Best 10 Winter Gloves for Women in 2018

Wearing gloves is part of dealing with the cold spell that is experienced in winter. However, many women still find it a headache to identify the best piece. Some will spend lots of money on a not-so-good product, while others will not enjoy the best comfort.

To find the best pair of winter gloves, you need to make sure they are functional and fashionable at the same time. Yes, a glove may keep you warm but will make it hard to use your phone. Or maybe it will be comfortable but isn’t trendy.

Best Winter Gloves for Women in 2018

In this review, we have taken a look at the best winter gloves for women that are comfortable, soft to the skin, fashionable, and allow you to still operate your phone effectively.

10. Dreamy, Windproof Thermal Gloves


Dreamy women gloves are ideal for normal wear, skiing, cycling, and other outdoor activities. Despite its thin nature, the insulation is very effective against cold and wind and assures you of adequate warmth in winter. The stretchable, breathable and durable mesh is soft yet comfortable while the Mercerized velvet lining keeps your hands well-insulated at all times. However, for extreme colds, the gloves may not be very reliable.

9. Metog, Suede Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Gloves


Ladies who don’t want to keep removing their gloves when using the phone or writing during winter will find the Metog Suede Thinsulate mittens a good choice. Knitted from 50% wool and 50% nylon, the gloves are soft and comfortable even in very harsh cold.

The fleece interior keeps you warm and is also soft on your fingers and hands. To give you a firm grip, the palm features suede.

8. Yan & Lei, Women’s Knitted Winter Gloves


Yan & Lei women gloves are knitted from soft but strong acrylic fibers. This provides good flexibility, comfort and warmth, especially in the cold season. They come with roll-up cuffs that enhance the warmth and jacquard design for the extra appeal.

Available in a range of colors and sizes, the gloves are suitable for both teens and adults. However, considering they are knitted, they may not be very effective in very harsh winds.

7. Eforcase, Women’s Crochet Long Fingerless Gloves


Featuring fingerless design, the crocheted winter gloves will keep you warm while still allowing you to write, type, drive and operate your phone with minimal fuss. They are knitted from heavy-duty acrylic and provide warmth to not only the fingers and palms but also the forearms.

The gloves come in different sizes to suit different hand sizes and six colors. Although they are very long and trendy, they aren’t designed for extreme cold.

6. GSG, Lady Premium Leather Gloves


You can keep warm and also stylish in winter by wearing the GSG lady winter gloves. Made from 100% classic sheepskin, they are light but offer good warmth even in the extreme temperatures. To safeguard your fingers from friction and abrasion, the interior is smooth and silky while the outer surface can tolerate cold, water and wind.

They are easy to use even while driving, writing, texting or holding other items, and to ensure you look elegant they are hand stitched by seasoned manual artists.

5. MATSU Gloves, Casual Women Winter Gloves


MATSU winter gloves for women are made of a leather-made glove which is light, strong and comfortable and will keep cold at bay during the cold season.

The lambskin interior guarantees you of softness and moisture-free experience even in wet weather. To boost your sense of style, the simple glove features smooth lace design and polished leather.

4. Alki’i, 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Fingerless Gloves


Alki Thinsulate finger-less gloves make a perfect companion for the cold weather. They are made from heavy duty acrylic that will keep your fingers warm and dry.

The fingerless design allows you to effectively use your fingers when typing, texting, writing and other chores. The 3M Thinsulate inner lining is soft, flexible and easy on the skin and you can wear the gloves for long without feeling any discomfort.

3. ELMA, Women’s Touchscreen Wool Knit Gloves


Consisting of 10% rabbit fur, 20% nylon and 70% wool, the ELMA women gloves are bound to keep your fingers and hands warm in winter. This is bettered by the polyester interior that is also soft and resists moisture.

The special fingertip design enables the wearer to still operate a Smartphone, laptop, write or even drive with minimal inconvenience. They are available in a range of colors including black, beige, light blue, white, grey, orange and more.

2. WARMEN, Traditional Womens Winter Leather Gloves


Beat the cold by adorning the Warmen women gloves. Made from quality suede leather, they will stop the cold and wind from reaching your hands.

This is boosted by the fleece lining on the inside and butter-soft Nappa that keeps your skin well-insulated. The chic glove features elegant designs that will appeal to the modern trendy woman.

1. Fownes, Women’s Cashmere Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves


Winter shouldn’t be a problem with the Fownes women gloves. They offer good warmth courtesy of the high-grade lambskin leather and cashmere. In addition to inhibiting cold, they also stop wind from penetrating through.

Just like the outer surface, smooth and silky interior is also very resilient against the elements and also strong. Availability in multiple colors and sizes offers a broad selection.

There you go, our complete list of the top winter gloves for women. They all share lots of similarities and this made it challenging to rank them. Nonetheless, we still managed to rank them based on the softness and comfort the material, functionality, how well they keep you warm, fashion, trendiness and user friendliness.

Don’t let the cold bite during winter. Choose for yourself or gift your loved on the cold winter day.

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