Best 10 Sweatpants for Men in 2018

Either you are at home or go to gym, you always want to find a pant that is casual and comfortable. Normal pant will stick to the body when they soak in sweat and you start feeling uncomfortable. You may find yourself sweating too much due to stuffiness. Such pant may be too tight or too loose and this affects your concentration.

There are variety of sweatpants available nowadays, most of them are made from cotton or polyester and give you a very flexible and comfortable. These are some of the few reasons that necessitate the need to first research and compare the various products on offer. We have gone through different sweatpants and came up with the following top 10 best sweatpants for men in 2018.

10. Gildan Men’s Dry Blend Open Bottom Sweatpants


The Gildan sweatpants come with an open bottom that improves comfort and convenience. They also feature a waistband with a draw cord that firmly secures them on a person’s body. Made from 100% cotton, these pants are quite comfortable and also allow good circulation of air. This is boosted by the Dry Blend technology that minimizes sweating and also helps the pants dry much faster after soaking sweat. Most of these pants come with plain colors design.

9. Champion, mens Reverse Weave Closed-Bottom Sweatpants


The Champion brand has long been known to produce reliable sweatpants for men. The Reverse Weave is one of its popular versions and is made from cotton and polyester. Cotton is known for its strength, durability and good absorption while polyester is famed for its elegance and easy maintenance. Champion has blended the two fabrics to come up with rugged, comfortable and versatile pants for all-rounded use. To avoid shrinkage, the pants come with unique reverse stitch itching.

8. Jerzees Youth Sweatpants


It’s hard to come by lists of 10 best sweatpants for men without come across the Jerzees brand. The brand has earned a good reputation for producing reliable and comfortable sweatpants for men. The Jerzees NuBlend is among the trending designs from the manufacturer and is made from 50% cotton. To enhance its strength and smoothness, the pants come with high-stitch density. The cuffs and elastic waistband is covered with double needle while the leg openings also feature elastic.

7. Nike KO Poly Fleece Pant


The Nike KO Poly-Fleece Sweatpants is made from 100% polyester and is rated among the lightest and strongest products in the market. The therma-FIT fabric is not only strong and durable, but also keeps you warm even in the coldest weather. You will be amazed by its light weight which ensures you don’t feel bogged down by its weight. The interior is brushed for extra warmth while the open bottom can be adjusted using drawstrings. Not being very colorful is the main downside for this pant.

6. Men’s Under Armour Reflex Warm-Up Pants


Made from 100% polyester, the Under Armour men’s pants are designed for mild as well as intensive workouts. They feature strong stitching that can tolerate regular usage and will still remain in place even after many years. To ensure proper circulation of air, minimal sweating, and durability, the pants come with closed-hole mesh material. Other features include Moisture Transport System for absorbing sweat, mesh hand pockets, and Halfback elastic waistband.

5. Champion Men’s Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant


The Champion Open Bottom Men’s Eco Fleece Sweatpants joins its stalemate, Reverse Weave, in the list of the 10 best sweatpants for men. The pants are made from cotton and polyester fabric and feature a 9.3 oz fleece that helps keep the cold and wind at bay. Like other items from Champion, the Eco Fleece is machine washable and comes with an inner draw cord and a covered elastic waistband. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any closures.

4. Nike Men’s Club Open Hem Utility Sweat Pants


Nike Club Open Hem sweatpants is ideal for the gym, jogging, running, gymnastics and other activities. It is made from a high quality synthetic material that is light, comfortable and also durable. The utility pant also features an ultra soft and smooth interior which offers good warmth. You however need to keep the sweatpants away from hot water as it can shrink.

3. adidas, Men’s Essential Tricot Track Pant


Adidas Performance sweat pant is designed for men who aren’t afraid to break a sweat. The three-striped pant is quite light and comes with smooth interior. The material easily absorbs sweat ensuring it doesn’t stick on the skin or create a stuffy environment. Adidas essential Tricot comes with slanted pockets for carrying small objects. Tightening the sweatpants is as simple as pulling and tying the adjustable draw cords on the elastic waistband.

2. CompressionZ, Men’s Tights Base Layer Leggings


The Compression pants are suitable for working-out and running. They come with a high-density material that keeps you warm in the cold temperatures as well as cool in the warmer temperatures. Based on the Compression technology, this pants boost air circulation, blood circulation and also help you recover much faster. For improved flexibility, minimal skin irritation and durability, the men’s workout wear features proven flat lock stitching on the seams. The only issue is the sweatpants come in limited colors.

1. PUMA Men’s Sweat Pant


PUMA will come to our mind when it comes to providing quality and durable sport accessories. This open bottomed pant is one of the best in 2018 and is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester. This gives it the strength and longevity that is needed. The inside features a lining made from 100% cotton that guarantees you of warmth and zero chafe. A drawstring closure, deep hand pockets, elastic waistband and draw cord are other good features.

You need to feel comfortable and relax. Some sweatpants may cling on the body or even make you sweat profusely due to poor aeration; you will struggle to keep them off your skin. Furthermore, the fabric may chafe against your skin causing blisters, abrasions or reddish skin patches. Hence, before you start working-out, ensure that you go for an item that has been featured in the above listed products. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.