Best 10 Wheeled Coolers in 2018

It is tired of pulling or hauling a fully loaded cooler box onto the van, car, up the stairs or on the hilly terrains. While coolers are designed to keep drinks cool especially when having a picnic, camping, or other outdoor activities, they usually are a bit bulky and become heavy when laden with drinks, snacks and food. This means that you either have to use lots of effort moving them or dragging them on the ground. Not only do you risk injuring yourself but also damaging the cooler. You can, however, make life easier using wheeled coolers.

Mostly similar to the tradition cooler, the wheeled cooler is a cooler that comes with a telescoping handle and the wheels that allow you to move the cooler effortlessly.

Tips for Finding the Right Wheeled Coolers

Identifying a good wheeled cooler that suits your need with the following features:

  • Size: You need to go for a cooler that isn’t bulky, too large, or too small. This entails knowing the number of people or how long you plan to stay outdoors;
  • Handle Height: Although wheels make moving the item much easier, it’s important to go for one with an ergonomic and user-friendly handle such as the telescoping handle; and
  • Wheel Size: The type of wheel determines how freely and easily it moves on the surface. Larger wheels are much better on rough terrains than the small ones.

Best Wheeled Coolers in 2018

10. Pelican, Elite Wheeled Cooler

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The Pelican wheeled cooler is an extremely durable cooler that famous for its long-lasting and extremely tough cooler that keeps items chilled for up to 10 days. It features the very thick plastic shell and the high-quality hardware and lid results in an air-tight seal that keeps in cold and keeps out heat.

The wheels are extra wide which give a more durability and stability. The polyurethane used is very hard and strong and does not dent or scratch easily that will hold up for years of usage.

9. Coleman, 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler


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Just as the name suggests, the Xtreme Cooler by Coleman is suited for the extreme experience. It is fairly large coming with a 50-quart capacity that can hold as many as 84 cans. Furthermore, it features 5 all-terrain wheels that make the movement more easy and convenient even in very unforgiving terrains.

The durable cooler comes with an innovative and sturdy outer casing, side handles, long telescoping handle and a lid that can hold up to 250 pounds. Storing cups is made easy by the molded holders while the Retextured EZ-Clean top makes cleaning easy.

8. Coleman, 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler


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With a capacity of 100 quarts and relying on 5 A/T (all terrain) wheels, the extreme cooler by Coleman is suitable for any camping expedition. It can hold as many as 160 cans which are equivalent to 6 soda cases and uses the revolutionary Xtreme® 5 Technology that maintains temperatures of up to 32.22 degrees Celsius (90 degrees F) for 5 days.

The reliable ThermoOZONE insulation is eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any HFCs, CFCs or HCFCs. The camping cooler comes with a hinged lid featuring four cup holders, two-way lifting handle and is leak resistant and rustproof.

7. MILEE, Heavy duty Wheeled Cooler


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With a large capacity of 70 quartz, the MILEE wheeled cooler is a perfect choice for long journey travelling party. The heavy duty construction comes with the new design solid 7-inch diameter wheels for durable rolling.

It features stainless-steel locking plates with built-in bottle openers and the lid lock with an integrated hinge helps prevent accidental or unexpected lid closing. For ensuring your safety, the wheeled cooler is FDA approved for direct contact with food. The cooler also comes with accessories such as hanging wire basket ,cooler divider and cup holder.

6. Igloo, Ice Cube Maxcold Roller


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The 70-quart Ice Cube Maxcold cooler by Igloo is loved by many campers because of its unique design, large capacity and ability to keep things cold for 5 days. It comes with deep foam insulation that maintains the temperature and recessed plugs for easy draining of liquids.

The cooler measures 18.6(W) x 23.5(H) x 20.3(D) inches, weighs 14.5 pounds and can hold up to 114 cans (12-ounce cans). Its large size can store 2-liter bottles while standing; the smooth wheels make movement easy while the molded handles improve lifting.

5. Rubbermaid, Wheeled Cooler


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Moving with your cooler during camping, picnic or tailgating is made easier with the wheeled cooler by Rubbermaid. The Rubbermaid wheeled cooler provides different size.

The 60-quart double-walled Ice chest offers reliable thermal retention for keeping beverages and food cold while the two wheels minimize the effort needed to move it. It features an easy-to-clean liner and is also intolerant to odor and stains.

4. Coolest Cooler


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The Margarita Green cooler features two fairly sized wheels and smoothly moves on concrete, grass, soil and other surfaces. The 55-quart double-walled cooler can hold up to 42 pitchers of smoothies or cocktails and keep them cool for up to 5 days.

It can handle up to 600 lbs and also comes with a 20V ice-crushing blender for making cocktail and smoothie. The wheeled cooler also features the removable splash-proof Bluetooth speaker to make the picnic more fun and the aluminum telescoping handle for easy transport. It also comes with the waterproof USB Charger, built-in bottle opener, LED light, built-in plates.

3. Igloo, Glide PRO Cooler


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Besides its sturdy-built, friendly wheels and a lockable lid, the Glide Pro Cooler by Igloo also comes with a unique design of horizontal slide-and-lock handle giving an easier pull and lighten the lifting loads. The oversized sport wheeled make it rolled easier even with the rough road condition; however, it’s not recommended to roll on the sand.

This high-quality cooler features Ultratherm insulated body and Cool Riser Technology for keeping items cold up to 5 days.

2. Igloo, Trailmate Liddup Wheeled Lighted Cooler

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Designed to carry 70qt capacity of baverage, the Igloo lighted cooler is ideal for tailgating, camping, and other outdoor activities. The Ultratherm technology is built into the body and lid will keep your baverage cold for very long time and the comfy telescoping horizontal handle is 50% glide easier than the normal cooler. The 360° lighted interior of the cooler allows for easily find the baverage in the dark. The cooler also comes with a butler tray, which stores easily under the cooler’s lid when not in use.

1. Igloo, Marine Breeze Roller Cooler


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The Marine Breeze Roller Cooler from Igloo is built from sturdy Polypropylene that is not only elegant but also quite strong. It can tolerate the rough outdoors, bad terrain, fading and the elements.

The 41-can cooler uses the Cool Riser Technology to keep beverages and food cold while the soft-sided translucent sports wheels make movement easy and less stressful. You will also appreciate the push button & locking telescopic and molded side scoop handles.

Final Thought

Moving around with your cooler shouldn’t be a strenuous or tiring task, you don’t have to drag the cooler on the surface and risking damaging it and yourself. All the above coolers are very portable, easy to move on different surfaces and can be carried using different modes of transport.

What’s more, they come from some of the most reputable brands and will maintain the low temperatures for a long period. Besides keeping your drinks, snacks or any other items cool, the 10 best camping wheeled coolers are also easy to move around.









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