Best 10 Paper Towel Holders in 2018

Look simple and basic, handy paper towel holder allows you to place your paper towels in the most convenient matter and also make it easy to remove without creating a mess. Furthermore, they help enhance the space organizing in your kitchen or bathroom.

Firstly, you need to ascertain the space you have. There are 2 types of paper towel holders, the stand paper holder and the wall mount paper holder. Those with large spaces can get away with free standing types also known as towel stands that require no drilling but take a bit more space. The fixed type that needs holes to be drilled can be fitted in small or tight spaces.

Best Paper Towel Holders in 2018

To find the right item, it’s necessary to look at some certain aspects. We have come up with a summarized review of the best paper towel holders in 2018.

10. Prodyne, Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder



Make easy work of storing and using paper towels by purchasing the M-913 paper towel holder. It is designed for use under the cabinet or on the wall in the home or office. The holder is manufactured from heavy gauge polished stainless steel that enhances the overall appeal.

Together with the rubber accents and Matte black metal, the holder will remain in position even when using lots of force. Installation is simple and straightforward thanks to the included hardware.

9. InterDesign, Forma Swivel Paper Towel Holder


InterDesign presents the Forma Swivel holder that can hold all kinds of paper towels. It can be fixed either under the cabinet or on the wall within few minutes courtesy of the included hardware. Similar to most top brands, it is also made from elegant and brushed stainless steel that is s resistant to water, moisture, stains, fading and other elements.

8. UpGood, Free Standing Paper Towel Holder


UpGood paper towel is a free standing and is the best used in the kitchen. It’s built from heavy brushed stainless steel that makes it hard to topple over or unravel. Its features are iron accents that contribute to its stability and elegant looks. It is rather basic considering it features no spring tension and doesn’t need any fixing on the walls or cabinets.

The sturdy base provides good traction and makes it hard for the holder to slip or move. Due to its free-standing design and large size (11.8 x 6.8 x 6.8 inches, 2 pounds), it is only suitable for large rolls.

7. InterDesign, Orbinni Paper Towel Holder




Placing and using your paper towels in the kitchen is easier done using the InterDesign Orbinni paper towel holder. Made from high-grade stainless steel, this product is not only strong and durable but also elegant. The highly-polished finish resists moisture, water, oils and grease and will retain its elegance for a long time.

Coming in dimensions of 13.75 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches, it can easily fit under the cabinet or mounted on the wall. The smooth and friction-free design makes pulling out the towels easy.

6. DecoBros, Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder


Wall-mounted paper towel holder by Decos Brothers is made from heavy gauge metal to withstand even the roughest handling. It will serve you for many years and still retain its elegance thanks to the chrome finish. The holder is designed for use under the cabinet, on the walls or cabinet door.

To prevent it from unraveling, it is based on the patent pending USPTO technology. Unfortunately, it relies on a small plastic knob for rotation which isn’t very reliable especially for rough hands.

5. Home Basics, Black Paper Towel Holder


Black paper towel holder by Home Basics is among the 10 best paper towel holders in the market that are free standing. It consists of a durable wire classic design that can hold the paper towel in place.

Measuring 6 x 13.5 inches, it is suitable for standard rolls and can be placed literally anywhere due to its movable design, and it’s also quite light.

4. Spectrum Diversified, Over The Cabinet Paper Towel Holder



Spectrum Diversified releases a new design that allows you to place your paper towel over the cabinet or over the drawer. It’s made from brushed nickel and can hold standard as well as jumbo sizes.

Its unique design allows it to easily slide over cabinet doors without need to any skills or tools. To protect it as well as the counter top or cabinet, it features a foam-padded back.

3. Simplehuman, Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder


Simplehuman paper towel holder is 3 inches wide, 13.1 inches high, and 4.9 inches deep. It can be mounted on the wall or under the cabinet either vertically or horizontally. Consisting of an oversized stainless steel bar and a die-cast metal bracket, it’s quite sturdy and long-lasting. Fitting the rolls is simple and requires no special tools.

To simplify the act of tearing one piece at a time, it comes with a tension spring that delivers the right resistance. The ring spring stops the paper tissue rolls from unraveling.

2. OXO, Good Grips SimplyTear Standing Paper Towel Holder


Tear a piece of towel at a time using minimal effort by using the OXO paper towel holder. Made from quality brushed stainless steel, this item can be mounted under the cabinet or on the wall. It can accommodate all sizes of rolls and is also easy to use.

The spring-activated arm locking mechanism ensures the paper towel doesn’t roll back and thereby causing inconvenience. It comes with simple one-handed easy grip function.

1. Kamenstein, Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder


Our top paper towel holder is this Kamenstein product. This stainless steel holder can be mounted on the wall or placed under the kitchen cabinet. It comes with patented “Perfect Tear Technology” that consists of a ratchet mechanism that stops the unraveling of the rolls.

It also features a simple one- hand operation that requires minimal effort and is also quite convenient. Furthermore, the holder can conveniently accommodate small, medium and large rolls.

Identifying a suitable paper towel holder for your home or office should become easier now. It’s also important to consider a design that will complement your environment. Bronze, copper, stainless steel, ceramic and chrome are among the common options. By using our 10 best paper towel holder review as a guide, you are certain to make an informed choice. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.