Best 10 Fire Extinguishers in 2018

Fire extinguisher plays a critical role in keeping you, your family, and property safe from fire. According to statistics, cases of fire incidences in a home, car, offices and other situations have been rising and at least 400,000 fires are reported in the US alone annually. Unfortunately, many people aren’t well-prepared to fight the fires. Some discover that their extinguisher isn’t meant for that type of fire when it’s too late and sadly many lose lives and property.

One of the key Healthy policy and occupational safety standards in many countries is for buildings, vehicles, boats and other establishments to invest in fire extinguishers. Not adhering to this regulation may come with severe consequences or even penalties. Nonetheless, you need to know that the extinguishers are not the same and to pick the right one, you need to know whether it meets the minimal safety requirements, the types of fires it can fight, its weight, efficiency, durability and ease-of-use.

Best Fire Extinguishers in 2018

Follow our review and discover the best fire extinguishers which are also available at Amazon.

10. Amerex, B402 Fire Extinguisher


Effectively deal with fires classified as A, B and C by investing in Amerex B402 fire extinguisher. It’s suitable for homes, warehouses, workshops, offices, garages and other establishments. The steel-made cylinder and metal valves can tolerate the heat, elements and rough handling and also assure you of longevity.

Because of its simplistic and effective design, maintaining and servicing the product is relatively easy. The wall bracket allows for quick storage and removal and delivers a charge within 14 seconds.

9. Kidde, Kitchen/Garage Fire Extinguisher


Keep your kitchen, workshop, garage and other places well protected from fire by acquiring the Kidde 466141. Weighing approximately 2.9 pounds and coming with a simple mounting bracket, the aluminum fire extinguisher can be placed almost anywhere. It features a strong impact resistant valve, a sturdy nylon valve assembly, an easy-to-read pressure gauge and rustproof safety pin.

The Coast Guard (U.S.C.G) approved fire extinguisher comes with a gauge that indicates if it is charged and a user-friendly instruction label. However, it isn’t a “2A 10BC” but just a “BC” type.

8. MAX Professional, Fire Gone Portable Extinguisher


Max Professional Fire Gone extinguisher will stop Class A, B and C from spreading and ruining things in your garage, kitchen, etc. The 16 oz aerosol is light and portable and can be placed almost anywhere with ease.

It’s made from the biodegrable material which is eco-friendly and also easy to clean. Although the manufacturer states it can be used inside vehicles, the label indicates that it should not be stored in temperatures exceeding 120 degrees / 49 degrees C.

7. Amerex, Dry Chemical Class A B C Fire Extinguisher


Withing 14 second discharge time and works on Class A, B and C fires ends with the Amerex B500. The 5-pound all-aluminum cylinder houses a dry chemical compound that will easily put out ordinary combustibles (Class A), Flammable liquid (Class B) and even Class C (electrical and spills fires).

Although it comes with a wall bracket for easy mounting, it is a bit heavy when compared to others in its classification.

6. First Alert, Tundra Fire Extinguisher Aerosol Spray


Tundra fire extinguisher by Fire Alert is simple and easy to use thanks to its ergonomic and effective design. It’s quite effective on a range of fires (cooking oil, wood, fabric, electrical ….) and is said to last up to 4 times the normal fire extinguishers.

5. Shield Fire Protection Fire Extinguisher


Fire extinguisher from Shield Fire Protection comes with solid construction, 5-pound charge, good safety rating and multipurpose nature. It’s constructed from premium steel cylinder that is coated with anti-corrosive paint.

The valve assembly is also top grade while the quality metal hooks allow the unit to be easily placed on walls. It also meets State Code and NFPA requirements for business and home use and can handle different fire types.

4. First Alert, FIAFESA5 Fire Extinguisher


FIAFESA5 from First Alert comes in a small bottle design and features effective mounting brackets while its compact nature makes carrying and storage easy. This makes it a great choice for the garage, kitchen workshop, boat, car and other places.

The large and clear Easy-To-Read Pressure gauge allows you to know the state of the discharge while the user-friendly pull out pins starts the extinguisher within seconds. Be wary of storing it out in the sun for too long as the plastic pull ring may deteriorate.

3. Fire Gone, White/Red Fire Extinguisher


Arm your premises and establishment with the Fire Gone 2NBFG2704 fire extinguisher. The 16 oz product comes in a pack of 2 and is suitable for fire classes A, B and C. It is made from aqueous film forming (AFFF) foam which can handle most types of fires and is also easy to use.

Courtesy of the simple design, innovative valve assembly and easy-to-use handle, using the 2NBFG2704 fire extinguisher is easy and safe.

2. Kidde, Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher


Kidde Pro 210 is a professional fire extinguisher that can handle fires caused by liquids, paper, wood, trash. The powder-coated aluminum cylinder has carrying capacity of 4 lbs and is filled with a multipurpose dry chemical.

The fully rechargeable commercial extinguisher features a quick-check pressure gauge and meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety standards. For safe storage and carrying, it comes with a strong wall hanger; however, you need to use a lag bold to secure the unit better.

1. Kidde, FA110 Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher


Effectively and safely fight classes A, B and C fires with the multi-purpose FA110 fire extinguisher from Kidde. The UL Listed and Rated product will fight fires caused by wood, trash, paper, gasses, liquids, as well as electrical equipment. It’s made from lightweight aluminum and contains a multipurpose dry chemical (Monoammonium Phosphate) while the valve assembly is made from tough nylon.

For easy viewing and alerting on the charge, it comes with easy-to-glance status gauge, while the Retention Strap Bracket keeps it fully secured on the chosen point.

Safeguard yourself, your family and property from fires by choosing the right fire extinguisher. Most are designed to handle any kind of fire whether caused by the electrical fault, gas, fuel, cooking oil, wood and other causes.

The extinguishers are light and compact and this makes carrying and storing easy. They come with mounts that allow the device to be placed on walls, under the cabinets, inside cars or other situations without boring large holes on the surfaces. Furthermore, they meet the minimum recommended standards in regard to fire safety, health and user-friendliness. Simply keep them at home to secure you and your family from unpredictable danger.

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