Best 10 Indoor LED Grow Lights in 2018

For plants to properly grow, sunlight is very essential, yet not all plants need intense sunlight. Some plants don’t grow up well under continuous sunlight. Indoor LED lights will help you regulate the amount of exposure they get, to help them grow properly. The best indoor grow lights come into play since there is lack of what the sun offers. You may try exposing your plants to light, but that still won’t be enough for them to thrive. Using the indoor LED grow light, you can now grow different types of plants. Being able to control the plant needs, will enable you to grow plants which would not normally grow in your area.

Indoor grow light helps with photosynthesis which make your plants will get all the nutrients they need to grow. Radiation is needed and in different wavelengths at that. The best indoor grow lights are meant to replicate the sun’s spectrum. By doing so, plants are able to get what they would have access to if they were growing outside.

The lights may be artificial, but they work perfectly. So if you tried indoor growing and failed, get one of these lights and see the kind of difference they will make. It’s easier said than done but having the right indoor LED grow lights is the first step. Have a look at the options we have listed for you, and get a head start.

Choosing the indoor grow lights:

We have listed a few factors you should consider before you decide on the indoor grow lights to buy:

  • Energy efficiency: The best option to go for are LED lights. Not only will they use up less power, but they will effectively deliver your plant’s lighting needs.
  • Heat production: some indoor grow lights end up producing more heat than the light needed. As a result, you may end up buying cooling equipment as well. You need to make sure that the heat produced is very little.
  • Durability: To avoid added expenses in future, LED lights are most recommended. They can provide the continuous light needed for longer hours. Their lifespan can even last for over 50,000hours.
  • Spectrum: different growth stages will require either red, blue, infrared or UV spectrum. Make sure the lights you get have the necessary spectrum for your plants.

10. VegasDoggy, [UPGRADED 2018] Plant Grow Light

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By: VegasDoggy

VegasDoggy indoor grow lights are composed of 4 blue, 4 red and 2 white lights. The blue lights have a wavelength of 450 to 460nm and the red lights have 620 to 630nm. They have double goosenecks which can be adjusted up to 360degrees. You will have the option of either shortening or lengthen the distance between them and the houseplants.

With these lights, you will have 3 options in which you can place them in. They are high quality indoor grow lights, made from the finest materials. The lamps shells are made from aeronautical aluminum materials. That is why they have great heat dissipation. They are a very efficient option and will provide you with 50,000 hours’ worth of service. It has a dual head, dual switch, and dual brightness level.

9. IDB Light, 600W LED Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light

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By: IDB Light

The IDB 120pcs-high intensity LED are a great option for anyone who wants to focus an energy efficient solution. These lights consume about 250 watts. Because of the light’s excellent heat dissipation, the tube will still remain cool even after a long time of usage. They utilize passive heat dissipation, through heat conductive aluminum alloy. That is how heat reduction is done quickly.

8. SOLMORE, LED Strip Plant Light for Indoor Plants

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SOLMORE’s indoor grow lights are more innovative than what we have come across so far. They have a new generation design, of soft light bars. This enables them to be installed in any shape, and any location as well. Their versatility enables them to be used as more than grow lights. You will not have any restrictions on these lights. They will help your plants absorb essential trace elements and nutrients.

You can use them with; succulent plants, flowering plants, potted plants and tons of other indoor plants. These lights will ensure that their flowers and leaves rapidly bloom. Your plant’s health and growth will not be in doubt. The blue lights are responsible for the growth, while the red for the sprouting and flowering.

7. RECORDCENT, Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Lights

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Over 8 years of research and experience from producing grow lights, has led to this Professional spectrum. Whatever stage your plants or vegetables may be in, this spectrum is optimal enough for them. It will provide them with everything they could need from natural sunlight. They won’t be affected by bacteria, because the UV function will sterilize their growth and kill them.

These indoor grow lights also have an IR function. Its main purpose is to promote cell division. As a result, the vegetation and flowers both achieve improved growth. The yield will be increased at the end of it all. The lights are able to work longer, thanks to the pair of cooling fans in each kit. Each LED is also able to work separately because they have their own resistance.

