Best 10 Dry Cat Foods in 2018

As a cat owner, you desire to see your pet happy, energetic and healthy all the time and as we know, nutrition plays a vital role in the cat’s health and happiness. This is why it’s important to go for the best food for your lovely pet. Identifying the most healthy, nutritious and safe ingredient dry cat food is quite a difficult task.

Some may contain compounds that are not-so-good for your cat; others will have lower nutrient level than is recommended while some may not meet the standards set by authorities such as Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) of Food and Drug Authority (FDA).

Choosing The Best Dry Cat Food

Just like human beings, cats also have specific nutritional needs and failing to adhere to them may lead to negative health impacts. When searching for the right dry food for your cat, you should focus on the things listed below:

  • Age: The nutritional needs of a kitten are quite different from that of a cat and it’s vital to ascertain the food is right for your cat. Kittens require more proteins than cats as it boosts growth and development;
  • Energy level: Some breeds of cats are known to be more bubbly and energetic than others and will require food with more carbs as it provides more energy. Kittens also consume more calories compared to mature cats;
  • Ingredients: It’s paramount to look at the ingredients as this indicates what is inside the food. Whether it’s tuna, chicken, salmon, lamb, beef, turkey or nay other. Some grains such as beans also protein amino acids, a type of plant protein;
  • Additives/Fillers: These are used to preserve or improve flavor in the food and include wheat, corn, binders, rice, coloring and more. The Golden rule is to go for products that have minimal fillers/additives;
  • AAFCO standards: Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requires manufacturers to list all the ingredients. You need to avoid products containing too much carbohydrate fillers (more than 50%), Byproducts such as animal digest, bone meal or meat, and toxic chemical preservatives like BHA, ethoxyquin, BHT and propyl gallate.

Best Dry Cat Foods in 2018

Without any further, pick for your cat the best dry cat food from the below listed.

10. Purina ONE, Indoor Advantage Dry Cat Food


The Indoor Advantage cat food comes packed in a 22- pound bag and is mainly made out of turkey. This provides quality proteins and amino acids (every cup gives 42 g of proteins) while the natural fiber blend helps boost digestion and reduce hairballs.

The Omega-6 improves your cat’s fur and skin while the ZERO filler keeps your pet healthy and safe.

9. Rachael Ray Nutrish, Natural Dry Cat Food


Made from real salmon and brown rice, dry cat food by Rachael Ray Nutrish is made from natural ingredients which include vegetables, and is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and taurine.

The 6-pound bag doesn’t contain any soy, wheat, ground corn, artificial preservatives or artificial flavors and is safe for your kitten and cat.

8. Purina ONE, Health Formula Dry Cat Food


Dry cat food by Purina One is suitable for both young and old pets and is made from real chicken that provides protein, carbohydrates, and Omega-6 and low magnesium. The 16-pound bag can last for a fairly long time and contains zero filler with each cup providing 31 grams of proteins.

The real chicken meal promotes good health and is also effective for dealing with urinary tract infections.

7. Rachael Ray Nutrish, Natural Dry Cat Food


Also available from the Rachael Ray Nutrish brand is this protein-rich dry cat food that is mainly comprised of real farm-raised chicken.

It provides adequate proteins, amino acids, omega-6 fatty acids, minerals, taurine as well as vitamins. Like other products from the brand, this one also has ZERO soy, ground corn, and wheat, and fillers, flavors and poultry by-product.

6. Wellness CORE, Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food


Those looking for an all-natural dry food for their cat will appreciate the Wellness Core dry cat food. It’s made in the USA and contains premium natural ingredients such as chicken, turkey, and cranberries.

In addition to containing omega fatty acids, antioxidants and probiotics, it has minimal fat that lessens the possibility of obesity and other weight-related diseases.

5. Meow Mix, Original Choice Dry Cat Food


The dry cat food by Meow Mix is a well-balanced nutrition that is 100% complete and provides essential proteins, minerals and vitamins.

It contains delicious ingredients such as sea fish, turkey, chicken, and salmon which your car won’t resist. Preparing the meal is relatively simple and can be done within minutes.

4. Blue Wilderness, High Protein Dry Adult Cat Food


The dry cat food by Blue Wilderness is rich in proteins, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins and is specially-formulated using BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits technology.

This provides precise nutrients and does not contain any artificial flavors, coloring, fillers, and chicken corn, soy, wheat or poultry by-products. The 12-pound bag is most suitable for mature cats and not for kittens.

3. Wellness Natural Pet Food, Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food


Made from original and natural ingredients, the health dry cat food by Wellness Complete will provide the necessary nutrition to your cat or kitten.

It is made from premium chicken and other natural ingredients without containing any wheat, soy, corn, artificial flavors, meat by-products, preservatives or colors.

2. Taste of the Wild, Cat Food


Taste of the Wild is offering this brand that is made out of smoked salmon and roasted venison which are a favorite for cats.

It also contains some vegetable and fruits that provided the necessary minerals and vitamins and comes in a 15-pound bag that is suitable for one or several cats. The antioxidants will boost the immune and digestive system and keep your pet more energetic and lively.

1. Blue Buffalo, Life Protection Dry Adult Cat Food


Like the name suggests, Life Protection dry cat food by Blue Buffalo aims at prolonging the life of your cat through good nutrition. Packed in a 15-pound bag, the food contains all the vital nutrients in the correct proportions and is made using wholesome whole grains, tasty chicken, healthy fruits and vegetables and much more.

It comes in delicious taste and aroma that will have your cat yearning for more. However, it is not designed for young kittens and does contain so grains.

All kinds of dry cat food are readily available in the market; but not all are good for your cat and some foods may cause your pet to become obese or overweight, develop side effects such as vomiting, shedding fur, irritability, or the animal will refuse to eat from the word go.

Rather than relying on trial and error and taking chances with your cat, isn’t it better to go for products that have been tested, certified and proven to be suitable for your cat? You can make the right decision the first time by going through the above 10 best dry cat food review and buying a product that is well-known to be nutritious, safe and cat-friendly.







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