Best 10 iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors in 2018

Phone screen is usually the main culprit that you need to take a great care in order to avoid from scratching and cracking. Screen protectors go a long way in safeguarding your phone so that you don’t need to spend lots of money to repair or replace it. iPhone 7 screen protectors come with the HD Clear Ballistic Glass, Edge to Edge Glass and 3D Curved Edge Glass features.

Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, how about follow our review on the top 10 best iPhone 7 plus screen protectors and get a quality and sturdy one for your phone?

10. Spigen, iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


The Spigen iPhone 7 Plus screen protector comes in 2 pack and is made from tempered glass. The 3D touch compatible protector has 9H hardness that is seen as standard in the market. It is revered for its sensitivity that ensures fast operation as well as the anti-bacterial cover. By making the screen protector extremely by light, the clarity of the iPhone 7 plus will remain the same.

9. Tech Armor, iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector


Tech Armor, a well-respected brand is offering a 5.5-inch screen protector made from ballistic glass, this material can withstand abuse, falls, scratches, oil, dust, sweat and many other things. The high-grade Japanese Asahi glass comes in multi-layer design and is highly-polished for extra elegance.

The ultra-thin 2PK glass doesn’t interfere with the phones sensors thus assuring you of 3D Touch accuracy. It also comes with HD clarity rating of 99.9% and curved edges for the right fit.

8. Cambond, iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


The 3 pack HD glass protector by Cambond is a good solution for those worried about messing their iPhone 7 Plus phone. Measuring 5.5 -inch, the ultra-thin TOYO glass screen fully covers the phone’s face and leaves no overhangs. The tempered glass though extremely thin can withstand shattering and scratches.

Due to its thin nature it won’t interfere with 3D touch. Other key features are 99% clarity, bubble-free, crystal clear viewing, and elegant design.

7. KOBRA, iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


Protecting your iPhone 7 Plus screen and phone can be as easy as acquiring the screen protector from KOBRA. Made from 0.3mm –thick, 9H hardness tempered ballistic glass, the product will resist any scratches, shattering, and abrasions.

It comes with premium HD clarity for clear viewing of your phone. To protect your phone from fingerprints and oily marks, the screen protector is oleophobic coating.

6. SPARIN, iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


The first thing you note about the SPARIN IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector is its excellent and functional design. Fitting the cover over your phone is simple and straightforward. There are no loose edges that may interfere with functionality or undermine its look.

Courtesy of the 9D hardness-rated material, no scratch, dent, abrasion or crack will affect your phone’s screen. The super thin screen maintains the phone’s sensitive and 3D touch technology for faster operations.

5. OMOTON, iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector



The iPhone 7 Plus screen protector by OMOTON measures 6.22 (L), 3.06(W), 0.01(H) inches and weighs 1.76 ounces. It comes with a crystal clear 2 Pack, 9H Hardness glass. The 5.5-inch screen protector is 3D compatible and doesn’t create any bubbles. This guarantees the user of clarity and good functionality.

Thanks to the laser-cut dimensions, the item comes with maximum protection and fits perfectly. For extra smoothness and safety, the protector features 2.5D rounded edges.

4. PLESON, iPhone 7 plus Screen Protector


Topping our list of the best screen protectors for the phone 7 plus is the PLEESON protector. Backed with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, the case is made from strong and durable material that can tolerate wear & tear, the elements, and regular use.

The 0.2mm glass screen is tempered and is resistant to bubbles, oil, stains, scratches, shattering and dents. It’s quite sensitive and will not undermine the 3D touch-effect in anyway. The screen is a perfect design for the 2016 iPhone 7 Plus.

3. Kollea, iPhone 7 Plus Nano Tempered Glass Screen Protector


The Kollea 2-pack screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus is made from sturdy ballistic glass that is scratch and shatter-resistant. Measuring 5.5 inches, the product will fit iPhone 7 Plus and will leave no bubbles.

With the oleophobic coating, you won’t worry about unsightly fingerprint marks or constantly wiping off oily spots. This feature also makes cleaning the screen protector easy. Unfortunately, the top speaker hole can be a bit tight and needs careful aligning.

2. Yootech, iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector


Joining the list of the 10 best screen protectors for iPhone 7 plus is the Yootech product. It’s made from tempered glass and comes with a 5.5-inch screen. Similar to most of its competing brands, it comes with an ultra-slim and sensitive 0.3mm-thick 9H hardness glass.

Besides being very clear, the glass screen is resilient and is fully compatible with the phone’s touch screen sensitivity. However, the corners may feel a bit sharp since they aren’t curved.

1. AmFilm, iPhone 7 plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Those who value their iPhone 7 Plus phones will find the AmFilm screen protector a worthy option. It’s constructed using crystal-clear glass that comes with 99.9 percent clarity. The 9H hardness-rated 0.33mm glass won’t crack, shatter, break or get stained even under extreme use.

With its curved design, it doesn’t leave any bubbles or overhang on the edges. Furthermore, it is tolerate to fingerprints and oil due to the oleophobic coating technology.

Many people complain when the screen gets damaged and they are given a high repair bill that can be half the price of a new phone. Give your phone a great care, so you may avoid from wasting money on repairing the pricey phone screen.

You may also leave a comment on what you think of our list or any prior experience on a cracked, smashed or broken iPhone 7 plus screen.

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