6. Ankace, [2018 Upgrade Version] 18W Dual Head Timing Grow Light

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By: Ankace

Your hydroponic greenhouse will be complete once you get this indoor grow lights. The wavelengths they have are specially targeted for plants. In order for germination to take place, the 12 blue LEDs ensure the synthesis of chlorophyll. The 24 red LEDs take on a larger role by enhancing photosynthesis, flowering and germination as well.

The lights come with a 3 setting option. Depending on the needs of your plant, you could set it at 3, 6, or 12 hours. After the specified time, the lights will automatically switch themselves off. They also have 3 switch modes and 5 DIMMABLE MODES too. These modes play a large role in varied stages of plant growth. Such features make Ankace a force to be reckoned with in the market.

5. Roleadro, LED Grow Light Bulb

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By: Roleadro

If you are looking for a panel-shaped option, Roleadro has just the thing. The red LEDs in this panel, are 117 in total and have a 660nm wavelength. There are also 52LEDs, which have a 450nm wavelength. It has a professional spectrum ratio of; Red:Blue=2.25:1. This is ideal for the rapid required growth your plants will need.

If used on a daily basis, you will notice more leaves popping up within 12 days. It will be able to cover 7-8 square feet and works best when hanging at an 18″–48″ distance. You will get a 12 months warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. You will be impressed by what lights from a professional led grow light manufacturer, can do for you.

4. Shengsite, UFO 250 LEDs Plant Grow Lights

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By: Shengsite

These indoor grow lights come highly recommended. They can be used for vegetable growth, tissue culture, plant factory, greenhouse farming, flower farming, indoor gardens, water-soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation, farm, and potted plants. Their wide applications, just show how good they really are. They operate in a very quiet manner and do not have a fan. Its heat dissipation is even faster since it uses new upgraded cooling heat sinks.

The lights are recommended for peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, strawberries, orchids, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce, air plant, succulent and other herbs, vegetables, flowers, and plants. The area coverage recommended for it is 6-18 square feet. It should also be hung at around 8 inches-58 inches. This will be a risk-free purchase since it is backed by a 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee. You will be given 100% of your money back.

3. UNIFUN, New Light Plant Bulbs Plant Growing Bulb

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UNIFUN recommends using these indoor grow lights for bananas, flowers, dendrobium orchids, seaweed, green peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomatoes, grapes, and lettuce. It comprises of 4 UV and 4 IR LEDs, which are more than competent. In fact, they will offer your plants peak wavelength bands. This is definitely an upgrade and the results will eventually speak for themselves.
These lights have very high luminous efficiency. Don’t let this worry you though, their power consumption is very low. You are advised not to stare into the lights, for the sake of your eyes. The lights are harsh and sunglasses are recommended, in order to protect yourself. They are backed by a 12-month warranty, and have a very responsive customer support. You will also get a 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.

2. IDB Light, Three Tube Plant Grow Light

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By: IDB Light

The IDB light indoor grow lights, come in designs which are simpler to manage. They may not look like much at first, but their performance will surprise you. This is a new generation lamp, designed to give you the easiest time possible. You can adjust the light direction, whenever you want. It has a 360-degree flexible gooseneck, which can be moved in any direction.

The lamp head’s design is much improved and has a total of 3 heads for more coverage. The impressive thing is that they don’t take up more space. Each of the heads can be separately controlled and adjusted on its own. The lamp comes with 3 switches, which play a large part in their flexibility.

1. HIGROW, 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light

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HIGROW’s indoor grow lights come in a High Power Double Chips Design. Their PAR/Lumen output per watt is much higher than others in the market. This design consists of a total of 150pcs 10watt super bright double chips LED. Their LED angle has been mixed at 90/120 degree. If you have aquatic indoor plants, these lights are the best option to with for maximizing their growth.

Compared to the options we have come across so far, this one comes with the most advanced full spectrum. It is comprised of; red, blue, white, orange, yellow, UV and IR LEDs. Even the heat dissipation it offers is on another level. The new upgraded 0603 aluminum cooling heat sink is not to be taken lightly. It is much better, faster and even works longer.

Wrapping it up!

What you need to be cautious is the kind of vegetation you are dealing with. Some of these lights are recommended for specific plants, while others can be used with a wide range of them. For best results, make sure you follow the instructions given and properly monitor the growth processes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.