Best 10 Baby Monitors in 2018

It always makes you feel worried and wants to stay all the time nearby your baby, especially the newborn one. The modern life has become more hectic and time has become limited. We cannot stick around the baby or in their room all the time to watch how they are sleeping, whether they are comfortable and why they may be crying. Keep an eye on the baby is easier with the advanced tech, baby monitor. This helps them keep an eye on their babies even when located in a different room. We can rely on baby monitors that come in three main forms: sound, video and motion.

Why Need The Baby Monitors

Investing in top baby monitors attracts the following benefits:

  • Clarity: have strong signal that provides clear sound and images;
  • Responsive: they are highly sensitive and alert you on time without giving false alerts;
  • Peace-of-mind: you will rest easy knowing you’ve got a “third” eye on your baby even during your absence;
  • Boost Safety: cases of the baby falling accidentally, choking or suffering from a health risk are minimized;
  • Time Efficient: you can spend time doing other stuff while you can still know what happen with the baby.

Features to Consider when Searching For the Best Baby Monitor

  • Type: Baby monitors are available as sound, video or movement. Sound type produces sound only, the video provides both sound and video images; while movement type goes a step further to monitor the baby’s movement and will alert you in case of detects no movement;
  • Signal: A good monitor has a strong signal that provides good clarity. It isn’t easily be interfered by other signals/frequencies from the surrounding;
  • Range: The best monitor covers a wide range and won’t lose its strength. It’s important to note that the range normally covers an open space;
  • Space: The home design and space determines the kind of monitor to go for. While a type may be rated at 600m, it may only work in a 20m radius in the indoors due to walls and corners.

Other important factors may include brand reputation,and price.

Best Baby Monitors in 2018

The below review goes over the top baby monitors that will help you in keeping watch over your baby even when you are not physically in her/his room.

10. VTech, DM111 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor


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The DM111 Safe & Sound digital baby monitor by VTech is an audio type for control the baby. They come in 2 units, one for the baby and the other for the parent. It relies on DECT 6.0 digital signal that offers clear transmission and isn’t affected by interference that mostly affects analog monitors.

The parent unit requires two AAA alkaline batteries and features a 5-level graphic sound indicator. For better easy carrying, the parent unit also comes with belt clips.

9. Hello Baby, Wireless Video Baby Monitor


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Video baby monitor by Hello Baby wirelessly transmits sounds and images from the baby’s room. It comes with 2-way talk system that allows the parent to interact with the baby.

The HB24 digital camera that provides crystal clear images while the automatic night vision allows you to clearly see the baby even in the dark or in the low light condition. With the signal range of 960 feet, the parent unit monitor uses the rechargeable battery that can last up to 8h each full charge.

8. Babysense, Baby Movement Monitor (New Model)


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The baby monitor by Babysense is the best friend of your baby. Not only can it monitor the baby’s movement, it can also monitor the room’s temperature with high/low temperature alerts. The new model Babysense monitor features 2.4 inches screen providing the high crystal clear digital vision & sound.

Using under-mattress movement monitor, it has two sensor pads to cover the entire crib area without touching the baby or disrupting baby’s sleep. Other noticeable features include: Eco Mode Voice Activation, Sound Activated LED Indicators, Alarm/Timer Setting, 2x Digital Zoom, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Auto Scan View, Tabletop or Wall Mounting Options.


7. Philips, AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor


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Philips Avent SCD630/37 baby monitor is also a temperature sensing technology. It provides clear sound thanks to the digital DECT and relays image via the full-color 3.5-inch monitor.

The monitor uses FHSS technology and can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on the wall, and features voice activation, automatic infrared and talkback feature.

6. Infant Optics, DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor


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Securely and conveniently monitor your baby with the DXR-5 portable monitor by Infant Optics. It comes in a light and portable design, runs on 2.4GHz frequency and offers 30 FPS (frames per second) of smooth and unparalleled video playback.

Courtesy of the automatic IR night vision, you will still get clear view of your baby even in the dark. Other worthy features are auto-mute, static white noise cancelling, automatic voice activation (VOX) and power saving mode.

5. Snuza, Hero SE Baby Movement Monitor


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Besides video monitor, you can also use the movement detector to monitor your baby. The Hero SE movement baby monitor by Snuza is very portable and senses the baby’s movement at all times. Ergonomically-designed for easy and convenient use, the unit easily clips on the baby’s diaper waistband and uses unique vibration stimulation technology.

In case it doesn’t sense any vibrations in 15 seconds, it triggers an alarm to alert you. The cordless monitor is very safe and eco-friendly since it’s made from medical-grade and hypoallergenic plastic and isn’t affected by radio signals.

4. Minilabo, Video Baby Monitor


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The camera monitor by Minilabo keeps check on your baby and relays everything in form of clear audible sound and colorful images. It features a 2.4-inch flat LCD and wirelessly runs on 2.4GHz FHSS transmission.

The two-way talk baby monitor also comes with infrared night vision and led lighting for illuminating in the dark. It is powered by long-lasting rechargeable li-on battery along with an ECO mode for power saving.

3. iBaby Care M7, Digital Video Baby Monitor

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The ibaby care M7 video monitor has incredible features that promote safety, early development, and health. It is the first baby monitor ever to have moonlight projections to create a beautiful night sky in your home.

The smart TVOC air quality sensor allows you to measure air quality, temperature, and humidity that let you know details about the environment in your baby’s room, ensuring safety and well-being. The high 1080p Video Resolution with the night vision delivers crystal clear images and thanks to its 140-degree vertical tilt angle and 360-degree horizontal angle you can view the baby from almost any angle.

2. Home Valor Guardian Angel, Baby Monitor With Night Vision


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The baby monitor by Home Valor Guardian is one of the top-rated products and is popular with many parents. The 960P images resolution gives a crystal clear image even in the dark. It features Tilt, Pan, Zoom, alarm and Motion Detection.

It can automatically switch from full-color day to night vision and has a 355- degree horizontal view and 120-degeree vertical view. The monitor also compatible with iOS, Tablet, Android and PC.

1. Infant Optics, DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


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Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor gives you clear images and sounds made by your baby. It is the first of its kind to use interchangeable optical lens hence allows you to customize the viewing.

It features a 3.5-inch color LCD display, retractable antenna, remote pan, sound-activated LED indicators, digital zoom and tilt. The durable battery charge will last for 6 hours on active use and up to 10 hours on power-saving mode.

All the listed baby monitors come with strong signals that resist interfering frequencies and provides clear sound and pictures while the good range allows them to be used in different settings. They come from brands that are reputable and deliver quality products and offer the user a range of options. Courtesy of being feature-filled, they can be used together with other devices and also come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other advanced technologies. After reading the best baby monitors review, which one would you opt for?








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