Best 10 String Trimmers in 2018

A string trimmer is a handheld garden tool that cuts grass in areas where a lawn mower may not reach. They also easily switch to edgers for your sidewalks or driveways. String trimmer consists of corded and cordless trimmer. Corded electric trimmer is also powerful and durable. Their only downside is that the user is limited by the length of the cord and the position of the power socket. Cordless electric trimmer uses rechargeable batteries and are the most versatile and the most preferred.

When purchasing a string trimmer, you should consider its weight since you’ll be balancing it on your hands for quite some time. Moreover, ensure that its shaft has an ideal height or it can be adjusted for both comfort and convenience.

Best String Trimmers in 2018

The below 10 best string trimmers will give you a hand with organizing your garden.

10. GreenWorks, Pro Cordless String Trimmer


Green works is a renowned brand in the manufacturing of grass eaters. This Green Works Pro GST80320 String Trimmer is one of its best product. It’s a cordless highly affordable model with results more similar to your gas trimmer. Its attachment-capable head is one of its great pluses. It loads in a breeze and has been engineered to withstand heavy duty tasks.

With its sturdy motor and a fully charged 2.0 AH battery, Green Works Pro GST80320 assures you of a flawless 45 minutes of trimming. This trimmer is compatible with 2.0AH and 4.0AH batteries. Note that the batteries and the charger aren’t included in the package.

9. WORX, Cordless Lithium String Trimmer

Work WG155 doubles both as a string trimmer and an edger. If you want some relief from the bump feeding trimmers, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s a cordless electric grass whacker that utilizes a 20V lithium battery. This means that there will be no emissions or messy refilling as compared to your gas trimmers. Amazingly, you don’t require any tool to convert it to an edger.

Weighing 5.3 pounds only, Worx WG155 is a lightweight tool that will help you trim for long with no exhaustion. Unlike GreenWorks Pro, this package comes fully loaded with the battery and its charger.

8. EGO Power+, Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

Ego Power features a professional design and beats other contenders in terms of both efficiency and power. Ego Power uses a 56-volt lithium battery and dual-feed twist line making it one of the fastest garden machines we came across.

It’s made of lightweight yet durable aluminum and is capable to withstand all weather conditions. You’ll find its variable speed trigger handy whenever you need more or less power as you rip through the weed. Unfortunately, the battery and charger aren’t included.

7. BLACK+DECKER, Lithium Trimmer

With a 12-Inch cordless trimming swath and 20 volts lithium battery, experts and previous consumers confirm that Black + Decker is of great value amongst its competitors. Its top notch features include its Power Drive Transmission which ensures that you get consistent power flow in all types of weeds.

We also liked its automatic feed spool making it faster and more time efficient. Moreover, Black + Decker features an adjustable telescopic handle so it can be used by people with all heights. Reviewers liked its quieter operations and budget friendly price point.

6. GreenWorks, Cordless String Trimmer


This is another great budget option from Green Works. It’s an electric grass trimmer with far less noise and vibrations. Its instant electric starter is a huge relief from the pull cords. This trimmer weighs 5.6 pounds only, so you can maneuver through weeds without wearing your hands out.

They were also impressed by the edging wheels which makes it more pleasurable and efficient as you edge along the sidewalks or driveways. This unit doesn’t come with the batteries. It’s compatible with 29462, and the 29472 models.

5. WORX, Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer


Worx WG175 was top rated due to its extreme versatility and efficacy. It’s a 3-in-1 tool converting from a trimmer to an edger or a mower in seconds. It features an automatic line feeder so no more time wasting in bumping.

Its 32-volt lithium battery charges fast and offers you a flawless, non-stop 35-Mins runtime. Worx WG175 also comes with a flower guard to protect your flowers.

4. DEWALT, Lithium Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer


String trimmer enthusiasts have described this grass beater as an easy to use tool and as an electronic version of the gas trimmers. Dewalt has a dual feed line with 0.080’’ in diameter. Its 15-inch cutting diameter means that will be cover vast tracks of weed before a recharge is required.

This 20V string trimmer features a 400 MWO brushless motor with 2 speed controls. Though it’s somehow heavier than the models we’ve already covered, Dewalt has a well balanced design and its padded handle offers you more comfort.

3. Toro, Corded  Electric Trimmer/Edger


Even with the rise of the cordless trimmers, there’s no way we’ll ever disregard the corded machines. They offer great value and professional grade cutting. The 14-Inch Toro 51480 has a rust free aluminum adjustable shaft that has been designed for durability.

It uses a super powerful 5 amp motor, a tough choice for lawns with thick weed and grasses that other motors may find difficult to deal with. At the push of a button, this trimmer switches to an edger with wheels to help you edge in-line.

2. Green Works, Corded String Trimmer


This corded machine commands the highest number of 5-Star rating this year courtesy of its thoughtful engineering. Though it possesses a 4 amp motor and has a 13-inch work path, Green Works 21212 is 50% lighter than all other trimmers. It’s also the quietest machines we came across. You can quickly adjust its shaft to suit your height.

1. BLACK+DECKER, Lithium String Trimmer


If you’re in search of a beast to whack the thick grass on your backyard, this string trimmer is a good choice. The Power Drive Transmission is the main strength of this grass trimmer. This technology makes it a breeze when trimming the hard-to-reach areas and when edging.

It’s an automatic line feeder machine and has a 13-inch cutting swath plus a 0.065 line diameter. Its 40 volts Lithium battery means a greater battery capacity with no self-discharge and with extended runtime.

In terms of power and runtime, GreenWorks Pro GST80320 80V trimmer takes the lead with a whopping 45-minutes cutting time. EGO Power+ follows with its 15-inch swath diameter and 56-Volt Lithium battery. Toro 51480 is an excellent choice for thick weeds and grass due to its strong 5 amp motor and 14-Inch cutting diameter.

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