Best 10 Snowboard Helmets in 2018

Winter is coming, it’s time to enjoy the winter activities like skiing, skating or snowboarding. To prevent you from injuries, appropriate tools shall be well prepared. You are always advised to put on the right snowboard helmet. This simple accessory helps to absorb the shock and impact when you bump your head on an object or clash with another person. It also helps to protect your head from injury since it’s usually the first point of contact.

Although there are many items on the market, not every accessory is good. Some may have a weak shell which breaks or cracks easily; others may have poor padding that doesn’t absorb maximum impact or shock, while some accessories may feel a little tight or too lose. You also need to look at the weight, design, ventilation, comfort, durability, and cost.

After finishing reading this review, you will know the top 10 best snowboard helmets in 2018.

Best Snowboard Helmets in 2018

10. Traverse, Dirus 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard Helmet

You can wear this Traverse helmet for snowboarding, skiing, skating, biking and other activities. The Matte Snocap colored head accessory features a sturdy ABS shell for protecting the head from knocks, bangs, high winds, the sun and other elements.

It has an EPS interior for good shock and impact absorption and 10 vents for improved air circulation. The included foam pieces are replaceable whereas the removable plush earmuffs keep your ears warm and cozy. Users love the comfort, easy fitting, good breathability, and solidness.

9. ZIONOR, Lagopus H1 Ski Snowboard Helmet

Both men and women will love this snowboard helmet from Zionor. It’s ideal for skiing and snowboarding and is revered for its strength and sturdiness thanks to the ABS shell.

The EPS interior provides extra comfort while the sizeable vents promote good ventilation. The thick sweat-absorbing chin strap keeps it well-secured while the dial fit button helps you to choose the best fit. It’s a good helmet because it’s very strong, fits well, very comfortable, and looks nice.

8. Lucky Bums, Snow Sport Helmet

This snow helmets from Lucky Bums has one of the best fit in the market. It’s also very stylish thanks to the sleek design and trendy Metallic Black color.

It’s made of top-grade ABS and EPS materials (EN1077 STANDARDS) for extra strength and protection and has a soft padding for the best comfort. The helmet provides good ventilation thanks to the innovative design and is also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Adjusting it can easily be done while still wearing it. Things that consumers love most include good fit, easy to adjust, strong material and good comfort.

7. Smith Optics, Aspect Adult Ski Snowmobile Helmet

This Smith Optics helmet is suited for adults and comes with a stylish Matte Fire design. It features lightweight In-Mold Construction for improved wearability and comfort and fits on most heads quite well.

It has a smooth outer surface for minimizing drag and a soft well-padded interior for good comfort. The 14-vent AirEvac 2 Ventilation keeps your head cool even at high temperatures whereas the adjustable Dial Fit System allows you to choose the best fit. It also features removable Goggle Lock, Adjustable Climate Control, and Snapfit SL Ear Pads. Key benefits are the good comfort, smooth interior, and excellent ventilation.

6. HiCool, Hicool Unisex Adult Snow Sports Helmet

6. HiCool, Hicool Unisex Adult Snow Sports Helmet

This HiCool snow sport helmet is among the latest releases (2018 new released) designing for snowboarding and skiing. It can be adorned by men as well as women and should fit most users.

It has a sturdy ABS plastic outer/shell and a comfortable and smooth EPS inner shell. For extra comfort, the unit also has velvet foam. To keep your ears warm and cozy, the accessory comes with removable earmuffs whereas the regulator at the front allows you to vary the ventilation. Coinsurers go for this product because it is well-made, fits nicely, easy to adjust, and has good ventilation.

5. ZIONOR, Lagopus H2 Ski Snowboard Helmet

The ZIONOR ski snowboard helmet is suited for men and women and can be worn for skiing as well. The shell is very robust and durable thanks to the high-grade ABS material. The interior is very smooth and soft and consists of a shock and impact-absorbing EPS material.

It comes in a nice size and will fit most people without a problem and features controls for varying the air flow as well as a customizable sweat-absorbing chin strap. Consumers love the quality construction, customizable chain strap, good comfort, durability, and sturdiness.

4. Smith Optics, Junior Zoom Helmet

This is one of the best Smith Optics snowboard helmets on the market and is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced users. The helmet is available in a variety of colors which gives a wide choice of color options.

It boasts of a strong shell that can resist cracks, breakage, fading, or deforming whereas the lightweight In-Mold Construction keeps the user very comfortable. The foam also absorbs impact, vibration, and shocks pretty well while the AirEvac Ventilation ensures the interior stays cool. It’s fairly light weighing with only 325 grams. Users love its vibrant and colorful design, high quality, and solid construction.

3. Giro, LEDGE Snow Helmet

The Giro Ledge snow helmet consists of a hard-wearing shell that provides maximum protection and a soft-padded interior for the best comfort and impact absorption.

The Auto Lock 2 Fit system properly secures the helmet to the head whereas the stack ventilation improves the air circulation to keep you cool. Its notable merits include solid construction, good ventilation, easy to wear, smooth interior and durable. The demerit is it doesn’t have an adjusting dial at the back.

2. Demon United, Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle

This skiing helmet is among the most advanced in the current market. It features built-in audio speakers for listening to music, super goggles for improved visibility and minimizing sun glare, and dual venting for improved air circulation.

The certified helmet is made of a string ABS material for good protection and has a smooth and soft padding and the adjustable chin strap for the best comfortable. It features padded neck and enclosed ears for added convenience and is UV protected. It’s a top choice because of its range of features, good quality, easy to wear, and coming with a ski goggle.

1. Smith Optics, Maze Helmet

Coming in Matte Solar color, this Smith Optics Maze helmet is suited for snowboarding and related activities. It is quite light weighs that makes wearing very convenient and also won’t bog a user down because of weight.

Despite item’s lightness, it’s very strong and will handle the impact, bangs, and knocks quite well. The In-Mold Construction improves the comfort whereas the 9-ventArenac 2 Ventilation keeps you cool and comfortable. Its positives are high quality, lightweight, strong, and nice fit.

There goes our complete summary of the top 10 snowboard helmets. They are all safe, comfort, lightweight, and affordable helmet. Besides keeping you safe during the snowboarding or skiing, they will also ensure you have maximum fun. Always choose the best snowboard helmets for maximum safety for the outdoor activities. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.