Best 10 Laundry Hampers in 2018

Laundry hampers allow you to conveniently store and transport dirty clothes at a go, and also stop bacteria, mold, mildew, odor and other pathogens from thriving on the dirty clothes.

Some are fitted with wheels at the base while other has metal casings all of which are aimed at making the hampers more reliable. A good product is made from strong and sturdy materials that will put up with regular use and movement. It features good ventilation to combat odor, bacteria and come with a firm edge and handles for easy lifting and carrying.

Best Laundry Hampers in 2018

Below are the 10 best laundry hampers which come with an elegant style that will add a more fashion to your home.

10. Whitmor, Easycare Double 2-Section Laundry Hamper


Easycare double hamper by Whitmor is nice looking and will help you sort your dirty laundry easily. It features aluminum tubing that supports a tough and well-aerated material that lessens the chances of bad odor or mold.

The fabric and design make cleaning the hamper relatively easy and will also dry very fast. Unfortunately, its best suited for small loads as it tends to sag under very heavy load.

9. Household Essentials, Rolling Triple Sorter Laundry Hamper


Laundry hamper by Household Essentials is among the largest courtesy of its three bags. This makes sorting the laundry easy while taking care of large quantities and is also quite affordable.

It is light and portable thanks to the aluminum framing and moving it from one point to another shouldn’t be an issue.

8. United Solutions, Rectangular Two Bushel White Laundry Hamper


Laundry hamper by United Solutions is rectangular in shape and has a two-bushel carrying capacity. The plastic-made holding also comes with a lid that keeps the dirty clothing intact when stored or during movement while the large vents provide proper air circulation that minimizes bad smell, dampness and bacteria. It will last for long courtesy of the heavy-duty plastic.

7. OXO, Good Grips Flex-Lid Hamper


Just as the name suggests, the Good Grips laundry hamper by OXO is well-known for the good grip it offers when wet or dry. This is attributed to the thick, ergonomically-designed and heavily-padded handles.

It features a rough fabric and board that can resist water and the elements while the removable top conceals the clothing. The hamper can accommodate up to four clothing heaps and for easy stacking, it comes with a spring back mechanism and Flip-in top.

6. Seville Classics, Water Hyacinth Oval Double Hamper


The double hamper by Seville Classics is among the most stylish and trendy laundry hampers in the market. It comes in an oval shape and is made from water hyacinth that gives it its classic look. The hamper is fairly large and can accommodate lots of laundries while the linen liner helps in conveniently carrying the clothes.

What’s more, hyacinth is very resistant to moisture and water and doesn’t get affected by mold or rot. It comes at a quite high price than other hampers in its class.

5. Honey-Can-Do, Square Wicker Hamper


Honey-Can-Do square wicker hamper is constructed from sturdy bamboo. It can hold about two loads of clothes and features a contemporary design that will augment the surrounding. The removable canvas liner protects the clothing as well as the hamper from rough and hard objects and can be removed when it gets dirty.

For greater care, you should avoid allowing too much moisture or water inside the unit as bamboo is prone to getting mold.

4. Handy Laundry, Mesh Pop-Up Laundry Hamper


At first glance, you may assume that the black Deluxe Pop-up laundry hamper by Handy Laundry can only pack few clothes. However, it can carry lots of items thanks to the very flexible and stretchy mesh that also provides good air circulation.

The large openings also allow any water to drip away and chances of mold or bacteria are minimal. When not in use, it folds to a very small unit that can be stored conveniently.

3. Household Essentials, Double Hamper with Magnetic Lid Closure


The double laundry hamper by Household Essentials features two sections that can hold more clothing. It comes in a free-holding design meaning no assembly is required and also features a moisture-resistant liner and removable magnetic lid closure.  The polyester fabric is very light, yet strong and easy to take care of.

2. DecoBros, Heavy-Duty 3-Bag Laundry Sorter Cart


The 3-Bag heavy-duty laundry sorter cart by Deco Bros should appeal to anyone looking to properly and efficiently manage the dirty laundries. It comes with a chrome-plated steel frame that supports three heavy-duty bags and can accommodate lots of laundry.

For easy moving, the light yet sturdy hamper features 4 wheels at the base. Despite its long-lasting design and reliable wheels, the hamper is among the most affordable.

1. Rubbermaid, Closet Folding Laundry Hamper


Laundry hamper by Rubbermaid is made from heavy-duty canvas that will resist water, mold, regular use as well as the elements. This large size hamper allows users to stockpile lots of clothing while still keeping them safe and well-organized courtesy of the stain-safe covering. The hamper comes with a very functional handle for easy movement.

There goes our complete review on the 10 best laundry hampers in 2018. They all will help you organize your laundry in a better and more hygienic manner and also make carrying and transportation easy. Some are quite large and will accommodate lots of clothing minimizing cases of clothes being strewn all over the floor while most are resistant to moisture, water and dirt.

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