Car Ramp aims to raise 4,400 lb heavy vehicles to a height of 2.75’’ for maintenance or during storage. These ramps are also lightweight, and you’ll find them very easy to store.

9. Race Ramps, 14-Inch RR-FS Flatstopper

Race Ramps RR-FS Flatstopper has a unique patented concave design that distributes the weight of each tire evenly thereby preventing the formation of flat spots.

These ramps are made of high-quality foam and polyurea material provide lightweight and extra durable. Moreover, they are textured to prevent sliding on any floor.

8. Race Ramps, 67-Inch Race Ramp

Race Ramps RR-XT-2 is another trusted brand that is a tough model made of durable material. They are meant to lift lowered antique cars weighing up to 3000 pounds to a height of 10 inches in a breeze.

These ramps feature 10.75-degree angle and have a sturdy wheel groove to stop the wheels. These ramps won’t rust nor damage your floor while using it.

7. Race Ramps, 40″ Race Ramp

Race Ramps RR-40 Car Ramps are by far the most advanced, safest, and durable ramps. The ultra-strong material used in their construction justifies their price.

The ramps are extremely durable and won’t leave a single mark on your floor no matter how long you leave your car on them.

6. Scepter, Plastic Automotive Ramp

Scepter plastic ramp is an all-weather ramp for vehicles with low clearance. This ramp has grids running to the ground which allow water, soil, and snow to run through adding to its durability. The solid plastic used for its construction should give you the maximum confidence you need as you change your Miata’s, Corvette’s or BMW’s oil. Moreover, these 2 ramps stick together for easy storage.

The solid plastic used for its construction should give you the maximum confidence you need as you work under the car.

5. Race Ramps, 56″ Race Ramp

Race Ramp is made of 2 adjoined parts that are removable to give you more access to the underneath of your car from the sides. These ramps are 56-inch long and feature a special sturdy construction to allow you climb on them with ease and confidence.

Again, their bottom side has been thoughtfully designed to prevent causing scratches or any other form of damage on the floor. Moreover, Race Ramps come with straps for easy storage and portability.

4. Camco, Yellow Tri-Leveler

Camco has been a leading brand in the construction of high-quality products. This yellow tri-leveler ramp is a proof of their competitive products. Camco 44573 features 3 levels for all your needs. It’s a heavy duty, yet lightweight ramp that has been made to last. Their resin-surface makes it easy for them to hug the ground firmly without scooting or causing any blemishes. This ramp has a 3,500 lbs weight limit and raises your vehicle to a height of 3-7/8’’.

Their resin-surface makes it easy for them to hug the ground firmly without causing any blemishes. This ramp has a 3,500 lbs weight limit and raises your vehicle to a height of 3-7/8’’.

3. RhinoGear, MAX Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear Max Ramps are made of a strong polymer and have an incredible 16,000 lbs weight limit per set. These ramps have a 170 slope and are compatible with an array of vehicles.

Weighing only 21.2 pounds, they are lightweight and you can also nest them together for compact storage and hassle-free portability.

2. Trailer Aid, Tandem Tire Changing Ramp


Trailer Aid Tandem Ramp has a similar design to Race Ramps RR-FS Flatstopper only that this one gives you a little more clearance. This is a heavy duty accessory designed for heavyweight trailers. One of its most noticeable features is its sturdy surface made to withstand even the toughest treatment.

Even as your 15,000 lbs heavy vehicle climbs on it, Trailer Aid Tandem Ramp won’t skid or slide a single inch on any floor. As your car’s wheel settle into the concave depression, its weight is evenly dispersed across the floor and in return, your floor doesn’t get any flat spots.

1. RhinoGear, Vehicle Ramps


Rhino Gear 11909 Vehicle Ramps is our number one contender and also one of the most advanced ramps we have today. They are made of strong polymer and will confidently support 12,000 pounds heavy vehicles.

These ramps provide a 170 inclination angle which is ideal for most cars with low clearance. They are also super lightweight and can be carried easily.

We found that car ramp from Rhino Gear and Race Ramps are highly favored by many consumers. Besides being moderately priced, no grave complaints were launched against them. RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps is considered as a quite heavy ramp designed to support heavy vehicles.


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