Best 10 Outdoor Curtains in 2018

Installing outdoor curtains helps to improve the functionality and the elegance on the porch, balcony, patio, pool area and other outdoor spaces. It allows you to take full advantage of the nice environment, cool breeze, and natural lighting.

Finding the best outdoor curtains is usually a challenge for most people. This is due to the different tastes & preferences, the wide array of products and ever-changing trends.

Choosing the right outdoor curtain

  • Sun blocking: A good curtain will block off most of the sun to prevent too much light or glare especially if working on your laptop or using a tablet or mobile phone;
  • Maximum privacy: The best product will give you the full view of the surrounding but prevents staring or snooping eyes from outsiders;
  • Improve the ambiance: The right outdoor curtains will make the environment more relaxing. They allow just the right amount of light, breeze, and will keep the area warm on cold days and cool on hot days; and
  • Enhancing the beauty: Good outdoor curtains look elegant and stylish and complement the outdoor decor. They blend in well with other furniture pieces.

Best Outdoor Curtains in 2018

10. IKEA, 2 Panels Sheer Lace Curtains


These curtains from IKEA are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. The white curtains come in 2 panels which made from a strong lace material for blocking excess light, enhancing the ventilation, and also moderating the temperature on the balcony, patio, front porch and other locations.

Although they allow a decent amount of light to pass through, the fairly lightweight curtains offer good privacy. Hanging them on a rod is pretty easy thanks to the slot heading.

Product dimension: 110″ (wide) x 98″ (length)

9. Parasol, Indoor/Outdoor Single Curtain Panel


The Parasol curtain is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The caramel-colored accessory has a nice dimension of 84 x 52 inches and will fit well in most places. (This curtain is also available in 95″ x 52″).

It comes in a single panel for easy and quick installation and is made of a tough material for longevity and improved functionality. It supports good ventilation, blocks excessive light, and is ideal for the outdoor locations.

Product dimension: 52″ (wide) x 84” (length)

8. Jinchan, Moroccan Tile Print Outdoor Curtains


This Jinchan outdoor curtain is ideal for hanging in outdoor spaces like the porch, gazebo, pool area, deck, and balcony. It’s made from a sturdy canvas material that repels water, resists fading, mildew, and mold. The single panel curtain measures 54 x 84 inches and features a nice design and prints for enhancing the decor. It has a lattice tab top for easy hanging and will keep the area private courtesy of its light reducing nature.

Product dimension: 54″ (wide) x 84” (length)

7. NICETOWN, Outdoor Curtain Panel for Patio


This is one of the best outdoor curtains on the market. It is available in 3 different sizes and comes in eight different colors. The single panel unit is easy to install courtesy of the rust-proof grommet top.

It’s made from a tough Khaki blackout fabric for good protection against mildew and waterproof. The UV protected curtain features a microfiber coating for maintaining the right temperature and also provides the best thermal insulation, good privacy, and stops the snooping eyes.

Product dimension: 52″ (wide) x 108″ (length)

6. Outdoor Decor, Gazebo Grommet Outdoor Curtain Panel


Coming with the variety of color choices and sizes, this outdoor curtain panel from Outdoor Decor is aimed at making the outdoor locations more convenient to sit at.

It is made of 100% polyester fabric and has good light reducing characteristics and improves the ventilation and privacy. The fairly lightweight piece is among the simplest to fit thanks to the practical design. It’s supported by 8 sturdy silver stainless steel grommet, which is water repellant, mildew resistant, fade resistant and can tolerant the elements quite well.

Product dimension: 50″ (wide) x 84″ (length)

5. Elrene, Indoor/Outdoor Top Single Curtain Drape


This Elrene curtain is perfect for the indoors and outdoor use. The single panel piece is easy to fit courtesy of the solid vector tab top and is also wrinkle-free.

It stays intact throughout without moving a lot thanks to its solid nature and construction. This assures you of maximum privacy and a good ambiance. The stylish accessory is designed for durability and resistant to mildew, fading, water and is also UV protected. They are available in many sizes and colors.

Product dimension: 52″ (wide) x 84″ (length)

4. COFTY, Outdoor Curtain Panels For Patio


You don’t have to keep worrying about people staring or bear the high temperature or the bright light because of the open space or low-quality outdoor curtains.

With the outdoor curtain from COFTY, you will be satisfied by their quality. A wide range of sizes and colors are available to match your preference design. It’s very easy to install and comes with UV protection and provides good thermal insulation and light control. You also don’t need to worry about wrinkles, mold, mildew, or fading thanks to the high-quality construction.

Product dimension: 52″ (wide) x 84″ (length)

3. RYB HOME, Outdoor Curtain Privacy for Patio


If you desire good privacy while sitting or lounging on the deck patio, gazebo or any other outdoor space, then this grey outdoor curtain is a perfect option.

It is made of high-quality material to give a good protection against mildew, germ and UV rays of up to 95%. Besides giving the good protection, the curtains are also waterproof and fade resistant. The curtain comes in a single panel and is very easy to install. It has good coverage, blocks of intrusive sunlight, and keeps the area well ventilated.

Product dimension: 52″ (wide) x 95” (length)

2. PONY DANCE, Blackout Outdoor Curtain Drape


The single panel curtain from Pony Dance is made from triple weaven microfabric which is durable and waterproof. The blackout outdoor curtain also protects up to 99% UV ray and strong wind, so that you can enjoy the outdoor environment in any weather condition.

It is supported by 8 rustproof grommets that are very easy to install as well as to make the curtain easy to draw. In addition to providing a nice ambiance, the well-insulated curtain keeps the areas cool and blocks intrusive sunlight.

Product dimension: 52″ (wide) x 108” (length)

1. Sunbrella, Outdoor Curtain


1. Sunbrella, Outdoor Curtain

Your garden area and balcony will become more functional and conducive to fitting this Sunbrella curtain panel.

It’s made of a high-grade fabric that stays firm throughout and won’t shrink or fade in the course of ownership. The outdoor curtain has a tab top for easy and quick hanging and will fit all standard or custom made rod. It has good light reducing traits to block off the intrusive light, and good thermal insulation to keep the area cool and ambient.

Product dimension: 50″ (wide) x 108” (length)

Outdoor curtains blocks off the excess light, gives you unhindered views and provides top privacy, improves the ambiance and also complements the décor.

In the above review, we have analyzed the top 10 best outdoor curtains in 2018 that should help you achieve the above effects. This assures you of maximum satisfaction and the best relaxation when sitting on the porch, deck, balcony, pool area, gazebo and other locations. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.