Best 10 Indoor Outdoor Rugs in 2018

An indoor/outdoor rug is both functional and aesthetic. It provides a nice surface to step on, protects the flooring, creates a conducive environment, and also improves the elegance in the room. However, with so many types of rugs, it can be a challenge to find the best item. In this review, we will look at the 10 best indoor outdoor rugs in 2018.

Choosing the best indoor outdoor rug

When looking for a rug for use indoors or outdoors, the following features should be considered:

  • Size: You should pick an item based on the available space. A large piece may be too big for small space where a small piece may look odd in a large room;
  • Material: A good rug is made from good materials. They will be hardwearing, offer a nice texture, resistant to tear & wear and are also easy to maintain;
  • Elegance: You should go for a rug that complements the surrounding, the room décor, and the furniture. This entails matching or contrasting colors; and
  • Comfort: A good rug has a smooth surface that feels nice on the feet. It also provides some warmth that comes handy on the cold days.

Other important features include price, design, color, brand reputation, durability, and easy maintenance.

Best Indoor Outdoor Rugs in 2018

10. Ottomanson, JRD8843-5X7 Jardin Collection Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Boasting of the famed power-loomed polypropylene construction, this area rug ranks among the best indoor outdoor rugs in 2018. It is available in good dimensions and will offer a nice coverage for many spaces.

The unit has a contemporary bordered styling that improves the elegance in a room whereas the jute backing improves its strength and longevity. The rug is tough to resist abrasion, fade, and stains and cleans very easily. And because of its non-shedding characteristics and will retain its integrity even in areas with high traffic.

Size: 2’7″ x 7’0″; 5’3″ x 7’3″

9. Fab Habitat, Reversible Indoor/ Outdoor Rug

This floor rug is what you may be looking for. It’s fit for both indoors and outdoors thanks to the transitional nature. It’s made of 100% recycled premium plastic for longevity and resistance to mildew, mold, and color fade.

The underfoot feels very smooth and soft on the soles of the feet whereas the easy-clean nature makes maintaining it simple and convenient. It can handle the harsh sunrays pretty well thanks to its UV resistance whereas the reversible nature allows both sides to be used.

Size: 3′ x 5′; 4′ x 6′; 5′ x 8′; 6′ x 9′

8. Nourison, Aloha (ALH05) Rectangle Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This Nourison rug should look perfect in many locations, both indoor and outdoor and will provide a nice coverage. The modern styled piece has a nice texture and is made from long-lasting fibers. Cleaning the accessory is not only simple but also easy. All you need is using clean water and a hose. The contemporary design looks good in most indoor and outdoor decors whereas its good fade resistance allows the piece to keep its appeal for a long time.

Size: 2’8″ x 4′; 3’6″ x 5’6″; 5’3″ x 7’5″; 7’10” x 10’6″; 9’6″ x 13′

7. Safavieh, Amherst Collection AMT412B Indoor/ Outdoor Rug

This Safavieh power-loomed area rug combines beauty and functionality and is made of 100% polypropylene fiber. It’s renowned for its durability and longevity courtesy of the strong fibers and the transitional nature that makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The elegantly designed piece is fit for the home, office, picnic, beach, and other places. It is very colorful and fade-resistant to maintain its good looks for the longest time. Other reasons why it’s a top pick include easy maintenance, lightweight, and nice texture.

Size: 4′ x 6′

6. HUAHOO, Soft Nylon Indoor/ Outdoor

You can give your indoor or outdoor space a better look by investing in this area rug by Huahoo. It measures 3.3 x 5 ft and can be placed in many locations to improve functionality and elegance.

The soft nylon material provides a soft and nice texture that is perfect for the feet and also easy to clean. It comes in a contemporary styling to complement the ambiance and décor of the room. The rubber backing minimizes movement by providing good traction whereas the anti-static nature prevents frizz. It is water-repellant, cost-effective, easy to maintain and durable.

Size: 1.6’x2.6’ Door Mat; 1.6’x5’; 3.3’x5′; 4.3’x6.2’; 6.2’x8.2’

5. Orian Rugs, Indoor/Outdoor Scroll Walker Multi Runner Rug

If you want the best indoor outdoor rug for your living room, kitchen, office, patio, then this rug from Orian Rugs is perfect choice. The machine-woven rug is built from 100% polypropylene for longevity and durability and is among the simplest to take care off.

It comes in vibrant colors and design for improving the appeal in the room and an easy-to-clean surface for easy maintenance. It doesn’t lose color easily, is resistant to stain, and has a smooth surface.

Size: 2’3″ x 8′

4. Safavieh, Courtyard Collection Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug

You can make your indoor or outdoor space more elegant and functional by placing the Safavieh rug. It measures 5’3″ x 7’7” and is perfect for many situations.

The accessory is made from a hardwearing polypropylene fiber for longevity and reliability and comes in Beige and Anthracite colors for extra beauty. It has a modern styling to give your room or any other place a contemporary appeal whereas the power-loomed construction enhances its strength and durability. Consumers love its good looks, versatility, hardwearing nature, and easy cleaning.

Size: 5’3″x7’7″

3. The Rug Market, Resort 25493 Grey Vector Indoor/Outdoor Rug

The Rug Market indoor/outdoor rug is well-built from a sturdy material and has a nice texture that feels nice under the feet.

The grey colored piece looks nice in most situations and can bear everyday use. The rug is resistant to mold, mildew, and stains and keeps its nice looks and or for a long time courtesy of the UV resistant. It’s lightweight for easy handling and good portability and has an easy-clean surface.

Size: 7’6″x9’6″

2. Green Decore, “Gala” Indoor/Outdoor Rug

With the Green Decore rug, your indoor and outdoor space will look like it’s in the palace. The functional piece is not only protective but also very beautiful courtesy of the good settling.

It’s made using topnotch materials and is available in turquoise/gold color that gives it a trendy look. The versatile piece can be used in the home, office, picnic, beach and other locations and comes with UV protection to stop color fading. It is also lightweight for easy use and carrying, durable for long lasting service and reversible for using either side.

Size: 4’x6′; 5’x8′; 6’x9′

1. Fab Habitat Cancun Indoor/Outdoor Rug

This Fab Habitat indoor outdoor rug is eco-friendly courtesy of the 100% recycled plastic construction. The tightly woven rug is available in turquoise & moss green colored and looks great in many situations.

It is hardwearing to resist day-to-day use yet feels soft at the same time. The accessory is resistant to mildew and mold, is easy to clean, and also doesn’t fade or lose its appeal easily thanks to being UV resistant.

Size: 3’x5′; 4’x6′; 5’x8′; 6’x9′; 8’x10′

The above rugs are the best the market is offering. They come in a transitional design for use indoors and outdoors, are made from a hardwearing and durable material, are ideal for most decors, both classic and modern, and are easy to maintain. Consumers also like the above pieces because of their good texture, easy cleaning, resistant to fade, mold, and mildew, and also the high quality and reliability. Follow these top 10 best indoor/outdoor rugs in 2018 review and experience maximum satisfaction. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.